Welcome to the Databank's Character Page. In here you may post your character's bio and find all the characters being roleplayed on the site!

How do I get Started?

  • Click the "Create New" button at the bottom of this article and then "Page"
  • Copy the template from the box below this list
  • Give the new article the Title of your new character's name.
  • Click "Create new page" to post your article.
That's it, you're done. Go and roleplay! You can edit the sheet at any time and provide links to your roleplays. If you want to know how to customise the character infobox styling for MCRN/UN/OPA custom a guide on how to make one is here.

Character Template

[template]Character Infobox
| Avatar= (replace with the link to the image you want
| Name=(Name of your character)
| Age=(Age of character)
| Height=
| Weight=
| Hair=Hair Colour
| Eyes=Eye Colour
| Skin=Skin Colour
| Occupation=What is their occupation?
| Birth=Where were they born?
| Affiliation=Who are they affiliated with?
| Home=Where do they live?
| Gender=Gender
| Rank=Rank (optional)
| Status=Alive/Dead/Unknown (optional - delete whole line if not used)
| Aliases=Other Aliases (optional)
| Relationship=Relationships (optional)
| Relatives=Relatives (optional)


Describe what your character looks like here

Skills and Traits

Everyone in the galaxy is good at something, whether it’s flying, fighting, shooting, or fixing old junkers. What are your characters major skills? What are they bad at, what are their flaws?


What is your character's personality? Are they mean? Charismatic? Rude?


What is your characters background? Are they a former United Nations Marine gone rogue? An OPA radical who's attempting to bring about change due to an unfortunate event in their past? Your background can be as rich or as mysterious as you want it to be, but must contain elements of the board general story which can be found here.


[*]Image credit [*]Roleplays


  • Ensure at least the basics and a summary paragraph are complete before roleplaying your character
  • Do not modify another user's character page without their permission
  • There are no formal restrictions on your abilities and starting equipment
  • There is no formal character approval. If a character is reported for being overpowered we may review your biography
  • You must not use a Canon character
  • Please add sensible tags and categories to your page to make it easy to sort and find. e.g.:
  • If you use artwork or illustrations, please provide a reference link to the artist

Adding your biography to your character account

Please add the link to your bio in your Character "Personal Details" page. Simply go to your Profile page > Personal Details > and add the link to your Character bio page in the "Character Biography" slot.

It will then show up under your avatar like so:


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