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Keith "Antumbralite” Caileanach


Name: Keith Caileanach
Alias: Antumbralite
Age: 29
Height: 213 cm. / 7'0"
Weight: 79 kg. / 175 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Place of Birth: Ganymede
Affiliation: Outer Planets Alliance
Occupation: Former Tycho Station maintenance crew, technical specialist of The Albatross
Alignment: Neutral


  • Black Market contacts: Keith is part of an OPA Black Market network, specializing in anonymous procurement. It is through these contacts that he is able to provide goods and services that may not be available otherwise. However, this also means his illicit activities put him at great risk.
  • Computer and data technician: Keith has extraordinary affinity for computer technology. Picked up over years of mentorship and self-teaching, his proficiency ranges from analysis to hacking to programming.
  • Intermediate mechanics: Keith spent a few years on the Tycho Station maintenance crew, where he picked up basic mechanical training. He is hardly a master of the craft, but he can perform all but the most complex repair and upkeep tasks adequately.
  • Anxious: Keith has an anxiety disorder that, while not entirely crippling, has caused him to seek treatment. As mentioned below, the drug "Sub-Zero" has helped the symptoms of his anxiety, but at the cost of addiction.
  • Educated: Keith received a standard education as a child on Ganymede, and went on to graduate studies in technology and engineering. This has awarded him opportunities not afforded to citizens in less prosperous areas of the Belt.
  • Recovering: Keith has developed an addiction to the drug known as "Sub-Zero" in most areas of the Belt. Chemically engineered for both medical and recreational purposes, his unsupervised use of the drug has caused him to form a dependency. However, after extensive detoxing, he is undergoing the recovery process to sobriety.

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