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    What is 'The Expanse?'

    James S.A. Corey's popular series of space novels was first conceived as an online RPG. Set 200 years from now, the show imagines a future in which tensions arise between our planet and a colonized Mars; a ring of blue-collar space stations called "The Belt" houses the solar system's lowest social class.

    In other words, this is not a Star Trek exploration saga about discovering new aliens every week – it's the story of real people fighting for their small corner of the universe day after day. (A world where water is scarce and air is rationed isn't that hard to envision right now.) And that focus on human behavior allows the show to explore issues like empathy, martyrdom, poverty and how fear can dictate one's actions. At its core, The Expanse is all about people responding to fear – fear of the other, fear of the new, fear of inequality, fear of death.

    It has ridiculous production value, a faithfulness to real-world physics, and a view of the future that makes us simultaneously hopeful and disparaged.

    Please see the following videos and resource links to learn more about wonderful universe that is The Expanse:

    If you would like to watch the series, it is available for free on Amazon Prime in the United States and available on Netflix for those who are overseas.

    The Expanse, Syfy Website
    James S. A. Corey Website
    The Science of the Expanse, Syfy Website - Be Advised of Spoilers.

    Syfy Website
    The Expanse Wiki
    Rolling Stones, The Expanse: The Best Sci-Fi Show You're Not Watching
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