Bohdi Xin


Bohdi Xin
HairBrown Dreadlocks
SkinMixed race
Personal Details
Place of BirthCeres
Faction AffiliationOPA
StatusActive. Keeping gang activity down whilst OPA recuperated on Ceres

  • Talkative
  • Doesn't trust easily
  • Persistent
  • Charming (ish)
  • Sapper
  • Squad level tactics


Xin has a fairly lanky build like most belters. However his had broad shoulders and after two years in a UN prison at medium gravity he's bulked up with more muscle than is common on belters. His hair is always kept in long, thick dreadlocks. His clothing is typical the less affluent of Ceres. Loose trousers with many pockets, heavy jackets. Often has his arms on show. His neck, arms and chest are decorated with jet black tattoos making him easy to spot.


Bodhi seems like an easy going individual. In fact he has deep trust issues. Several times in his life he has been undermined by those he thought he was close to. Whilst he wears an easy smile he is particularly observant of other's body language and now has a reputation for being able to see trouble coming. With no family of his own he sees the belt itself as his kin. Despite his misgivings he desperately wants to belong somewhere.


Bohdi was born to a well off family who lived in one of the nicer regions of Ceres. Being an only child he was troublesome and rebellious and went to levels of Ceres he wasn't supposed to go to. One night an air filtration malfunction killed both of his parents in their sleep. Rather than stay and face this, Bodhi fled and ended up running with several low level gangs. His face is well known in Star Helix circles.

After several smaller infractions he was caught stealing water and dropped in deep. One of his friends had actually been working for a rival gang and they had tipped off the authorities.

When he was released from a UN prison station and returned to Ceres he found his old gang's locations were now run by very different individuals. The gangs of Ceres were losing their hold. Lots of their members were being sent to Eros for work and the OPA were making a power play for the asteroid. Xin was quickly inducted and brought into a cell that was tasked with wresting control of several districts from the Loca Greiga.
During the MCRN blockade of Ceres his cell cleared out before the marines arrived. A fire team of Martians tried to pursue them into a new tunnel system but Xin rugged some explosives to collapse a passage behind them, pinning several power-armoured marines.

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