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    Straight from SaveTheExpanse.org!

    #SaveTheExpanse -Next steps!

    Hello, everyone!

    This past week has been hectic but we’ve achieved some absolutely incredible things to #SaveTheExpanse: The petition is up over 115,000 signatures and we even had a #SaveTheExpanse plane flying over Santa Monica five days after cancellation!

    Our efforts have been highlighted in Newsweek and many other major publications.

    We also organized a campaign in preparation for Wednesday’s spectacular episode which contributed to a ten percent ratings bump.

    According to Inquisitr, using data provided by Showbuzzdaily.com,

    “Overnight ratings numbers showed that the May 16 episode drew an audience of 609,000, one of the highest-rated episodes in more than two years. The April 11 season premiere was one of only two episodes in the past two years to top that total, drawing 654,000 viewers. The March 1, 2017, episode attracted 625,000 viewers. Beyond that, it had been nearly two years since the show consistently topped 600,000 viewers.”

    Ratings have a tendency to dip during the mid-season, so having the best ratings since the season premiere is a massive boost, and we're the ones doing it.

    This is just the beginning of the #SaveTheExpanse movement. If we keep this up and keep watching live, sending letters and making ourselves heard, we will have a shot to save The Expanse yet! Alcon Entertainment co-CEOs Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson have responded to the #SaveTheExpanse campaign, telling Indie Wire:

    “The outpouring of support and enthusiasm from the fans of THE EXPANSE has been remarkable and encouraging. The show’s impassioned fan base, including hundreds of thousands of viewers and the likes of George R.R. Martin and Patton Oswalt, appear to be as hopeful as we are that this stunning space drama can find a new home on another platform.”

    As long as Alcon is committed, we intend to fight through the last PDC round to CQB if it comes to it to find a new home for the Roci!

    Most of what we’ve done so far has been organized through our Discord server, but it can get a bit crowded in there and in the interests of planning a proper #SaveTheExpanse campaign, we’ve created a second Discord server with a full-time marketing and production team. We always need input from everyone, so we will be establishing communications channels between the two Discord servers, so if you have an idea you want to bring to our attention, DM or @ one of us, or message us here on Reddit.

    Over the coming weeks we will tell everyone who needs to hear it to #SaveTheExpanse -- and we will prevail! We are being heard, now we just need to keep the fight going.

    Here’s what you can do right now to help: First, if you haven’t already, please sign the petition for Amazon to pick up the show, and like us on social media so we can get you updates quickly.

    Next, we need to boost the audience for The Expanse by bringing in new fans. If everyone watching was able to bring in one friend who can watch, we’d be up to over 1 million potential viewers. The way we’re suggesting to do that is to get as many new people (invite all your friends!) as possible to binge watch Seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon for U.S. residents, or Netflix for our international fans, to catch up over the coming days. Season 3 is also for sale on Amazon. That way by the time they get to Wednesday’s next episode, they’re all caught up. So get on Twitter now and start tweeting #BingeTheExpanse to get it trending!

    We also have another fantastic video from Ed (a.k.a /u/Alaskan__Thunderfuck ) - the guy responsible for the fan trailer that went viral this week - about everything you’ve achieved so far!

    Check it out here!

    Finally, please join our social media pages so you can keep up with the campaign and get the most up to date information. We need to boost our numbers here and convert petition signatures into social media reach. It really helps!

    We want to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic community on r/TheExpanse, our Discord, and the larger channels such as Twitter and Facebook. None of this can be done without you, and we count on your participation and support as we try to organize and coordinate future efforts. We will make sure to make our ongoing initiatives and ideas as transparent and accessible as possible, though we do ask you to please bear with us between updates while we coordinate our resources.

    Thanks you all, happy binging, godspeed and good luck! Yours truly,

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    • @katagatame_ web development, Discord admin

    • @Fadawah petition, social media, spokesperson

    • @Ed video editing, trailer guy

    • @Tsavo social media outreach, Thunderclap

    • @Chao Twitter

    • @Fietsventiel archiving

    • @Potzo graphic design

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    • @Iggy graphic design

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    #BingeTheExpanse #SaveTheExpanse
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