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Kealoha Scarsi

This page is a chapter in 'Ceres Independence Frontier'


Name: Kealoha Scarsi
Age: 44
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 81kg
Hair: dark grey, short beard
Eyes: warm creme gold
Skin: slight tan

Occupation: CIF Leader
Place of Birth: Somewhere in outer space
Faction Affiliation: OPA, CIF
Home: Ceres, Docks


Good Speaker - He is very expirenced in speaking and skilled in english and lang belta. He is able to change and adapt his style of talk as it fits his interest best. Cleanly speaking english when negotiating with Earthers and Martians or using a more heavy accent when it comes to talking to his own kind, even switching within dialouges.

Charismatic - A important part of his work is to be charismatic and therefore he is aware how his behaviour affects people and how to use this influence on them to achive what he strifes to do.

Idealist - A idealist to the bones he would rather die than betray the goals he seeks to fullfil.


Belter, Dove tattooed above his heart; wings extend onto the shoulder and across the upper chest right beneath the throat , tattoed tear on his cheek, no OPA tattoos but a extensive geometrical tattoo (made up of multiple geometric shapes and covers much of the skin fully) on his lower right arm that extends onto the lower upper arm


Charismatic, usually kind, not a friend of violence, idealist


Born to a poor rockhopper family, lived most of his adulthood as a Ceres based Rockhopper but when he and his crew were left drifting without fuel by a UNN patrol boat and a ship belonging to the OPA saved their lives he decided to join them.

On Ceres he participated in multiple OPA Protests and helped out were he could by transporting messages and smuggeling equipment.

But he soon noticed that that wasn´t where his heart was, instead he started to get involved with OPA politics and focused on this to help the cause of the OPA.
It wouldn´t take long for him to get the attention of Anderson Dawes, who teached him how to use speech to achieve his goals and bring Independence to the Belt.