Jack Harper


Name: Jack Harper
Age: 34
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 173 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: White

Occupation: Martian Marine Corps Force Recon Marine (Formerly), Martian Intelligence
Place of Birth: Londres Nova, Mars
Faction Affiliation: Mars
Home: Tycho Station


Combat Expertise
Trained extensively throughout his career, Jack is skilled with most standard-issue Martian weaponry and is well-equipped to handle himself in close quarters combat involving both hand-to-hand combat and improvised weaponry.
When he sets himself to a goal, Jack is not easily deterred from anything, even threat of death or serious injury is not enough to stop Jack from pushing towards his goals. This has made him an extraordinarily effective asset to the Martian Congressional Republic.​


Abrasive as any Martian
When dealing with others, often even other Martians, Jack can come across as abrasive and rude, he is somewhat of a loner, and has had numerous troubles in his past career for anti-social behaviour. More than once has he said something that started a fight.
Low-G, Please
Though he has been trained to operate under the conditions of Earth's gravity, Jack is a Martian, and as such suffers from the same biological issues that all of his people do when exposed to Earth's atmosphere.​


Jack has been noted as abrasive, rude, aggressive and temperamental by his colleagues, and many of the individuals he interacts with. This has especially become common since his relocation to Tycho Station and the Belt, as Jack has become increasingly surrounded by Belters who often provoke the man as a result of his Martian heritage.

While on the surface he can be incredibly hard to be around, those who manage to stick around Jack long enough to be considered friends are often treated quite well, as though they were indispensable, likely due to the very small number of friends that the man actually has.

Jack is heavily addicted to nicotine, and as a result can be even more aggressive than usual when he does not smoke, something which has not served to help his reputation either, considering the man is already viewed as something of an asshole.

Deep down, Jack believes that what he does for the MCR is generally for the good of the solar system, and he is idealistic, striving generally to do what he believes is actually best for himself and all those around him, though damned be the consequences for anyone who gets in the way of what he believes is best.


Born into a military family, discipline was part of Jack's life from a very young age. His father was a marine and his mother a naval officer, the two regularly ensuring their son was not only firmly disciplined throughout his young life, but that he received a proper education and physical training, setting him up for service in the military as they had done throughout their own lives. Jack's parents were also fiercely anti-Earth, and while this didn't transfer to their son, Jack's desire to rebel from his parents while also bound to their wishes led him to become a rather abrasive individual.

Once completing his education, Jack enlisted in the Martian Marine Corps and quickly progressed through all his training at an exceptional rate. With his potential quickly realized, Jack was quickly moved into Force Recon towards the earlier part of his career, training with power armour and the vast majority of the Martian military arsenal. However, it was noted as Jack continued to serve that due to his anti-social attitudes, he was wholly unfit for any leadership role, and in ten long years of service, Harper was never promoted past the rank of lance-corporal.

After serving ten years in the Marine Corps, Harper was eventually contacted by Martian Intelligence and offered a position as an undercover agent. Accepting the role, Harper was retrained in linguistics and intelligence-gathering, and eventually sent to Tycho Station to gather intelligence on both the OPA and Tycho Manufacturing and Engineering.

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