Carson Boussaa

Carson Boussaa
Height1,80 M
Personal Details
Occupationlieutenant on the MCRN Simurgh
Place of BirthLondres Nova, Mars
Faction AffiliationMCR


Loyal to Mars :
Carson is a very orderly man. The kind of person willing to die for his homeland. His actions are never justified by career advancement or selfish intentions, unlike his father!

Obedient: Carson believes that high-ranking armed forces are always right and that all their actions are justified.

Believer: Carson believes in Martian superiosity and that Mars will reign over the solar system. And it's only a matter of time.


Carson is Zay Boussaa's son. So he grew up around his father's political scheming. Which completely disgusts her from political life. So what forged him a belief that the MCRN is devoid of political shenanigans. And therefore, his work within it is the best way to help Mars. He is also therefore very suspicious towards those who are not members of the armed forces and more particularly politicians.


He is Zay's eldest son and his ex-wife Shannon. His father had specific plans for him and he already saw his place in the society. The problem is that his mother had plans too! Carson grew up in a very luxurious and comfortable environment, without ever being aware of his parents' plans. His parents didn't hate each other yet. And so he received love and attention from them as any normal family. His father taught him very early on a very strong sense of patriotism and duty. His mother, despite her very present work, has always known how to be there for him. Unfortunately, relations between the two parents began to become more tense.

His mother and Zay began to quarrel and oppose each other in professional life. Unfortunately, arriving in adolescence his parents divorce after the two have quarreled over a complex history of military contracts and radars. His mother leaves politics for the private sector and goes to Earth.

The divorce was a very dark time for him. His mother was gone and he was left alone with his father. Unfortunately, his father didn't give him any attention. Too much to absorb through the divorce process, the resolution of the history of the military contract. He ends up developing an aversion to his father. And a distance was made between them. Finally, her mother managed to remove her custody, during the trial, from her father's clutches. Carson left his father to never see him again. Zay found herself desperately alone. Carson was far from knowing that all that was happening was a revenge of the Meyers against his father.

Carson is therefore living his adolescence without his mother and father. He spent this period of his life, in a private college with checks from his father and mother who come every month.

When it comes to military service. Carson decides not to join civilian life and join his father, as his father wanted. He prefers to go within the MCRN and earn what he owns.

This is without relying on his father who constantly protects him from the sidelines.
He has worked on many ships, let's move up the hierarchy faster and faster. Thanks to his skills and talents. But also, unlike the others. Without anyone knowing it, his father always makes sure that the promotion boards are aware of his achievements.

Today, he's a lieutenant on MCRN Simurgh.The only contact he has with his father seems to be limited to cards sent out by politeness or congratulations with a purely professional tone.
He forged a good relationship with the Commodore and the crew of the Simurgh. His mission on the Simurgh is multiple. But sometimes he is sent by the captain to spy on enemy lines or to walk around in civilian clothes to gather information....

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