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Donatien Lefevre

Donatien "Atien" Lefèvre
HairDyed black, naturally light brown
Personal Details
OccupationMechanic and Quartermaster
Place of BirthParis, formerly France, Earth
Faction AffiliationEarth
HomeParis & New York
Alias(es)Lexios Carver
Relationship(s)Single, Ready to Mingle
RelativesDominique Lefèvre (Sister), Louis Lefèvre (Father), Nadja Meier Lefèvre (Mother)


Good Hands: Gifted with an understanding of machinery, he honed it during his education and supplemented it extensively with tinkering. He is now a skilled mechanic.

Mendacious: His current line of work requires him to be able to convincingly tell a fib, and to keep track of the ones he's already told and to whom. It can get head-spinningly complex, but Atien tries to keep things simple enough to be easy to remember.


Earther: Although he handles space travel well, generally, in especially low gravity he tends to feel a bit queasy and green around the gills. It's nothing he can't power through, usually, but in longer periods it can be quite debilitating.

Boy Racer: As a privileged youth, Atien was a competitive racer, beginning in motorcycles and cars before moving onto planes and finally spacecraft. His compulsion is more for competition than for speed itself, but the exhilaration of speed is a nice bonus.

Devoted: Although loyal to his family, his true devotion is for his sister. He would walk barefoot through a broken glass factory if she asked him to. Their close bond drives him to contribute to the family business and her own efforts when his regular impulse would be to chase women, fly fast, and drink heavily.


Donatien Lefèvre was an easy child. He was generally obedient and intelligent. He was easy to motivate, knowing that his parents would give him whatever he asked for if he ticked their boxes. He learned to be manipulative early in life, wrapping his parents around his little finger. As he entered his mid-teens, Atien was developing into something of a libertine, enjoying as he did a drink, a smoke, and the company of a female companion or three. He outgrew smoking when he absorbed that it could kill him or stop him from racing, but the drinking and women are still chief among his interests.

Atien is fearless, embracing the unknown as a challenge rather than something to dread. He is also tough, having experienced more than his fair share of scrapes, crashes, and near-death experiences pursuing his passion, racing. He is a tinkerer, often experimenting and building to improve his vehicles, or even just for fun.


Donatien grew up in the shadow of his family business, Lefèvre-Keller Logistique. It was the reason his parents were present mainly by video screens, resulting in a series of nannies until he was old enough to go to boarding school. His separation from his sister, Dominique, was painful, though they remained in contact through correspondence and calls during their years in boarding school. When she went to university, their contact became less frequent, and Donatien poured himself into his passion for racing. His parents, seeking to keep him in the family business but unable to satisfy his demand for autonomy and adventure, purchased a racing team for him and placed him in charge of the business. He found that he could tolerate the figures and the meetings and the paperwork for the chance of truly owning his own going concern. He soon branched into design and sales.

Atien traveled to Luna with his parents, sister, and brother-in-law (with whom he had also developed a close friendship). He never learned what caused the shift in Dominique's personality following the trip, whether it was grief over the loss of her husband or something more sinister, but he knew that he had to protect her and help her. She refused to discuss it, so Donatien responded the only way he knew how: by drawing closer to the company and his sister and working directly for her so that he could keep an eye on her as she recovered. He kept the racing company but farmed out its management to another.

When Dominique started poking around expanding her business, she approached Atien to be her eyes and ears on the ship that would be the pilot program. Instead of serving as its captain, which they agreed would be too obvious, he would be the Quartermaster, responsible for the checking in and out of equipment and the onboarding, storage, and offloading of cargo, as well as some general mechanical work. He took on the assumed identity of Lexios or Lex Carver, dyed his hair black and grew a stubble to hide the family resemblance, and went into space in pursuit of money and adventure.


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