Adam Jensen


Name: Adam Jensen
Height: 1.89m
Weight: 78kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White

Occupation: Technician/Company Shareholder
Place of Birth: Londres Nova, Mars
Faction Affiliation: MCR
Home: Independent Transport Vessel Novasetara


Martial Artist
Be it low gravity jiu jitsu, old Earth shaolin kung-fu or just a good old fashioned street brawl in the rock tunnels of Ceres, Adam will come out on top. Years of dedicated training since his youth have made him an expert in melee combat, both armed and unarmed, and his service with the MMC has left him with a few tricks up his sleeve.
Spaceship Technician
Who needs a dedicated repair crew when you have duct tape and spit? Adam has been working as a technician since he left the MMC, and over the years learned how to keep anything, from a factory new luxury yacht to a third-hand rockhopper, running and safe. Just don't ask how he does it, you really don't want to know if you wish to sleep through your night shift.​


Adam has no problems with other people, as long as they don't come too close, don't touch his stuff, don't touch his ship, question his methods or interact with him in any other way whatsoever. Ok, maybe he has problems with other people.​
Dislocated shoulder
A childhood accident has left Adams shoulder in a permanently injured state. It can dislocate when even a slight force is applied at the wrong angle. Even though he has learned to live with this disability, it still provides a significant risk factor for him to control whenever operating in high G environments, or when fighting people in the streets.​


Adam does not exactly like people. But since that is no attitude to hold in such a social culture like that on Mars, he has learned to cover it up by being shortspoken whenever possible, very honest about his opinions and charismatic only when he absolutely needs it to be left alone. What matters to him is not rank, demeanor or wealth, but merit, competence and personal honor. He does not make friends easily, but when he does, he is loyal to them.


Adams family originated from Germany, Earth. They emigrated to Mars before he was born, and so the domes of the red planet have been the first home he knew. As all good martians do, he and his older brother and sister each joined the MCRN when they became old enough, and each of them left shortly after to pursue other careers.
Engineering runs in the Jensen family, with both his parents having been civil engineers back on earth. Thus, Adam studied in several technical courses in both lower and upper university in Londres Nova, courtesy of the education programs sponsored by the MCRN. After finishing his studies and leaving the military, he signed up with an off-planet trading corporation and has been flying around the Belt and even the Jovian System.
Most recently, he has become the co-owner of a small, Tycho based, cargo transport company, consisting solely of the Novasetara.

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