Welcome to the Databank's Character Page. In here you may post your character's bio. Please feel free to use the templates we have available on the template page to start.

An example character sheet, character template, and other templates are available.) Be an Earther (Earth), Martian (Mars), or a Belter (The Belt).

There is now a character Infobox template, with a guide on how to make one here.

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Just some reminders:

  • Please do not edit another writer’s Character sheet without permission or a Wiki Mod.
  • Please add the link to your bio in your Character "Personal Details" page. Simply go to your Profile page > Personal Details > and add the link to your Character bio page in the "Character Biography" slot.
  • Please be make sure you add the appropriate tags to your page afterward. Recommended tags are:
    • Belter
    • Martian
    • Earther
It will then show up under your avatar like so:


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