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  1. Damien

    Soft piano music reigns in the restaurant. It is neither too strong nor too weak just enough to hide each other's conversations. To create a "style" and greater comfort for conversations we can called more important. Aerosols concealing everywhere spray the room with a light curtain of smoke.

    Damien is dressed in his outfit, ready to meet the one who makes the link between him and Kung. He watches in the distance the grids cook a long series of various and varied meat and steak. The smoke around him moves away as a woman sits in the chair in front of him.

    "Hello Damien"

    It has a square and straight look of the one that belongs to the millitary. She is not wearing any military clothing and her hair is short and loose backwards. The only distinctive feature is a small button engraved with a red bird hanging on the tip of its right sleeve. A bird he's seen before somewhere.

    -"Glad to see you, I didn't think Kung was seeing this kind of beautiful lady."

    She took it as a complement and made it known with a little laughter.

    -"People can be amazing sometimes, you know."

    This is the time the server chooses to take their orders.
    He takes a rare striploin steak. While the lady takes a blue filet-mignon for her part.

    -"You have done a wonderful job on this Sri moon in the Lakshmi system. We are very satisfied with your work and what you brought back."

    Lyrics and jazz are added to the piano note.

    -" "We"? You're not in team with Kung, are you?"

    "Not really, no. It's been a while since our organization has been watching you. We know everything about you, little one. You only work for Kung because it's interesting. Isn't that right, Victor?"

    A powerful electric current flows through it. For the first time in years, he hears his real name. How...How?

    -"Born on Earth unregistered, you had a lousy childhood. You managed to get an identity and then joined the exploration team. Great career, great life, adventure all the time and girls (or guys) at every port.
    A tragedy happens and you have to leave this beautiful life and identity for the one of a harsh underground world....And yes, we know a lot of interesting stuff that even the Earth or Martian intelligence doesn't know."

    His breathing accelerates as his mind becomes dizzy. Never in his life has he felt so trapped.

    -"Who the fuck are you?"

    -"A group without much importance. There's no need to run the conversation around us."

    -"Would "Special Squads for External Missions" by any chance be linked to you?"

    -"Oh, yes. It is a little bit our field team at the same time that deals with the more discreet issues related to the new worlds. Nothing important I'm telling you."

    The waiter comes back with everyone's dishes. A moment of tension settles between them. He cuts his meat and swallows it, but he can't enjoy it.

    -"What do you want at the end?"

    -"Pay you for the excellent work done in the Lakshmi system. We will obviously pick up the goods and then at the end of this meal offer you the opportunity to do another assignment for us."

    -"Mmm, is all this allowed by the Republic? I mean, do they know about it?"

    -"Honestly, no! The Republic knows that many in its population and ranks are frustrated and angry, but he hides his eyes from it. Some people obviously suspect that there is a network of frustrated people. But no one, absolutely no one, has any idea how big this is. And the two or three who tried to betray us or understood....."

    His mind blocked in front of the mystery that is brought with by the choice of certain words. Wtf, what is he dealing with?!

    -"So in short, Kung never sent me to get these artifacts on this moon and a mysterious group wants to pay me to do something suspicious that I've done all my life?"

    -"Exactly! So you accept the offer?"

    She slides a hand terminal on the table, the latter displays a round sum.

    -"If I say yes, how does it work?"

    -"We'll contact you every time, never the other way."

    He nods his head in the void and then finishes his plate. His appetite is not there and his head is elsewhere. He doesn't know what he's gotten himself into or where he's going to go. But from what he understood, he can refuse a contract, which is already very good. He thinks...

    -"Oh don't forget to go on your meet with Kung. It is scheduled for the day after tomorrow at 13:00 NTH."

    Then she gets up leaving Damien alone at the table. Alone with his thoughts...

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  2. Shannon

    Character Biography:
    The station floats in the strange emptiness of the Hub and was designed to show all the "beauty" of the place.
    She serves her glass of champagnes even harder while her eyes remain fixed on the rings. What a strange and destabilizing sight! The Hub itself has an aspect... god difficult to explain.

    Seeing all this huge space trape in some kind of soap bubble. See all these rings that defy the laws of logic. Their strange interior that shows like a mirror of other stars and starry backgrounds.

    She finally looks away and takes a look at the guests.
    She organized a large reception with the theme of the New Worlds with distinguished guests. In the distance a buffet hosts meals only made up of elements from the new systems. A little everywhere there stands where thrones innovations possible thanks to the open horizons. And between all this, there are powerful or distinguished guests ,from all kind of sector, whispering and laughing about I don't know what joke.

    The walls were replaced by ultra-reinforced glass windows as well as a part of the ceiling. The station's reactors made an onboard turn to the side and without anyone feeling it, they made a 90° change on the left side. I mean the former left side.

    -"May I join you?"

    The man has the regular evening costume of the Martian forces. Its skin is slightly dark as is almost a large part of the Martian population.

    -" Yes, officer. What are you interested in?"

    -"Everything and nothing", he say in joke

    She smiles, her head elsewhere. As usual since she was told that a bunker had been discovered on the Meyers' family property.

    -"It's a little vague as a focus, especially for a soldier."

    -"Yes, I know, I know. I'm actually curious to know a little more about that piece of metal over there."

    It points to a metallic rectangle that is admired by many people.

    -" Ah yes the carbon-silicate lace!"

    One of the "new materials" resulting from the great advances made in the scientific field. Created after a long observation of the data from the protomolecule and the ruins left everywhere by these alien morons. It is supposed to be much more resilient than ceramic and titanium, lighter than anything and especially last forever if you trust the ruins.

    -" Ya, pretty interesting material indeed. These things can deflect a glancing PDC round, if I remember.

    -"We have a plant that will be completed soon and will offer in large quantities to the highest bidder. The Republic is interested in buying?"

    -"It's complex, we haven't conceptualized anything with this kind of thing yet. If I'm not mistaken, do you share the patent of synthetization with at least 3 other companies?"

    -"Yes, from the companies that often subcontract to us, we have the biggest pieces in patent rights legally. Yet I am sure that the Celestial Bird project has projects on it and on something else like that."

    -"Mars cuts everywhere and in the Celestial Bird too. But who knows how Amiral Shaver managed to find funding to keep certain projects alive. I'm not in his little papers, but I'd pay a lot to know what's going on in his head."

    "So the rumors about the fact that he changed many things on the Simurgh and replaced a large part of it with Carbon-silicate plate is false?"

    -"Like I already say, I'm not in is little papers."

    He turns his glass between his fingers and looks towards the bay.

    -"Do you know what's scary? The rings where we do not see the light of a star."

    He turns around when someone calls him and shakes Shannon's hand before joining the person. In a weary sigh, she turns her eyes to the rings and sees one mentioned by the officer. It is there, floating like the others ... floating or embedding who know?

    It has the same starry background as the others, but no visible sun. Everything is strange because of the optical effect caused by the ring. And it does not make the show more reassuring....
  3. Shannon

    Character Biography:
    - "It will be complex for him to "steal" the empire from you. Then he could always try to overthrow you by asking for a vote from the board of directors. But it would be surprising if it worked."

    She continues to flatter the cat her eyes fixed on the screens placed behind her henchman. The cat starts purring in his arms, here you go, take this, William.

    -"Murdering him was the first thing I thought of to fix the situation. But something tells me that this is not a good idea at the moment."

    -"Why get upset with that right now? This guy has no recourse against you. Let the situation sink in and we'll see."

    She nods in agreement. She has a lot more to deal with right now. Starting with these stories of missing ships that put her business (empire) at risk.

    She scrolls on her desk the systems where ships that belong to her or an economic ally have disappeared. At first sight there is no form of colleration. All the systems affected have as many systems known to already have pirates and others to which the presence of pirates would be very, very surprising. The question is, where do the pirates come from?

    The situation shows that they certainly now have hidden bases I do not know where. So how do we stop this? She rejects the file with a movement of her hand. The problem still seems to be "minor" for the moment, leaving the Sol Coalition to break its head on this problem.

    The following file is a request for funding for scientific research. She rolls her eyes when she sees the goal.

    The gates have a special feature, each time an object passes through one of them, the gates releases a considerable number of virtual particles in both sides. A particularity that many want to exploit in one way or another. Scientists see in it the clue that would finally explain how wormholes work. The military sees this as a way to better monitor traffic with this special signature. Since the number of virtual particles released by the gate seems to be proportional to the object passing through it.

    She personally sees it as a possible waste of time. She rejects this file also for later. The cat leaps out of his knee and nests in a corner of her office.

    She sighs and takes a sip of alcohol that remains at the bottom of her glass. She enters her secret code and accesses a secret part of Eldorado's Gates.

    In front of her are all the projects in progress and on the right are the lists of employees involved. The number of Protogen scientists who have taken refuge in her home is pretry high. The costs they weigh are well worth the effort given the results they offer.

    She scrolls the list to the "Golem" project, when she selects it the name and photo of Jacem Jackson appears as well as the current project report.

    Before his eyes are hundreds of photos taken in all way of "statue" found in very good condition on the third moon of Sri. Compared to those found in other systems, the latter are perfectly intact and still have a complete internal system. With her finger she takes scattered files with the photos and brings them to the surface.

    Schematics and analysis. They have barely started their work when they have already started to draft her new weapons. She pours herself another glass of alcohol, a smile on her lips....
  4. Estevan Ribeiro

    Character Biography:
    He represses a violent shiver due to the transition through the gate of the Sol system. There was something detestable but subtle about the way the ship also simply moved from one universe to another. He pulls his jacket again, having the false impression that the transition has crumpled him up. May be caused by a lack of willingness to believe that crossing a wormhole is that simple.

    He gets up in his chair and looks at his cabin. In the Martian style, it is small and goes straight to the point. The same black and grey walls as the others, the same inlaid screens, in bed much more comfortable than anyone on this ship but inlaid in the wall. A desk he's never used before and his chair. He advanced to the largest of the inlay and piano screens on the scrolling menu to display the outdoor cameras.
    Seeing pictures and videos is one thing, but being there is another! A sense of pride invades him when he sees how much the human (who is finally cooperating together) has already managed to control this wild space outside the constraints of reality. Seeing the small science station in the distance shining with the little lights of the torch as he is being built gives him a strange feeling, especially towards the confusing background. This is where the mastodon appears in his field of vision.
    The largest station ever built by humans. Which sits here as a way of saying who's boss. Its gigantic cylinder and super X size rings. There is something fascinating about seeing all this monster of metal and ingenuity floating in the middle of the void. With its myriads of lights orbiting around it, indicating ships, drones, construction sites, antennas, shuttles and so on.
    But the best is the lights that are stronger than the others proves the presence of the proud ships of the Sol Coalition. The UNN Otto Von Bismarck II, MCRN Hõ-oo and all these countless small patrol ships that keep order.
    Well, he should calm down! He feels like he's acting like an excited child. It's just that he worked so hard for so long to make it all work that finally seeing the fruits of their hard worker makes him moved. He moves away from the window screen, and enters his bathroom-closet to prepare for the landing.

    The last few months have been very challenging, the headquarters on Titan ask for his attention on a thousand issues. Starting with a new "pitting"... Yes, it's the new term that his assistants at the "dialogues" want us to use! Now that Mars and Earth are working as best they can hand in hand, the term chicane, provocation, accusation and point of discord must be thrown away!
    Anyway, the first case was Nautilus, which was settled fairly quickly. The Earth had a negative view of this story but they quickly changed their minds. Then there were the many problems of advice on how to defend the Hub. Problem that has just been solved. We conscripted on taxes for specific products at the same time as the order for the new battle station. Except that the stations were also a problem. It was necessary to know who was going to design and build it. Adjust fairly quickly too.

    Anyway, lots of shit piling up but nothing serious for now. He takes his tablet full of classified documents and diplomatic documents and looks in the mirror one last time. He sits in his anti-push seat to quietly wait for the ship to reach New-Tycho...

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  5. Shannon

    Character Biography:
    Yoga, not such a bad idea. Especially since this centre has a great reputation within New-Tycho. It promises to open his chakra or whatever the fuck. Shannon's goal is just to be seen well by the high society and enjoy her fortune.

    Exhausting, she gets up from her yoga mat and takes a glass of water available on a table prepared for this purpose. The yoga instructor bowed as he greeted the audience and offered a 5-minute break for everyone. This is the moment her two assistants were waiting for to sneak up beetwin the participants as they left. She rolls her eyes and also goes to the locker room door.

    "Excuse me, Mrs. Shannon, but we have something to discuss."

    "What is it now? If these one of these pitiful systems that wants to converse only with the leader, makes them remember their importance in the food chain."

    "No, it's about UNN, you know it's a tradition for Global Interests to invest in new UNN projects. They're still looking for a contributor for a new military ship. As you know, this is the opportunity or never to carry out one of the old traditions that you have not respected since you arrived at the post."

    The one who had spoken is the more annoying of the two, Erlene. Global Interests has had the honour of contributing to both UN and UNN since their inception. She still has somewhere on earth the models of the first UNN ships financed with their help. Another old-fashioned thing that we should get rid of.

    "Okay, we'll agree on something. William was always clear that he wanted to rejuvenate Global Interests and its methods. And funding so many UN projects so stupidly without a request and anything in return is something I consider outdated."

    "But what about scientific projects such as the scientific ships?"

    "The co-possession of scientific vessels? Ridiculous as much as I know, why open my wallet for this crap when I can build it myself and own it 100%? No, all this is ridiculous, as is the Meyers' obsession with putting the UN first. If you look at their empire, it is always linked to the power and interests of the UN, which limits them enormously. You have thought about all the missed opportunities because they preferred to sell something exclusively and cheaper than expected at the UN rather than see the most opportunistic side? No, with the current events, it's the time to clean up this crap and modernize a little!"

    Erlene turns her head to her colleague looking for support. Unfortunately, the latter displays a facial expression that seems to indicate that he finds the speech meaningful.

    "But that's not what William would have wanted!"

    "And then what? I'm the boss now. Well, since you're both here, I can show you a project I'm working on."

    With great irritated strides she reaches her hand terminal left beside her carpet. She pianos something and then shows the content to both. Erlene becomes speechless with stupor.

    "I don't see the point in doing that?", say the other one assistant

    Erlene rips the terminal off with her hand, shocked, she scrolls through the document.

    "The members of the board will never want to!"

    "Yeah, I can, I have a lot more power over this shit than you think. They will accept whatever happens, I have provided compensation for most of them while someone of them are interested in going in the new boat."

    "You can't dissolve Global Interest!"

    "Pff yes, I will do it! It's the only way to bury all those stupid ways and traditions it carries around. I will transfer the assets to a new company with a new structure and different from the nebulous way of managing by Global Interest. It will be a new empire that is younger, more dynamic and better able to cope with future situations."

    She continues to scroll frantically through the document. A feeling of horror invaded her face.

    "I don't see them anywhere... Oh, you're going to dissolve the Meyer Foundation completely! What about all the other companies and assets that don't appear in the transfer document?!"

    Shannon responds with a discouraging look.

    "Obviously, the foundation will be abolished, when I say to make a clean slate of the past and rejuvenate its obligatory pass by destroying everything that is Meyer. As for the rest, there is a lot of stuff that is not interesting for my plans so I sell some companies and assets to lighten us up and will make us a very valuable capital."

    "But...ah...humf...It's my whole life! It is a sacred institution! You're going to bury something that had so much influence in our history?!"

    "Oil companies were important giants in the history of the Earth and yet they are dead! I agree with Shannon, kill Global Interest before someone else does and let's create something new."

    Shannon looks very satisfied with the answer from Erlene's colleague. She makes some joints crack, still twisted by her session. Then she rips the hand terminal out of Erlene's hands.

    "So you've embarked with me on this adventure?"



    Erlene looks furiously at her colleague. The situation finally amuses her. This is the chance to clean up. Still sweating of heat because of his yoga session. She takes an aerosol and gets wet. Here's something refreshing.

    "So you're fired, Erlene."

    "Not if I quit first, bitch!"

    The sudden response made her drop the towel with which she dries her hair.

    "Before I leave, I want you to know that you're are à kind of heartless big fucking bitch. A bottomless bitch with no authenticity or honesty. That you represent the worst that exists in the universe. You realize you're spending money from a fortune that's not even yours! Madam does yoga, galas, fancy restaurants and thinks she's the fucking queen of New-Tycho when you're just a stupid fucking diamond biter. You're an arrogant, self-centered whore who thinks she's calculated everything and knows everything when she doesn't. Fuck you and your fucking ways!"

    She turns her heels and comes out of the place furious, pushing somes participants of the yoga session back from the break.

    "What a slut!", say Shannon.
  6. William Meyer

    William Meyer CEO of Global Interest/Oligarch

    Character Biography:
    There he is, there he is in New-Tycho at last! He still feels very slightly dizzy from discovering what was accomplished during his disparition. The sight of the ring floating in the void of his system that saw him born fills him with opposites feeling. Strangely enough, fear was part of it.

    Two UNN officers escorted him through the corridors of New-Tycho. He is currently in a part of the latter that is closed to the public, getting closer and closer to the UNN barracks on the station.
    The ship that brought him from Earth to here landed her in the UNN docks, where a team quickly recovered him to ensure the discretion of the operation. He enters what appears to be a reserved elevator and watches the accompanying officer pass a badge on the elevator controls to access a private level.
    The trip is very short and the doors open to let you see the Admiral's offices. The two officers signaled that they were not accompanying him, and told him that Yeager was waiting for him. The elevator had to be a secret or emergency elevator, because when the doors close behind it, the closing of both doors form a perfect wall.

    He is slowly advancing into the beast's lair.

    "Admiral Yeagar. Good to see you again!"

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  7. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Yaeger met William in his office. It was unusally lavish and extravagant for a military office, kept in the style of old victorian age mansions with dark synthwood paneling and big dark furniture, but it served a purpose. When the former oligarch entered Yaeger sat in the large chair behind the big desk, back straight.

    "Mr. Meyer. I hope your travel to the station was pleasant....if of course not as extravagant as you may be used to." he gestured him to take a seat. "Please, make yourself comfortable."

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  8. Anatoly Yaakov

    Character Biography:
    The warehouse was located in one of the habitation rings. Usually cargo warehouses were kept in the main drum of New Tycho Station, but Anatoly wanted gravity for his endeavor, and the drum offered no rush amenity. It wasn't a large place, it had enough room to fit twenty standard size cargo containers and a two level office.

    Already had was tracking a new shipment of illicit substances coming in from Sol system. His contacts in the belt assured him the freighters documentation would be correct and they would get no extra attention. He already had his people waiting at the docks for the ship, and when it arrived his cargo would be the first to leave. If everything went to plan, three containers would arrive in this warehouse soon. The contents would the be unpacked, recut and then distributed to smaller containers bound for systems through the gate network.

    If things went well he could even set up his own manufacturing plant on the station itself, only requiring the raw materials and chemicals from systems to be imported. He laughed to himself, setting up a new drug distribution empire right under the noses of the Sol Coalition was a ballsy move but would pay out significantly if he could keep it off their radars long enough.

    That was where the next step of his plan came in. Distractions. He needed to keep the coalitions forces tied up, looking out rather than in. Which was why a freighter was rigged to detonate on its way through Myllos Gate in the next few hours.
  9. Torin Kapisi

    Character Biography:
    As Yaeger spoke, the volumetric display embedded on the table between them displayed the proposed positions of the stations. They would be arranged equidistant around the strange core of the hubspace with New Tycho located a short distance away. They would command almost the entirely of the pocket dimension they now inhabited, with almost a dozen ultra heavy railguns in total. Anything that came through those gates with hostile intent would be receive a slug of tungsten for their troubles, before they even finished transitioning.

    "Truly an impressive piece of work," he said, his face illuminated by the display. "Still, we must remain vigilant until the system is online. It will still take many months before it is operational and I suspect we may have some trouble to deal with before then. While we are on the topic of infrastructure," he motioned on his terminal and the display between them changed to that of the hub-space itself. "The freighter, Interstellar is due to arrive in the docks tomorrow at 0800 hours. It is carrying the first generation communication repeaters for the gate network, enough to connect ten gates. We must decide on which gates to prioritise. Obviously Sol is the most important."

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  10. William Meyer

    William Meyer CEO of Global Interest/Oligarch

    Character Biography:
    He likes the style of the office, it's been a long time since he's seen anything like it. Curious he gives a slight blow on one of the wooden furniture to check... It is real wood. It seems that Yeagar has traded his position on the concil for something more...visionary. It's a very smart chess move what he did. Make sure to take the highest possible position of power in one of the areas that comes forward to be the heart of everything. Sometimes he dreams about what he would have done if he were there when the gates were opened. Great things certainly.

    He sighs and sits in one of the seats in front of Yeagar's office. He can't help but twist his thumbs in all directions, push by stress. He repositions himself again in the seat to have a more comfortable position.

    -"I want to convey my gratitude for... this trip you gave me. I would be grateful for this help for a very long time, believe me. Saying that you fall at the right time."

    He offers him his most sincere smile he has. All his life he was always in a position of power over others. For once, it's not the case. He feels rather unsettled by the situation, honestly. He never before had the impression that he was a powerless prey sitting in front of a beast perched on his throne. What he is experiencing seems to be what has happened to everyone he has dealt with in life. The only time he really felt intimidated was in front of his father. Except that's another story.
    His gaze is on what seems to be a collection enclosed behind a window. Objects probably coming from all over the new worlds. Strange artifacts to the funny pieces of rocks. A hint of jealousy rises in him, when he thinks he would have had a collection of his own if he were present for the last 5 years.

    -"Tell me Admiral, how is it business here? And how can I be useful in it?"

    @Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger
  11. Karan Ashoka

    Karan Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    One by one, the Templar, Spaniard & Atrax emerged from the Balcora Gate, sending ripples across the strange medium that seperated the hub from the star system on the other side. The three Martian vessels hung in space for a moment as their lights and systems came back online, and as one kicked on their epstein drives and moved towards the station at the centre of the pocket dimension.

    Ashoka was on the bridge, sitting in one of the pilots chairs as this was going on, emanating a calm and cool demeanor. "New Tycho Station this is the MCRN Templar. Requesting docking approval upon arrival...ETA three hours." She clicked off the radio and slumped back in her seat, staring at the readouts from their most recent mission.

    They had been in the Balcora system for almost six weeks, testing a new weapon system with the Providentians, a next generation stealth variant of the Goliath power armour. It had been fun throwing squad after squad of combat drones at the armour system, seeing it hide, attack and fight with ease. The system was advanced, unprecedented. In the process they had also uncovered a black market conspiracy at the research station, where some of the Providentians were selling Martian stealth composites to their friends on nearby stations, which inevidably made their way to New Tycho and beyond. The result culminated in a Providentian corvette arriving and replacing the entire Providentian staff. Ashoka pretended she didn't see the odd spaced body on their way back to Balcora gate.

    The sheer fact the corvette had come meant the Provvies were taking the matter seriously. It was practically unheard of for one of their armed vessels to leave their own system. Even more surprising was the fact that the corvette had not immediately returned to Providentia but had headed directly for New Tycho Station, a move that ruffled the feathers of several in the Sol Coalition who controlled the station and its garrisons.

    Ashoka scrolled through the news feeds as they received several large data dumps from New Tycho, which they had missed in their time through the gate. Apparently the Providentians had wasted no time in hunting down and detaining the entire network of people implicated in the black market, tracking down all samples of the stealth composites and returning them to Martian authorities before boarding their vessel with the detainees from the station and promptly leaving through the Providentia Gate. It was the last anyone had heard or seen of those they had detained for almost a week, until news of a trial on Providentia emerged. It appeared not only did the belter colony have a robust security force and intelligence network, but also a functioning justice system complete with courts and judges. The news had spread through the frontier.

    "Seems like we missed quite a bit..." Ashoka mumbled as she scrolled through the news. Her pilot grunted in agreement.
  12. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Yaeger waited for just a few seconds before answering the question the former oligarch had asked him. The air was thick with the amount of tension he projected, appearing fully in control, yet not giving up his cards.

    "Well, my friend, it'd be of considerable help to the UNN and me especially, if you were to resume your former post as head of the Meyer Family Business's of course I fully expect you to totally support the UN's interests following the resumption of your prestigious position."


    "I think it would be the best strategic choice to let the loyal systems profit from the relays first. Of course every system will get its relay but we can only built so many, systems directly under control of the Sol Coalition must be prioritized."

    He leaned back and crossed his arms in front of his chest. The line had been drawn, Yaeger would accept nothing else. Now he would wait and see what Kapisi had to say.


    All this had happened a few months ago now. Just this moment Yaeger was sitting in his office, looking out of a giant window seeing the small lights of the third hub defense station, barely visible in the distance. The grip on the frontier was getting steadier and steadier. Everything went through the hub and the Coalition controlled the hub. No one was gonna take that from them, no one was gonna take that from him.

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  13. Torin Kapisi

    Character Biography:
    "But of course my friend, our direct supporters must be prioritised in these infrastructure projects. Soon enough, once the next ring comes online in this station of ours, we will have the capacity to manufacture repeaters right here. The project should speed up exponentially after that." He leaned back, sipping his tea, followed with a relaxed sigh. Things were proceeding right on schedule.


    3 Months Later

    Torin was once again in the command centre, watching, listening. There was a steady chatter from the people around him, all working tirelessly at their stations coordination the steady expansion of humanity across the galaxy. From time to time a small alert would chime, signalling some matter of slightly higher importance was occurring, but for the most part this morning was much like every other morning.

    After the excitement of the last couple of weeks, what with the Providentians docking with the station in their state-of-the-art warship and then proceeding to dismantle a huge section of the stations already troublesome black market, things had seemed rather dull, even the usual crime to be expected had dropped with many of the heads of criminal networks now detained on a the belter colony.

    While he never made the mistake of underestimating the colonies, it seemed that some had been progressing rather fast. Then again, so had the entire infrastructure of the hub. The third rail gun emplacement had been installed, and almost forty five systems had been connected and were now in constant contact with New Tycho, and by extension, the rest of the systems.

    He nodded to himself, satisfied things were proceeding in an orderly fashion, and then turned towards the hallway that lead to the conference room. He assumed Yeager was there already, but sometimes the Earther Admiral had matters to attend to that made him late for their regular meetings, as he also did. He opened the door to the room to find it empty, he was not surprised. The UNN man had been running around like a headless chook preparing for the UNN fleet modernisation program. He seated himself down on his side of the table, placing his cup of tea next to his data slate and relaxed back into his chair while watching the hive of activity which was the main docks, through the window that dominated one wall of the room.
  14. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    The admiral slowly strode through the corridor. He took his time getting to the meeting room. An admiral never arrived too late or too early, he arrived exactly when he wanted to arrive.

    This morning he had awoken to the message that the UN anounced the new fleet modernization program. Yaeger had known about it, nonetheless it gave him a lot of work to do and it turned the whole UN brass on the station into an uncontrollable anthill.

    One last pull on his uniform just before he entered the meeting room.
  15. Torin Kapisi

    Character Biography:
    Torin looked up from his data slate, over the glasses he wore at the Earther who entered the room. The two of them had been working together for several months now, but sometimes Torin got the feeling that Yaeger was not particularly happy with the current situation. Not that Torin cared, he was paid to do the exact same thing, keep the hub under control.

    "We're up to two hundred systems connected with the repeaters," he said, swiping the report up onto the main display between them. It showed the sphere of the hub in faint blue, with white markers showing the locations of rings, and green markers showing those of which had the repeaters.

    "Not bad progress at all," he said, before taking another sip of his tea. The Earther didn't say anything, just viewed the reports on his own terminal. "We've noticed some interesting...yet troubling patterns of late.
  16. Houcine Zem

    With a kick he opens the crate identified as carrying bananas. His henchmen hastened to remove the contents of the box to transport it into another box and fill the crate with...bananas. From the corner of his eye he discovers that the Martian officer does not share the same joy as him, he seems to be in a hurry to get it over with. He turns to him and lifts his shoulders. The officer sighs and transfers with his handheld terminal the authorizations on the crate. The electronic devices present on them shine then flashes a small red light before sealing the boxes. A copy of the manifests appears on his handheld terminal, there is a valid authorization for each cash register with destinations and contained. This is more than enough for no inspector to ask any questions, which is less likely to happen if they are lost among hundreds of other similar crates on several of the multiple vessels that travel between the rings.

    As agreed in their agreement, he now transfers the first part of the money. An anonymous offshore account that has no record. The amount is huge, but in the end the profits are well worth it. People, out there in the new worlds, are tearing each other apart like breadcrumbs for everything that is labelled as a MCR product.

    - On the other hand, crates 14 to 35 must be discreetly transferred as agreed to the system....

    - I know, I know it's the same damn system as usual. You'll see that I took the cost out of the payment to smuggle them.

    He looks at him with a jaded look and then turns his back now that his work here is done, like usual. What makes him tick is that he didn't even take out his handheld terminal to check the amount paid, in fact he never saw him do it. He is probably watching one of the richest men on the station leave in the distance, continuing ,as if nothing had happened, his job as an officer. Life is strange, work is strange but pay is good and who will complain?

    He pulled out his hand terminal again and a another transferred funds into the account, finally one of the boxes was sold earlier than expected. He takes the one labelled as vitamin D and comes out under the tablet boxes some state-of-the-art assault weapons...Martian of course. They will be perfect for equipping his troops. All around him the activity of the port continues as if nothing had happened while he embarked in his cart. New-Tycho is already at the heart of the struggle for influence between several criminal groups even if he suspects that he is not the only one who took advantage of this small (strange) Martian traffic. He does not expect to be a victim of the first criminal war that will inevitably have. One day the Martian traffic will stop, one day the authorities will start digging into the shit and the players will all want to be the one and only great crime baron of this fucking stupide station. When that day comes, he will be far away, rich and at the head of his own little planet in the depths of the galaxy.
  17. William Meyer

    William Meyer CEO of Global Interest/Oligarch

    Character Biography:
    He's not imprisoned, just confined to his apartments. The admiral had the "kindness" to let the secret services choose a hotel room for him and ensure his safety, but in fact his movements are limited for fear that a hired killer will get rid of him. Well, at least the room is of a high class and it's not like he's cut off from the outside world. At the moment, his lawyer is in charge of communicating with Global Interest

    We knock twice on the door and then the door reveals one of the agents in civilian costume.

    "Sir, you have a visitor... a woman named Erlene."

    I wasn't expecting anything... and I'm still surprised

    "Let's her in, please."

    The former Global Interest employe pulls in a tablet under the arm and the face pulled by fatigue. Embarrassed by the surprise visit and not knowing how to react, he gets rid of his meal tray which sits on the table and has eaten and then takes out a bottle of wine.

    "I know you vaguely, you were an assistant, I think?"

    "Deputy under-assistance ,more precisely, at the time of your disappearance. I was an executive assistant in the CEO's office when I left...sir"

    "Oh there, so a right-hand women who knows takes care of everything."

    It is neither a question nor a statement, no more a reflection said aloud. He collapsed on a couch and offered the lady some wine, which she refused, but did not prevent him from pouring himself a drink.

    "To what do I owe this visit? Last time I checked, I didn't have much to offer..

    "I'm not here to ask but to help..."

    She hands him her tablet and scrolls through the files she stole before leaving. Finally, no drop of alcohol passes through Meyer's lips, he rests his glass and his mouth is stunned and passes through the data.

    "It's way more than what i need against her! That....this...described all this as a bomb would be a euphemism!"

    "I know right..."
  18. Shannon

    Character Biography:
    She'd been dreading this moment since long before she found out he was on the station. She had imagined a million different scenarios, most of them ending badly for her. Her lawyers took over the case, limiting the contact between her and him as much as possible, but William always refused the proposed terms and ask for a meeting with her. It was turned down and turned down, not surprisingly it was a nice deaf exchange. Which did not bother her since every day lost in this story is time gained until the inevitable happens. Then, probably out of sadism, she accepted a meeting with him.

    Instead of the (furious) madman with the thick, badly combed beard she had imagined, Meyer approaches with a clean-shaven face and a calm demeanor. Right next to her her lawyer is talking to Meyer's lawyer while the latter is sitting right in front of her. His gaze wanders from one end of the room to the other, most of the time scanning the artifacts from the worlds beyond the rings in her office.

    "As I have already mentioned, the fact that William is not dead does indeed render the testamentary decisions null and void. In fact, the problem is at the level of the Board of Global Interest, you see the Board voted some decisions after William's death without legally making it a consequence of his disappearance and currently the Board is unable to reverse its decision since they voted later than yesterday to dissolve the company!", answers his lawyer following William's lawyer's plea. William is content to exchange a light glance with his lawyer who replies by asking for the papers relating to the decision and what will become of the assets.

    The verbal exchange becomes blurred and passes in the background for Shannon, she only sees with the corner of her eye the file exchanges between her lawyer's terminal and William's one. All her attention is taken trying to become what's going on in his former boss's head, his exemplary calm since the beginning of the meeting is really starting to get on her nerves.

    "Are these absolutely all the assets correctly listed?", his first words since the beginning of the meeting!

    The lawyer nods his head in affirmation, then William and his lawyer exchange glances before she stands up. "I demand a private conversation with the lady here.", ask William.

    She does not let her lawyer reply and lets him know that she accepts, he seems stunned at first to see her client accept the offer, then gets up resigned and walks out of the room followed by William's lawyer. As soon as the door is closed, he gets up and heads towards the collection to take in his hands a small rock with sky-blue spots.

    "You know my legal teams will devour you like a pathetic gazelle?", she say.

    He rests the rock and bends over to observe the piece of metal that sits proudly on its base."I know.", he answer. She takes the tablet from her desk and puts it on the same table where the collection is, right under William's nose.

    "Then why don't you sign? The offer we're offering you is the only one really worthwhile, the best possible offer.", she add. "45% on the profits from the sale of the assets which will not be kept, an excellent price for my legal rights within the Board of Directors and a great monthly annuity to which is added an additional amount from the profits of "Shanon Space Corp"...this is indeed a very good offer and one would have to be stupid not to take it rather than spitting on it and entering into an uncertain judicial war."

    "but....?", she ask. "It's not what I want...or rather it's not enough!", he displays on the shelf a completely crazy counter-offer: instead of the 45% he asks for the totality, he asks for much more for his rights and above all he wants to take possession of part of the Global Interest empire under the name of a new entity called "Meyer Foundation". Her laugh comes out so she can restrain him, the little fucker really doesn't give a shit. She scrolls down the list of assets he wants for his new corporation and her hilarity doesn't fall off...he even wants a part of Eldorado's Gates!

    "Never...*laughs*...the board is going to let a deal like this go through, you're much more naive than I thought!"

    He opens her liquor cabinet and takes out the carafe of wine to pour himself a glass, she doesn't complain he will get the bill for what he drank.

    "Maybe...maybe, but you know I learned something back on Earth, when I was in the middle of the homeless with nothing left in my pockets." The tablet beeps while documents are being downloaded onto it. "Something I've been meditating on all the way here." She rolls her eyes at his attempt to be mystical and glances at the document that opens on the tablet, then her face decomposes when she understands what she sees.

    "The poor and the weak are in fact much stronger than us...they have nothing to lose!"

    A drop of sweat makes its way onto her forehead when she sees the evidence, "If you expose this, you're going to jail with me, too!" Her gaze has difficulty detaching itself of the horrific images of Eros from the cameras installed by Protogen and which reached them as part of the working agreement between their two corporations. Slowly, her finger lands on the screen and swifts left and right, here evidence of the work that Global Interest was undertaking under Shannon's direction and then other video evidence that incriminates board members...also aware of certain aspects of the conspiracy. She screams and removes her finger as if the screen is going to bite it, on the screen appears the list of protogen scientists she saved and changed their identity. In addition to this, there are projects on which they are working in secret, notably the "Golem" project. She clicks on the name, curious to see what he knows... it's all there. The images, the evidence of the violation of the quarantine imposed by the MCRN, the murders, the progress of the project. She exit these files and click on a section name "Murder and Betrayals" ... it's even worst. Absolutely everything is there, the murder of Zay, the stealth project and so on ... everything without exception.

    "I don't believe you... if it's blackmail you're after, that weapon is double-edged.", she answer. "I know, but I have nothing left to lose... unlike you, sent the complete file to UNN Admiral Oliver Yaeger!" An additional window is added to the long stack already present: Compression in progress ... 25%

    "Wait, we can negotiate! I'm sure we are able to find common ground." - Compression complete

    "No, I don't think so. I want your signature on the sharing agreement or ... I know an admiral who would be very happy to have some reading before going to bed tonight." - Sending ... 33%

    Nothing she says make him at least raise an eyebrow. Sending ... 55%

    She squats while imagining being dragged by marines to a secret prison. Sending ... 65,2%

    Tears cloud her eyes when she realizes that she is really screwed up. Sending...75.1%

    He continues to drink his glass quietly. Sending...85.7%

    She gets up, her head spinning, and pushes the send window to reassemble the sharing contract which she signs in record time. Sending...89.7%

    "Canceled the sending, deletion of the file." - Sending...cancel; Data deleted

    He finishes his glass without a word, then turns to her "Thank you for your cooperation", and then he open the door and leave her office. She crawls with difficulty behind her desk, the tablet under her arm, and crashes in her chair, then begins the difficult task of reading wtf what she has just signed.

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