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Leon Vogul

Luke Parker
Height1.7 m
Weight66 kg
Personal Details
Place of BirthUnited States, Earth
Faction AffiliationUnited Nations Marine Corps (formerly), Independent
Alias(es)Leo, V
RelativesMorgan Parker (father) Amanda Parker (mother)

Skills and Traits


Leon is a boisterous and outgoing individual who prefers action over words. When he gets into a fight with someone, he likes to run his mouth and piss off the person he's fighting. There is also the fact that Leon is quite reckless and doesn't know when to slow down. He's a stubborn one too and won't quit even if he finds himself in a situation where the odds are stacked against him. He doesn't like being told no and will bother the people he likes. Occasionally, Leon can be pretty blunt in his opinions about someone or something. If a person is insane, he'll say it to their face. He's also highly competitive and has a habit of not taking anything seriously like he should.

Even after all of that, Leon tries to improve himself as a person. He aims to protect his friends and family, or people he calls family, and is loyal to them at all times. You won't find him stabbing the people he cares about in the back and leaving them in the dust. That's just not his thing. He really despises basic criminals and crime families after what they did to his family. While he generally doesn't like to kill, Leon definitely won't hesitate in pulling the trigger with those types.


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