Desmond Brock


Name: Desmond Brock
Age: 42
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair: Black, short
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Brown
Occupation: Executive Vice President, Crater Industries (arms manufacturing)
Place of Birth: Nairobi, Kenya
Factional Affiliation: Earth, neutral
Home: Nairobi, Kenya; Luna
Other: Speaks with a Kenyan accent


Business Savvy:
Desmond got his current title by negotiating 4 of the largest deals in Crater Industries' history in his time at the company. One of these was the acquisition of a subsidiary that allowed CI to realize 10% increased profits. He's always looking for the next big deal to help solidify his place in the company as heir apparent to the current CEO.

Plays With Toys:
Desmond started in the Research & Development Department of Crater Industries and, as such, has experience operating and repairing a wide variety of ship-based weapon systems.


Numbers Guy:
Desmond believes in cold hard math. Numbers don't lie. He goes with the data, regardless of where that leads. This applies to both business and life in general. It makes him pragmatic in that way.

Desmond isn't above political maneuvering and backstabbing to get what he wants. The corpses of more than a few people's careers have paved the way to get to where he is now. While people respect his competence and accomplishments, there is always a wariness about trusting him too much or getting in his way, lest they become the next victim in his quest for galactic domination.


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