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EARTH UNN Fleet Announcement

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Dolores Muwangwa, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Yi Sun-Shin

    Character Biography:
    With the recent influx of funds from the Gates, and the new strategic challenges presented by the same, the United Nations is pleased to announce that its long-awaited Fleet Modernisation Programme can finally go ahead. The UN has long been aware of the dilapidated state of its fleet, but financial constraints and the lack of a pressing need to modernise have held back the Security Council from approving a modernisation programme. Since both of these situations have changed, the Security Council has now launched a bold, and sweeping reorganisation, based around new ships, and a new set of strategic parameters.

    The UNN is a Force Projection Fleet, now faced with the task of projecting that force across an unfathomably vast expanse of Space. To achieve these goals, the UNN is creating multiple Battleship Taskforces, using new lines of modern ships, which will respond to problems as they arise. Maintaining order in the Gate Colonies will be a system of patrols, chiefly using the UNN’s current fleet, with the eventual goal being to cycle these ships too, out of commission

    As part of this full fleet modernisation, the UNN is introducing new vessels at every tier:

    Yi-Class Battleship


    Leading the line is the Yi-Class Battleship. The most advanced vessel ever fielded by the United Nations Navy, the Yi-Class is a massive capital ship designed to fight at the heart of a formidable task-force, and an imposing enough prospect on its own, an embodiment of the United Nations’ commitment to order and stability among the stars.

    Seneschal-Class Cruiser


    Replacing the venerable line of the Demeter-Class, the Seneschal-Class is the new workhorse of the UNN Fleet, a versatile ship, equally suited to a combat support role, or to aid and supply missions. Seneschal-Class vessels will play a part in the new Fast-Response Taskforces, but will also be expected to operate independently

    Temerity-Class Fast-Attack Cruiser


    The Temerity-Class line of Fast-Attack Cruisers are less new, but their prototype role has been invaluable in guiding the larger modernisation programme. As the Seneschal line is rolled out, the expanded line of Temerity-Class vessels will be rolled into the Fast-Response Taskforces, to lend them a lethal cutting edge.

    Persepolis-Class Destroyer


    The Persepolis-Class line of destroyers will have a vital role to play in protecting our larger vessels, equipped with fearsome point-defence suites, torpedo tubes, and a spinal-mounted railgun, they make for a formidable foe in any combat scenario.

    Kukri-Class Frigate


    The Kukri-Class line of Frigates will be rolled out across the fleet, being carried in the hangars of the Yi-Class Battleships, and utilised as escorts in Destroyer Patrol Groups, carrying out a number of different roles.

    Each one of these new vessels is the result of years of intricate design, and what is more, painstaking effort from countless engineers, programmers, and shipbuilders from across UN Space. Truly, this bold new fleet exemplifies the unity and ambition of these United Nations, and our shared goal of bringing peace, prosperity, and order to the stars.
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