Loske Matson


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Skills and Traits

Kick, pow, punch!: Keeping busy with extra curriculars throughout her life, Loske started training in Jiu Jitsu at the age of six. At first, she was slow to progress but eventually came into her own once she saw she could level up and get new colours. White was just very boring for a wee lass. Once she saw the reward for her efforts she began to apply herself and rise through the ranks. Balancing school and athletic pursuits slowed her progress once more, and she just received her black belt prior to her academy graduation.

Intuition: Her gut is her ultimate compass. It’s usually pretty good.

Tenacious: Focusing on her goals, Loske isn’t easily shaken from what she sets her mind to.

Goal oriented: Loske has dreams, and plans to make them come true. Her first goal? Successfully race in the Parrish/Dorn 500k.

Well Spoken: You can’t help people if you don’t understand them, right? That’s why linguistics are so important to her. Loske’s primary language is English, she’s done some studies in Belter Creole. She finds the persian roots of Creole sound more enunciated on her tongue, though.

Inquisitive: By nature, Loske likes poking her nose into people’s business and finding stuff out. She has a hyper-romantic vision of what should be, and what could be, and all those fantastic options.

Trusting: Despite all her training, and her second guessing, the girl desires to align with trust more than doubt.

Zero G: Growing up on earth in a high gravity environment means she’s not familiar when the power switch gets cut. Her stomach isn’t a huge fan.



Loske is a keener. Someone who longs for right to be set in the world, who believes in the good guys and every story she’s ever been told about Earth, the United Nations and all the good they’ve done for the universe. She's bright eyed and bushy tailed, eager to get involved with whatever task begs attention and take that task to completion.

In social situations, she's excitable. She's envious of large families with swaths of children and the relationships between parents and their offspring, wanting to feel it for herself some day to fill the void of what she believes her parents should be like.

The feeling of family and companionship is what drives her to be part of the good guys, and put herself in positions of authority to make the changes necessary to preserve any semblance of relationships in the universe.

She’s also a huge adrenaline seeker. Her current goal is to build her own ship for the Parrish/Dorn 500 and land in the top 5 contestants. Her prep work for this? Obsession with flight simulators. In her garage on Luna, she’s working on a 20-30 meter long ship. With engines optimized for racing. This means not a lot of additional equipment to keep the speed up. Ask her about it sometime (or she’ll tell you).


Born from an architect of Luna’s foundation, and a UN undersecretary, Loske had a very prosperous childhood. While her family life was very rich with disposable income and opportunity, it was poor on time and affection. She was incredibly envious of the families that had several parents, and focused on a single child. If only the child tax had impacted her family...

From infancy, Loske was constantly enrolled in something. language, mathematics, Jiu Jiutsu -- anything that could keep her out of her parent’s hair and nanny’s way. Having that much energy running loose around the household was destructive and distracting.

Having a UN Undersecretary as a mother meant that a lot of Loske’s education focused on linguistics and diplomacy. This was discovered as an early path for her due to her compassion for people, rather than the mathematical and situational requirements of an architect. There came a time for her to choose between politics and action, however, and Loske chose the route of the Police academy. The job offer at the end of it would be an entry level position with the UN Security Council, with a promise for some coercion from her mother for some quick promotions.

Just before she crossed the stage to graduate, the Ceres unrest manifested in a revolt. She was absolutely captivated to the news, and recognized that the UN politicians would have much to do, which was exciting, but also very slow-paced. She wanted in and now.

When she graduated, the Police Academy announced they would no longer be sending new recruits out to Ceres under official Police garb. This wouldn’t do, and forced Loske looked for alternative contracts. Testing the waters, she took up a short term contract with Helix to see what was going on in Ceres and how she could help keep some of the calm with the recent uprising.

Order of Events

  • Moves from Lovell City, Luna to Ceres Station
  • Sees first Crime Scene on Ceres - the "Corvey Case"
  • Is assigned to Vet for probationary guidance
  • Meets Detective Lukas Forgrave for coffee
  • Witnesses the explosion of Phoebe via the News
  • Initiates Investigation on the work being conducted on Phoebe, and why it blew up w/ Detective Forgrave
  • Gets introduced to a sinister case of missing riot gear, and meets Bodhi Xin

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