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    UNN Pete Knight en route to Saturn


    The Knight had finished the most vital repairs at Ganymede and was now headed towards the Iapetus Orbital Repair Yard near Saturn.

    It was a small UNN facility orbiting the icy moon Iapetus, one of the furthest moons of Saturn, it was equipped to repair and respupply UN Vessels and the only UN controlled facility in the area that had a drydock available that could hold the Pete Knight.

    They would complete the repairs at that facility and then wait for new orders.

    After being busy with keeping the ship together, writing reports and coordinating local operations for the last days they had spend on Ganymede Suess now finally had time to take a look at their special passengers.

    He requested the files on them to be delivered to him.

    His office was by far the best place to be reading at.

    Remi Lièvremont and Violet had both been assigned to one person quarters. They are allowed to walk around most areas of the ship but were constantly escorted and guarded by a marine. Violet regularly needs to visit the ships medbay to be checked.

    Aden and his two comrades are housed in a locked crew compartment due to the destruction of the dedicated holding cells. They are regularly interrogated.


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  2. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [Locked Quarters - UNN William King]

    Aden tapped his foot nervously. Aden didn't know how long it'd been since he'd been captured by the UNN on Ganymede. Since then, his sense of the passage of time had been off. He didn't know how many days or weeks it had been. The adrenaline and change he'd experienced had caused his circadian rhythms to mess up, as well as the constant interrogation and heightened fear he had around the UNN and their soldiers.

    The past however long it had been was full of the same thing - interrogation. The same questions to all of the Martians, or at least customized for each person. First were the baseline questions - name, rank, serial number, and the like. These were designed to get a feel for who the person was, and get a reading on what they looked like when they were telling the truth. They were questions that, by interplanetary law, Aden and his two remaining friends were required to answer. Next came the trustworthiness questions - questions or remarks designed specifically to eke out the human in the soldiers, to make them trust or think they might befriend their interrogators. This section was littered with nothing promises of a quick return, an end to the interrogation, or even creature comforts beyond those required to POWs.

    The third and final stage of questioning was the intense phase, where specific questions were raised about the Martians - what were they doing on Ganymede. How had they gotten there? What mission were they there to perform? Some questions had answers - answers the Martians were still stubbornly refusing to give. Some did not - they had been asked about Martian secret plans for Ganymede, or how many commando units they had landed on Ganymede. Every possible scenario had a corresponding question, and that question was asked, battery after battery.

    The psychological strain on the Martians was quite intense. Sleeping was nigh impossible, nervous energy was off the charts, and they were constantly under guard. Then there were the questions that they had no answers for - how long had they been a prisoner? Where in the system were they? How long would the questioning persist? Had their government been contacted? Of those who had a family, did they know? What of the battle over Ganymede?

    All of these were compounding unknowns, all of them with important repercussions. So far, the Martians hadn't said anything beyond what they had to. For now, it had to be good enough.

    Aden sighed, looking up across the desk to the man in front of him, a light shining in his eyes. Aden had been debriefed by a man under the influence of focus drug before - he didn't know if the UNN had the drug, but the pressure felt similar.

    "My name is Aden Peterson. Petty Officer, Martian Congressional Navy. I was born in the Londres Nova, Mars. I was assigned to the MCRN Gladius until her destruction."
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  3. Walter Jenkins

    Walter Jenkins Private First Class, UNN Marines

    Character Biography:
    Walter was in the gym. Since being evacuated from the surface of Ganymede, he had been assigned to a new squad, new quarters, even new armour and it seemed that all his new squad wanted to do was talk shit and work out, so that's what he did. The gym on the Knight was fancy, far fancier than anything he had access to in the past. All the machines were designed for use both under thrust and in zero-G. As he finished another set, he locked the barbell back into place and sat up, beads of sweat on his brow wobbling in the microgravity. He looked up at the large displays at the centre of the space which showed the current gravity, and the adjustments made to the machines to make them as heavy as they would be on Earth. After wiping his brow he stood up, a little too fast, and almost lost balance.

    "You got too used to pounding the ground down there aye mate?" Said one of his new squadmates whos name was Reilly. He was an Aussie and was the most talkative out of the team. "Don't worry cobber, we'll soon have you sorted out." Walter was still unsure of many of the things he said. It wasn't like he was speaking Belter as it was definitely an Earth dialect, but it just seemed confusing to him. "I'm done lads, I'll be in the head," he said, as he headed towards the doors at the far end of the room.


    Dressed in his Marine jumpsuit, Private Walter Jenkins roamed the decks of the Knight when he was not on duty. He had not spent much time aboard warships, usually just being ferried from one rock to another in his time. This was his first real experience of being aboard an active vessel during a war. It was fascinating, people were always busy, decks were full of officers, engineers and the like all on various assignments, all walking with purpose. Most of them eyed him briefly, assessing him as nothing more than a lazy or lost (or both) Marine out for a stroll.

    As he rounded a corner, he noticed something different, there was a Woman, a pregnant woman who was evacuated on the same transport as him, being escorted out of the med bay. Increasing his pace he caught up to her, "You're Violet right? I heard you gave some of my buddies a hiding back there on Ganymede."

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