Hilde Matson

Name: Hilde Matson
Height: 1.70 meters
Weight: 65 kg
Hair: Short, blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Tan, Caucasian
Occupation: Undersecretary of Justice
Faction Affiliation: United Nations
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Home: New York, Earth & Lovell, Luna

Skills and Traits

Emotional objectivity



Inspired by the archetype of ancient methodology, Hilde does her utmost to embody the goddess Athena in the real world. Duty before everything, she is a true devotee to Earth, and earth’s success as an exemplary leader within the Sol System. In her eyes, the decisions of their system are a ripple effect throughout the universe; and it’s her duty to ensure there is order in the way decisions are made. Especially when justice is required.

Earth is the mother to the Sol System, all other planets learning from her example; that is the same thought process she has when it comes to her offspring. Leading by example, she puts her work first in a system that only rewards those willing to claw tooth and nail. Encouraging from a distance, she in turn only rewards when something truly exemplary is evidenced from her only child.


School, school, school.

Active in several councils and chairs both academically and in her career, Hilde’s vocal opinions and straight-to-the-point mannerism quickly elevated her to the point person of success. Not one for much of a personal life, Hilde’s professional friends were her only friends and that meant a lot of handshakes up the ladder.

She had a moment of weakness however, when a case with the development of Luna’s extension claimed intellectual property fraud and she fell in adoration with the prosecutor. To this day, that is the only case she ever represented that lost; it would have been a stain on her record if they hadn’t reached a deal prior to the court date.

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