Karen Ashoka


Karen Ashoka
Age: Mid 20s
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Occupation: MCRDF
Rank: Second Lieutenant

Place of Birth: Eagle Base, Gale Crater
Faction: Martian Planetary Defence Force
Home: MCRB Persephone

Skills: Pilot. Can pilot craft from a atmospheric jets & bombers up to corvette starships.
Traits: True believer in Martian superiority.

Personality: Karen is a stern and intense person. She is a true believe in the Martian cause, believing that only through the fiery crucible of righteous combat will Mars gain it’s complete independence from Earth.

Biography: Karen grew up on the outskirts in and around Eagle Base. Preferring to be outside the domes and tunnels of the old Martian colony base, she spent her free time wandering the dunes and valleys of Mars. Many days and nights she would stay out until the last reserves of oxygen were spent before returning to the tunnels, only to return as soon as school was over.

Karen studied her way through school with the aim of becoming a starship pilot. She graduated into the academy as soon as possible and is now running patrol missions over the great dune seas of Mars. Her family is now all located in Londres Nova, however she see’s them as lazy as they are not contributing to the cause of Martian superiority, much less the Terraforming effort, as such she rarely has contact with them, preferring the companionship of other MCRDF personnel.

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