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    The frontier has opened!
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    It has been five years since the Battle of Io.


    While all sides were still working out what had driven them to the brink of war a massive object was detected accelerating away from the system. Having fled pursuit, what had once started as Eros had becomes something else. The Ring Gate.


    Mao Kwik was rapidly disassembled by the UN. Its assets seized and the corporate cultures picked off its subsidiaries. Protogen scientists almost immediately vanished without trace. The silence from the UN and MCR about their dealings with the company was deafening.

    A coalition fleet travelled into the Slow Zone and managed to reactivate the gates. 1,373 new systems suddenly became available for the expansion of the human race.

    When the Behemoth was captured, the crew staged a fake battle lay the blame at the feet of a handleful of OPA members. The 'extremists' were taken into custody by Mars. Over the next few months Martian agents apprehended even more OPA faction leaders. Many belters were the first to leave the system and explore new worlds to set up colonies. The Nauvoo itself currently sits in orbit of Callisto. A Mormon crew is currently preparing to launch the ship towards New Salt Lake System through the gates.

    Some colonies are affiliated with Earth, others Mars and many independent. Yet no power has risen to match the new Sol Coalition. The powers of Earth and Mars patrol the Sol System and the Slow Zone and place a tariff on all goods returning from the Frontier. With the terraforming project perhaps permanently abandoned and nearly a tenth of martians having fled for new worlds the MCR is more determined than ever to flex its military might.

    New Tycho Station is in construction within the Slow Zone. The company having been funded for the destruction of the first station. Already parts of the station are habitable and it is intended to become the hub through which goods will flow between the systems connected by the ring.

    Most of the colonies outside of Sol are still fragile. Some towns have been built and ancient habitation structures have been reclaimed. Many frontier settlements are relatively lawless as families and organisations try and claim land and resources.


    Private security firms, most notably Star Helix, Pinkwater and AnnanSec have picked up contracts to provide law enforcement in the belt. However, many claim they only truly secure corporate interests. Being six months travel from the inner planets corruption is rife. Life is hard in the Frontier, but for many it is preferable to suffering UN water ration restrictions and MCRN's constant harassment of private vessels.
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