Danger Arceneau
Personal Details
OccupationRepresentative of Arceneau Mercantile
Place of BirthGanymede
Faction AffiliationNeutral

Occupation: Merchant
Place of Birth: Ganymede
Faction Affiliation: Independent
Home: Luna

Danger Arceneau is a representative of Arceneau Mercantile. She serves as the go-between for their Lunar and Europa based operations, currently assisting with the set up of a permanant branch on Ceres.


Danger grew up amidst bazaars and trade ports in the as far out in the belt as Ganymede to the inner well of the agricultural zone of South Africa. She has keen observation skills and through no shortage of eugenetic improvements by her parents, Danger physical appearance was custom created to highlight the charismatic potential of the next in line to take Arceneau Mercantile under her reins.

The constant moving of her parents back and forth across several trade cities on Earth, Luna, and the Belt provided plenty of exposure to the young woman in different languages and cultures. Her ability to pick up linguistics allows her to be a polyglot, well versed in several languages such as French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Mandarin. With recent attempts at expanding business beyond the Ceres, Lang Belta has become at the forefront of her studies. However, it has come to her attention that there isn't just one singular Lang Belta, but that instead there are several dialicts. As Ceres is a main port out in the Belt, the Ceres based lang belta dialect is her base study.


Flying from Earth, to Luna, and to trade stations along the inner well has allowed Danger to become a little bit more used to time in space. Short stints of about a month or so don't wreck too much havoc on her system, and her gradual increase in deployment to meet up with Belter Trade stations for their raw resources meant her time out in the black is increasing.

She is used to flying within the typical confines of the normal passenger travel; quick flip and burns are not the norm for her, so high g burns are not her typical fare. For sure, experiencing her first juice injection just might prompt her more onery self to the surface.


Danger has the gift of gab. She's social and able to use her charm to quell down disputes and make a profit. Of course, this can often come into conflict with her tenacity and sense of drive.


Danger is a part of a designer eugenics program that creates designer offspring for parents who have the funds. In Danger’s case, she was custom created to enhance all possible features and ensure a healthy lifestyle that would not fall to the generations of belter physical modifications.

The Arceneau family has heavy roots in the Agricultural Zone of South Africa. It was one of the few family’s at the early onset of solar system travel that invested in agricultural needs of Mars. While small, as the decades passed, their small contribution lead to increasing further outposts. Most of the recent generations are born in the Belt or Luna, but their genetics altered with a fine tooth comb to ensure a lack of brittle bones.

This means that Danger is not of Earth or the Belt, but a child of necessity born through adaptation for the best success at survival.

Some might see her as an Inner, others as a Belter. But she is, at the very least, adaptable.

Recently, in order to get a better understanding of what needs are for trade in the Belt, she’s moved to Ceres to discuss business deals as a representative for Arceaneau Mercantile.


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