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  1. Her Manus

    Her Manus Central VI of the Purgatory Nightclub

    Her Manus#7927

    The Purgatory Nightclub. A secret society inside a VR-Enviroment accessible from everywhere in the world.

    Rules of the Nightclub:
    One will not mention the Nightclub in any way to anyone

    Using or indicating anything about your true identity to members of the nightclub is not permitted

    Politics are not permitted within the Nightclub

    Be respectful towards fellow members of the Nightclub when engaging in battle simulations

    Rules of the battle simulations

    There are no rules within the battle simulations

    Any violation of the Nightclubs rules will result in immediately exclusion from the Nightclub.

    Any matters of uncertainty may be relayed to the Purgatory's central VI Her Manus.

    Ad victoriam.

    The Purgatory Nightclub is a VR meeting place where members of a secret society can engage in conversations with their fellow members. Its primary purpose however is as a hub for a real life resembling battle simulation. Here players can engaged in combat without suffering consequences and everything up to all out total war is possible. There are no rules for the battles, players can simply free form write battles or utilize different RPG system. All threads are played out inside the terminal category as tight beams. Players who are interested can respond with their characters underneath this thread. Characters dont use their real names and may first meet in the nightclub before engaging in simulations.

    When interacting in the nightclub thread itself users may create a persona to represent their character in the VR environment, this can be anything
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  2. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Cervan sat in his living room. He'd spend much of his day working and after weeks of not having much spare time he could finally enjoy a round in the Nightclub. The VR googles were a simple but quality model, not much different than a normal pair of sunglasses, although a bit thicker and instead of glass they had screens embedded into the frame.

    He put on the googles and grabbed the controllers. A simple button push started the program.
    Suddenly Cervan found himself in front of a building that was located inside a dome. The structure was illuminated in a beautiful mix of bright blues and purples. A sign informed everyone that this was the Purgatory Nightclub.

    Inside the Nightclub he wasn't Cervan, the UNN Admiral, he was Insidias, a woman wearing a fine blood red suit with silverblond hair bound to a loose pony tail and half her face disfigured by a burn scar. He sat down at his usual table a bit away from the bar and waited, eventually someone would come and challenge him.
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  3. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Free Agent of Providentia

    Character Biography:
    Lei was sitting alone, staring at the VR headset and gloves in front of her. "Try this out," someone had said, sliding the box over to her, "you need somewhere to let off all that tension." She hadn't paid it much attention, but after recent events she felt a hot fury inside her rib-cage,causing her to lash out at friends and innocent people in anger. Maybe they were right? Maybe it would be a good stress relief.

    She put the headset on, followed by the gloves, and then activated them. For a moment everything was black, but steadily a building came into focus followed by thumping music. The structure was lit up in neon, the words PURGATORY glowed above it all. Shrugging, she walked inside.

    Her persona had not changed significantly in the simulation, instead of long brown hair she had a shaved head. Her usual black and yellow jacket was now white, her flight suit and boots replaced with black tights and sneakers. She chuckled to herself and walked into the building where a woman sat at a table completely alone. Rachel looked left and right, not seeing anyone else, then approached the woman. "Quiet here isn't it?"

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