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Captain George Flinders

George Flinders
Avatar: Elite Dangerous
George Flinders





Walnut Brown


White, yet moderately pale


Captain ONI

Place of Birth


Lovell, Luna




Mother, Father, Brother

George is oddly light for his age at a mere 60kg but this should not be seen as a negative as when couples with his small stature with him being only 180cm tall it allows him to fit into many spaces that a great proportion of other could only dream of. Aside from this, however, George is often described as a very generic character, he has pale white skin, possibly attributed to his Scandinavian heritage. He has walnut brown hair, a similar colour to his eyes that he keeps short at the sides and back yet long enough to allow him to style it in a quiff, a very common style but one that suits him best. Another feature that should be noted is his large facial scar across the right side of his face, there is no impressive story behind; he obtained it when he was around 16 in a climbing accident that he says was easily avoidable but does not regret happening, as the scar only adds to his character

Skills and Traits

George has been seen to be a very effective commander in the navy. He can be described as a cold and calculating, as he takes his time to plan out battle strategy very carefully to ensure a successful result. His grandfather who grew up in the 21st century likens him to Grand Admiral Thrawn, a character from a fictional series: Star Wars, which he claims was very popular during his life. However, this is very useful, especially seeing his position within the ONI
This can be seen as both positive and negative. Despite being an excellent strategist George is known for his daring actions in the heat of combat something that now he rarely sees seeing his new position as a predominant member of the ONI. However, his actions can be seen as reckless by his superiors, no matter how successful, as George always ensures to strategise the best possible outcomes.
One thing that many of his former Naval colleagues will tell you is that George can be very harsh. He does not like to see failure or mistakes and has a very short fuse, and often the two do not pair well.
One thing that has been noted about George is his proficiency with all weapons, and his skills when handling them. Many senior Marines have commended George on his skill, and during his time aboard the UNN Thomas Prince, T-DRN-47 he beat many Marines who challenged him.

It has been noted by many that George is one of the most talkative people that you could meet. He impresses people with the length of time he can continue speaking for without taking a breath.

George is described as having a rather enigmatic personality, he can be polite and charming yet rude and harsh. His harsh tendencies can put him at odds with many people he meets, which leads to him not having many friends, however, the ones that he does have to overlook the negative sides of his character and have grown to be very close to George. As mentioned prior George is very talkative often speaking for impressive amounts of time before taking a breath. George is very clear about the fact that he is not great in social situations and often struggles when engaging with other people, this is why he likes to spend time alone, which he can do within his line of work, and whilst partaking in the activities that interest him, especially rock climbing, in which he has become quite proficient, however, he would not describe himself as introverted. He had a strong love of politics and as a teenager would spend hours reading into history and looking into the current geopolitical climate of the solar system, and it was this love of politics that drew him to the Navy.

It is true that George had a rather privileged upbringing. His parents were wealthy members of the UN and wanted to provide George with the best childhood. He attended a public primary school and then went to a prestigious private grammar school in England where the family resided. Through his childhood, George had the opportunity to try many hobbies and activities, yet chose activities that would allow him to stay alone, much to his parents' displeasure as they desperately wanted him to have friends. George started to excel in rock climbing from a young age and later showed himself to be an excellent marksman.
After his time at grammar school George elected to become more independent and spend more time away from his parents, as he did not wish to be judged on his wealth, but his character, and his skills. He was accepted into the University of Cambridge, a very prestigious university on Earth where he studied Politics.

George comes from a Naval family and the navy runs in his blood. His father, John Flinders was an Admiral in the UNN and his brother Rob, is currently, a Senior Cheif Petty Officer, serving on the UNN Harry S. Truman, T-DRN-24 and historically his family members both maternal and paternal, have held high positions of power within the British Royal Navy, so it was no surprise that he enlisted.

At 24 after he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in politics, and took two gap years which he used to get settled into life on Luna and attend climbing competitions which he eventually came 3rd in, he enlisted as an officer into the UNN. He would spend a year at the officer training academy on Luna, and when he was fully enlisted he was stationed onboard the UNN Thomas Prince, T-DRN-47 as a Lieutenant. When he reached 28 he requested to be transferred to the ONI, the intelligence branch of the UNN. Upon his arrival, he was promoted to Commander and predominantly had a desk job for only a year at the ONI base on Luna.

After this however George, thanks to a near-flawless record, despite a few incidents, was placed in charge of the UNN Endeavour, a Munroe-Class destroyer, that had been modified to have stealth capabilities. The vessel and her crew were an elite Black-Ops unit that was tasked with shadowing Martian fleets and tracking their movements through the solar system. However more recently, the UNN Fleet Command ordered the Aetius to shadow the FME Erebus, as the company who owned it was under surveillance from the UN and were planning a mission into the far reaches of space.

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