George Flinders


George Flinders
HairWalnuty Brown
SkinWhite, yet moderately pale
Personal Details
OccupationCaptain of MCRN Aetius
Place of BirthMars
Faction AffiliationMCR
HomeMCRN Aeitus/Londres Nova
RankCaptain (MCRN)
Alias(es)No known aliases
Relationship(s)Dating Lieutenant Emma Schmitt
RelativesMother, Father


George is oddly short for his age being only 5'11" but this should not be focused on. George lacks a large amount of physical strength, and freely admits this to himself, crew and friends. However, he prides himself on often being the smartest aboard his ship. But alas I am getting sidetracked. George takes pride in his body, maintaining perfect personal hygiene, sometimes excessively so, causing people to suspect that he is a germaphobe, rightfully so. Furthermore, he is noted to spend large amounts of time in a gym, often running or rowing, in an effort to improve his strength. George has hazelnut brown hair that he keeps short around the back and sides but longer around the front so that he can quiff it over in a not very unique style, however, this is how it looks best on him. Another feature that should be noted is how pale his skin appears to be, but this is nothing to worry about, spending large times aboard ships and large times living is a dome does that to a person. Despite his young age (32), George has a demeanour and facial expression of a much older man, he looks stern and unsmiling, with a rigidly straight back, and his blue eyes reveal nothing about his character.

Skills and Traits

George has a select group of traits that he prides himself on. Firstly he is known to be an excellent strategist and this has been noted by his crew and even his higher-ranking officers. George has used this to his advantage many times, and it is evident that he uses his mind as a tool, often to counterbalance his lack of physical strength. His mind is brilliant and many people have stated that had he not joined the navy, he could have been one of Mars' Physicists. His crew have said that his mind is one of his greatest assets and for good reason. Although Geroge possesses a flaw, one that could pose a risk to his navy career. George lacks respect for those a few ranks above him (i.e Commodore) He feels like he should outrank them due to him achieving such a high rank at such a young age and obviously his fierce intellect, however, recently after taking command of his Ship the MCRN Aetius this flaw has diminished as he realises his place in the Navy depends on his respect towards his superiours. Also, George is a surprising shooter impressing the Marines aboard his ship.


George is described as having a rather enigmatic personality, he can be polite and charming yet rude and harsh, however, this does help his skills as the Captain of the MCRN Aetius, as many of his crew will tell you. He is also remarkably intelligent as stated above, impressing both his superiors and crew. His harsh tendencies can put him at odds with some of his crew, especially some of the lowest ranks aboard as those are least respected by him, he almost always manages to regain healthy friendships with his crew. Currently we believe that George has a loving relationship with his senior Navigation Officer, Emma Schmitt, however, it is noted from the crew that this doesn't interfere with the running of the ship and they say that pair are awaiting their first shore leave to have some time alone, and away from the crew, even if it is only for but a day.


George is a born and bred Martian, with his grandparents (Mother's side) being the first from his family to arrive on Mars. His mother was born on Mars, and promptly met her lover (George's father) when she was at University. The family have lived in Londres Nova for the entirety of George's life and claim that they would not move for the world. George received excellent schooling, attending private school until he went to university, on account of his families wealth, something he doesn't like to admit to his crew. He attended one of the best Universities on Mars, gaining a masters degree in Physics before he joined the navy as an officer. He excelled at the academies swiftly and impressively being promoted to Commander once he was enlisted, and upon being given command of his ship the MCRN Aetius he was promoted to Captain.

MCRN Aetius

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