Aden Peterson

Aden Peterson
Height1.86 Meters
Weight72.5 Kilograms
Personal Details
OccupationMCRN Chief Petty Officer
Place of BirthLondres Nova, Mars
Faction AffiliationMars


+ Pilot: Aden has been trained as a pilot by the MCRN, and had some prior experience piloting smaller craft before he enlisted in the service. Before the opening of the gate, he was comfortable piloting any craft up to 100 meters. In the five years since the incident, he has expanded his skillset to most types of craft operated by the MCRN. He is still cautious and tends to defer to those with greater experience when able, however.

+ Tinkerer: Aden enjoys working with his hands and with technology. While he often may not make it better, sometimes he does. Either way, he makes it work the way he wants to, in a way he thinks best.

- Guarded: Aden has learned to be as self-reliant as possible. He latches onto the age-old adage, "If you want something done right, do it yourself". He also has issues judging people's intentions, so defaults to not trusting people who aren't his direct superiors.


Agoraphobic: As a result of growing up in the comfortable, enclosed domes of Mars, Aden is wary of large spaces. While uncomfortable in large rooms, sudden exposure to open areas without warning can cause him to temporarily shut down.

Efficient: Aden, like most Martians, can put his mind to a task and complete it, not letting anything get in his way. This can cause him to become oblivious to his surroundings.


In several ways, Aden is your standard, run of the mill Martian. That is, at least at first glance. As a lower enlisted member, he doesn't make a habit of sticking his neck out for anyone or anything, unless he feels very passionately about it. He also practices the art of blending in and being a cog in the MCRN machine when he needs to.

He shares in the dream of Mars that many do, that of a fully terraformed planet, but knows it won't come to pass in his lifetime. Thirdly, Aden has a love for space, which is partially what pushed him to join the MCRN.

In other ways, Aden differs from your average Martian. He doesn't share in his comrade's hatred of the Earthers to the same degree, nor that of the Belt. While he still considers the Earthers arrogant and foolish, he doesn't think of them as the enemy- usually. With the Belters, he still views them as lessers but doesn't let that keep him from working with them when he has to.

Due to the time, he was rescued by OPA pirates from a derelict, and subsequent capture and treatment by UNN forces, he holds a comparatively pleasant view of both Belters and Earthers, no longer wholly believing the vilification of either group, but still viewing them as enemies. At one time, a UNN Admiral he had come to know had attempted to convince him to switch sides, however, the Admiral died and Aden never considered the statement.


Aden was born to a traditional Martian mother and an Earth-born Father in Londres Nova, Mars. As he grew up, he had instilled in him the same values as all other children on the planet. However, these lessons were softened by his Father's status as an Earth-Born person. This led to his softened attitude toward Blues and Belters, to a degree.

As he progressed in life, and in school, he became fascinated by flying and the ships and designs of all factions. He also found a fascination for technology and began to tinker and work with anything he could find, tearing it down to find out how it worked, and building it back together to do things in an order he thought better. While not always better, sometimes he finds a way to actually improve.

Eventually, as he grew of age, he enlisted in the MCRN and his love of flying paid off. He was trained as a pilot and put on various hoppers and smaller craft. While some might have wanted the bigger, more glamorous jobs at the helm of larger craft, Aden couldn't have been happier on the smaller ships. Fewer people required meant, to him, fewer things that could go wrong. Machines were predictable. People were not.

During the incidents surrounding Ganymede and much of the outer fleet, Aden was involved in several skirmishes and battles, each time taking more and more risks to complete the mission. This did lead to a string of several ships he served on being destroyed or crippled, and even one UNN ship he was captured on destroyed soon after. This has lead to a bit of an in-joke about how he is a bad luck charm for ships. Only time will tell if this rumor holds true in this new frontier.

He continues to fly for the MCRN, simply going where he's told, and picking up work along the way.

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