Name: Damien
Age: Unknow
Height: 1,83 m
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Occupation: He has several identities
Place of Birth: Unknow
Faction Affiliation: Independant (sometime OPA)
Home: Nowhere


Chameleon: He seems to be trained to lie and change his identity as easily as one changes haircuts. When the opportunity presents itself, Damien changes his identity and his story. That's why no one in the solar system can get their hands on it. Yesterday he's a radical member of OPA and tomorrow an honest water merchant.

Killer training: No one knows what happened, but if one thing is for sure. It's that he has weapons training. He's capable of handling any weapon or tool. And he seems to know a lot about how they work and a lot of things in science. In any case Damien certainly made the university, but the question is which one?


Criminal: Damien has a penchant for illegal activity, trafficking, pirtary, theft or burglary. As long as it's a good idea, Damien's on board. When he was in the takeover bid, Damien was part of the darkest branch....


Damien is a natural charismatic person, he easily manages to convince people to bring them back on his side. Damien also seems to be hiding a heavy dark past, but he's hiding it very well. He is opportunistic, which means that he always has more than one boss and he is ready to change sides for a new one if a better opportunity presents itself.


Five years later


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