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Danika Tenzin


Danika Tenzin
HairLight Brown
EyesAlmost Black
Personal Details
OccupationProstitute/OPA Informant
Place of BirthCeres
Faction AffiliationOPA
HomeCeres/Medina Level/Red Light District

Empathetic - Sensitive to the way others feel, and even seems to be able to share those feelings, it lets her easily establish a connection with other people and gain their trust.

Kinesics - Reading peoples true feelings and trustworthiness by understanding their body language. ie. Things Like This.

Belter - has the unnatural (at least to Inners) build of a multi-generational Belter, overly tall and just a bit too thin. As a consequence, she cannot survive in planetary gravity for very long without complications. At the same time though she is more comfortable in low gravity environments.

Belter accent - When speaking English Danika has an accent that sounds like Anderson Dawes.

Identifying Marks
Tattoo - Neck, right side - Blacked out Belter symbol for a family of Belter's with deep roots to Ceres.
Tattoo - Hand, left - A tree of life made out of a circuit board.
Tattoo - Rib cage, left side - OPA tattoo.

Something different to everyone she interacts with Danika can be mother, sister, or lover. She provides comfort for those that choose to spend time with her, though sometimes that comfort is given in very different ways. At her core she is calm and inquisitive and deeply loyal to those that have earned it.

She is also loyal to her fellow Belter's and sensitive to their plight within the solar system. She cares less for the political side and more for taking care of her people and making sure they are safe when she can.

Biography - Up until any posts.
Danika is the 5th generation in a line of Belters that has been working and living in space since just after the Epstein drive was shared with the UN. For the last 80 years or so Danika's family has made it's home on Ceres Station, mostly as miners but some have gone out to work on the many ships that keep the Sol system running.

Danika's mother died in child birth with her and her twin brother, birth is hard enough in the Belt, let alone giving birth to twins. So Danika and her brother were raised by their father and quite a few aunts and uncles. They ran wild as children, learning all the back ways through the main levels of Ceres as well as the labyrinth of tunnels that run deep into the asteroid.

As she hit her teens she was recruited by the OPA to do small jobs, mostly deliveries or selling surplus food and water. She quickly moved on to working at a casino as a server, but she was good at getting the patrons to like her and from there getting them to talk to her was easy. From there it was a few years before she started working for the owners of Yáterash, an "upscale" brothel on the Medina Level. She still uses the information she is told by loose lipped patrons to aid the OPA as much as possible and it pays well.

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