Alric Siedel


Name: Alric Siedel
Age: 33
Height: 1.86m
Weight: 69kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Skin: White
Occupation: OPA Cell Leader

Place of Birth: The Belt, Io Research Station
Faction Affiliation: OPA
Home: Io Research Station


Alric is an incredibly charismatic man, capable of manipulating and playing people off one another with a grace one would ordinarily find only in a high class escort. He knows how to read people and get exactly what he wants, a quality that has earned him both fame and enmity even among his allies.
Alric grew up on Io station scrapping with the best of them. Though he's not all that great with a gun he can certainly pack a punch. Though most people would not suspect it of him, Alric is actually well capable of holding his own in a boxing ring.


Spinal Fusion:
Like many other Belters. He was born on a world without proper gravity and thus required the treatments often found across the belt. Like many, his parents were too poor to afford the proper medical care and thus utilized secondary medication. This resulted with Alric's spine fusing. Though this is easy enough to hide, it means he cannot fully turn his head as humans are supposed to be able to do.
Alric is not used to the effects of full gravity. Though he's not as bad as others, the effect of being in full Earth grav make him violently ill. This effect lasts for several days until his body acclimates.


Alric is what most would call a 'smooth operator'. He is well versed in hiding himself and who he truly is, always ensuring that no one knows his true motives or is able to guess what he wants.

On the surface Alric acts incredibly pliable and kind, showing every affection towards those around him. Beneath this veneer of lies however sit a man that is far from ordinary. Alric has incredibly violent tendencies that manifest in an almost pure hatred of both Earth and Mars. It is not untrue to call him a Radical, and this hatred is often taken out in violent, though private, rages.

This dual personality is a staple of who Alric is, and often makes working closely with him both dangers and thrilling.


Though relatively unknown, Alric's history is one that could be told over and over again within the Belt.

His family mainly consisted of Dock Workers and local members of the Io Research Station operated and owned by the United Nations. The family lived there for years and years, subjected to cruel conditions and bare living standard. Though they always had just enough to eat, things were never great.

A turning point occurred when an Accident occurred at the docks, a small UN freighter delivering research supply unhooking from it's docking clamps and sliding within the bay. The Freighter crushed half a dozen workers beneath it's weight, including Alric's father.

The UN response was a lackluster one, Alric's and other families receiving less than optimal compensation.

It was this event that sparked a hatred in Alric, the subsequent years of pawing and scraping for the few coins he needed to survive bringing him an ire that could not be equaled.

Over the years Alric pulled himself up, moving through the rungs of the local work force and eventually joining the OPA. It was from here that Alric truly took control, clawing and fighting his way up the ladder until he eventually controlled a small section of the docks on the Io Research Station.


Alric's control, though not entirely total even on the Io Research Station, comes mostly from his connection to the OPA group known only as 'Prometheus'.

[​IMG] This group was formed by Alric and his cadre of friends and allies, meant to be something more than just activists and desperate Belters crying out in the streets. Prometheus is violent, radical, and classified as most to be terrorists. They target only installations controlled and staffed by either Mars or Earth, avoiding damage to any and all Belters.

The group functions rather simply, and with a surprising amount of independence. Though their home base is on Io, none of the members ever make this known. During operations they wear masks and though they all wear OPA Tattoos, nothing else identifies them as coming from Io itself.

Prometheus gains it's arms, funding, and knowledge from Alric himself. Though the man rarely participates in terrorist acts himself, he is the 'face' that gains them what they need in order to operate.

This allows Prometheus to grow and thrive, giving them more knowledge of operations of both Earth and Mars and ensuring they can effectively strike at the enemy.

Prometheus is named after the Greek Titan of legend, the being that both created Humanity and gifted them the progress of fire. The group draws heavily upon this myth, it's symbol being a simple three striped black flame. Members of Prometheus truly believe they are fighting the 'gods' of Earth and Mars for the betterment of Humanity(Belters).

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