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Chloe Seraphina Blake
SkinFair with freckles
Personal Details
Place of BirthGanymede
Faction AffiliationNeutral


Chloe has a knack of mechanical skills and a love for crafting what she can from scrapyard resources.

She is a capable navigator and average pilot, preferring to use her abilities for the joy of it rather than the adrenaline rush most SlingShotters have.

Her grandfather gave her his grandfather’s well worn guitar, and it is one of her most prized possessions. She is able to play the instrument and has a lovely singing voice.

Her gift, however, is in her ability to tell stories. She is capable of captivating an audience with her tall tales and recounting of stories from books, tall tales, or plucked from the imagination itself.


Chloe was born on Ganymede, and with being born on the Belt makes for the common physical characteristics of one born generationally in space.

If she were to come to Earth, it will be difficult for her body to adjust to the gravity and bright sunlight. While her bones are not brittle due to the availability of osteo strengthening drugs for children on Ganymede, further generations would likely suffer the same fate should she not follow a proper prenatal regimin if she ever decided to have children.

Her experiences with slingshotting allow her to be used to high g maneuvers and long distance travel. While taking the Juice does still offer some ill effects, she thankfully is able to process it a little bit better. It does’t stop nausea, but at least the migraines do not last for hours on end after a high g flight.


Chloe is friendly, cheerful and by all accounts, one of the most personable and genuine personalities that could be found in the Belt.

Her deep faith in God and trust that He has a plan in mind for her and His creation allows her to have a confidence in her travels. She is at peace with herself and where she may ultimately end up, for she believes that death only brings the beginning of a journey to experience heaven. There is not a single bone of guile or deceit in the young woman, simply a genuine desire for the best for everyone regardless of they are Inners or Belters.


Chloe is a storyteller. An orator of tall tales and myths. A simple girl at heart, Chloe was raised at the Ganymede hydroponic farms. Growing up, her grandfather nourished her imagination by feeding Chloe numerous Belter stories and tall tales -of the kind that made her want to travel the stars and experience them herself.

She was given the chance when an old Belter friend of her grandfather's came around. Tall, broad, and weathered and tattooed face wizened beyond her years with her silver hair kept in a thick plait was Miara Del Sol, who's keen silver eyes shone in a way that said there was more to the old Belter than met the eye.

Time spent with Miara ended up with Chloe leaving her grandaddy and Ganymede behind, as she headed off to live and discover the Rockhopper tales that had sparked her sense of adventure and curiosity at her grandaddy's knee.

Chloe is often seen with a whimsical smile, ever the one to speak some measure of joy regardless of the situation. Eyes of an old soul, the young Belter is a devout follower of the Christian Faith, living her Belter gypsy life as a testimony to it.

She spent the bulk of her time wandering; traveling amidst the rest of the Galilean Moons, experiencing the wonder of God’s creation come to life, and basically being the typical Belter gypsy. She spent some time on Palas under the tutelage of Vlad Cekovich, a Belter Rockhopper who would brag about being a direct ancestor of Russian cosmonauts and a curious method of fixing things by way of a large wrench and a hefty swing. Her time with Slingshotters only aided her in increasing her love of building scrapyard boats, increasing her piloting skills and navigating.

Everywhere she went, she gathered pieces here and there to tuck away in the back of her mind. The odd knowledge that may come in handy. She is also a big collector of antique astronomy maps; having a small, but a cherished collection.


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