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  1. Raziel

    Both Eros and Thoth events have been great fun, but will be winding down soon.

    As they do, we wanted to let you know that staff had no plans for any events to immediately follow on from these.

    The next phase of our story is for you and your characters to fill in!

    HSAR has a story planned, and we encourage you all to use the Looking For Group tag on the discussion forum and the #looking-for-group room on discord.

    There are lots of themes to explore:

    • The slowly settling power structure of the OPA
    • Increasingly dangerous shipping lanes
    • The political fallout of Thoth and Eros
    That doesn't mean we don't have plans. Staff keep a constant list of near term, mid term, long term and far horizon of event ideas. We have some great ideas being developed behind the scenes now and we hope you'll get to enjoy them in the coming months.

    Thanks for making this such a great site!

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  2. Raziel

    I'm going to add: if you have an idea and want some help from staff to make it happen just drop one of us a message!
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