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Captain Buttersworth


Captain Bartholomew (Bart) Buttersworth

Age: 63

Height: 181 cm (5.9ft)

Weight: 115 kg

Hair: Brown/Ginger

Eyes: Green

Skin: Pale/Sunburnt

Occupation: Freighter / "Privateer" under commission for the LCDDF

Place of Birth: Earth

Faction Affiliation: Lunar Consolidated Dairy Defense Force

Home: New Providence Station. A small facility built into the side of a asteroid in the Belt. It is capable of supporting around 50,000 people, however it's population is kept intentionally below 20,000. Cobbled together from "re-appropriated" spacecraft, shipping containers and colony habitats.

Skills: Horticulture. Piracy.

Traits: Earth's government see's Captain Buttersworth as a terrorist and a pirate. As such he has multiple warrants out for his arrest. He can only return to Earth under disguise, and must actively avoid Earth partrols. Even so, he harbours great love for the Earth and misses it dearly. As such he has near crippling alcoholism.

Mars does not bother Buttersworth as long as Buttersworth does not bother Mars, they see him as a minor annoyance, however his activities have been deemed useful in disrupting Earther operations and as such have been allowed to continue.

As he is an Earther by birth, many in the Belt & the OPA do not trust Buttersworth outright. He was ridiculed, attacked and shunned until he had a chance to prove his worth in the Eather withdrawal from Ceres, as the OPA was consolidating it's power under Fed Johnson.

Personality: Captain Buttersworth is a strong leader and Captain. He is however, ruthless in his execution of his role as a Privateer and Captain. Mutinous crew members are spaced, and survivors of attacks are usually few. He is however a principled man, having served for the UN Navy for many years. He will give all crew of any vessels he attacks the opportunity to join his crew, offering them safe harbour and a steady wage in return for their loyalty and hard work.

Buttersworth is also a raging alcoholic. He does not know when to put down the bottle and as such can usually be found passed out somewhere between the mess and his quarters. He is also a keen horticulturalist, using his skills to turn his vessel and his station into a plant filled "paradise".

Biography: Captain Bart Buttersworth was born in Coolabah, Australia. From a young age he dreamed of leaving Earth to explore the solar system, he became a fan of Naval history and its references in pop culture, watching many historical TV shows of British colonial naval battles, even going so far as to mimic the posh British accents of the dashing captains in these stories, a trait that he still has to this day. He is however a foul mouthed Australian drunk, so whenever he hits the bottle, his calm British demeanour collapses into obscenities and Australian slang.

At age 16, he began working at the Cobar Shipyards, a massive industrial complex not far from his home town. The huge open cut mine there has been converted into a massive launch facility for colony vessels being sent out across the system, it was here he learnt about space travel and ship maintenance. After two years of backbreaking labour in the shipyard, at age 18, he decided to join the UN Navy.

Buttersworth's rise through the ranks of the UN Navy was as fast as his fall. Achieving the rank of Captain within a few years, he successfully ruined his career by drunkenly piloting his frigate "The Saxon" into an asteroid field. When he awoke, the bridge was sealed and pressurised, however the rest of the vessel was without power and without crew.

After this event, Buttersworth was marked as a rogue Captain, having stolen a UN vessel and executed its crew. Having no memory of any of these events, Buttersworth panicked, burning hard for the Belt and for "relative" safety as he figured out what had happened and to plan his next move.

Buttersworth never did work out what happened that day, and his next moves consisted of hiring desperate Belters and preying on vessels passing through a sparsely populated section of the belt. Over the years, he has successfully evaded capture, using the knowledge of the local Belters he has hired and enriched to hide from UN patrols. His vessel, The Saxon, has slowly been augmented over time, no loner flying the white and blue of the UN, now painted black and augmented with heavy armour plating and additional propulsion drives torn from it's victims.

Buttersworth calls his domain "New Providence Station" home. First created when he set one of his first victims (a freighter) on a collision course with a nearby asteroid. The vessel did not explode upon impact, but rather broke through the crust of the rock and lodged itself inside it's partially hollow interior. Electing to convert this strange event into a bonus, Buttersworth used The Saxon to return the asteroid to it's original orbit in the belt and has slowly added to it over the years, attaching more ships, habitats and cargo containers to it until it was capable of self-sustenance.

New Providence has always denied it's association with Buttersworth and The Saxon whenever patrols come along, however it owed it's existence to the eccentric, alcohol fueled Captain. It has become a minor trade hub and waystation for Belters, Rock-hoppers and freighters looking for safe passage to the outer planets. It has recently affiliated with the OPA since their rise to power on Ceres and as such, rely on the OPA for much of it's protection whilst Butterworth is abroad.

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