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Databank Wiki

Welcome to the Expanse RP Wiki!

Here you can create simple Wiki pages to document your character, their history and various other items important for your Roleplay.

See How this wiki is organised

General Guidelines:

  1. Please add things to the Wiki if they are being featured in Roleplay. Please don't add pages for the sake of it. They must have references to the novels, tv series, or board roleplay links. The only exceptions are:
    1. Character Sheets: you must have a sheet before you start to RP.
    2. Your Character's starting vessel.
  2. There is no formal approval process for an article. If a member of staff does request edits please make them as soon as possible. Feel free to comment on and discuss each other's articles and provide constructive feedback.
  3. Canon Locations may be edited with notable IC roleplayed events only with all applicable completed roleplay links attached.
  4. Do not edit another writer’s Character sheet without permission.
  5. Use the appropriate Area (seen below) for your pages. If you feel we need a new Area, get in touch with the Admins.
  6. See each Area for specific guidelines.
  7. Use Templates if available and break up large articles with sections, designated with the heading tags. A wiki page will automatically generate a table of contents if there are at least 4 sections.
  8. Do not use special characters in article titles.
  9. Do not not copy content from the expanse wiki without suitably referencing the authors. We suggest quoting the text and linking back to the original article. See here and here.

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