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  1. Torin Kapisi

    Character Biography:
    Torin reviewed the diplomatic missions Oliver had outlined and smiled, looking up over his terminal at the Earther. "By all means. We must be seen to be taking an active interest in the development of the colonies. Lest they forget who was responsible for their success in the first place." He took another sip from his cup of coffee and settled into his seat.

    "And restricting access to ship building components is of course, an important decision to make but one that must ultimately come from our coalition government. If you are prepared to put forward these recommendations, I will see to it that my signature is on the document alongside yours." The Admirals continued to sit in silence for a time, reviewing documents and situations which required their attention until one report, flagged by a recently returned MCRN patrol got his attention.

    A task force had recently returned from the Jules Verne system where they had encountered an assault force of light craft, judging from the photographs taken by the telescopes aboard the Martian warships, the vessels were old, using fusion torch drives and welded on torpedo tubes. Some even showed signs of rust, meaning they had come from down a gravity well. He flicked the report up off his terminal display and it filled the volumetric display between the two admirals.

    "What do you make of this Yaeger? They call themselves the First Wave Unionists, and according to this document they are not a fan of our little operation here."
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  2. Walter Jenkins

    Walter Jenkins UN Marine

    Character Biography:
    Jenkins was on guard duty again. He stood at his post for seven hours staring straight ahead, his weapon in his hands, his back aching slightly and the LED lights overhead making him feel slightly dizzy. He had been doing this once a day for the last week and already he was bored out of his mind. He wanted adventure, but Marines aren't paid to be adventurers, they're paid to be Marines. So he stood there some more.

    Towards the end of his shift, a person not unlike any other walked by his way and stopped. Jenkins was careful not to move or give any sign of acknowledgement, unless this individual made any threatening gestures. He was a statue, covered in cheap armour and an old gun. The individual was an Earther, that much he could tell. The man a similar build to him, which meant he was short compared to much of the stations population and on his hand he had a tattoo of what looked like a crude blackwork interpretation of Earth with a black, narrow rectangle place vertically in front of it.

    He hadn't seen anything like that before. Usually belters were the ones getting tattoos. He shrugged mentally to himself and ignored the man, who after a few minutes stopped tapping on his terminal and continued on down a side corridor.
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  3. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    At least in that matter Yaeger didn't bump into a wall. He'd always know working with the MCRN would be hard and he was quite certain that his dealing with Kapisi was much easier than the matters lower ranking personnel had to deal with. What made their issues infinitely harder and far more dangerous, however, was the fact that the subjects they disagreed on could end the life's of thousands of people.

    "Very well. I'll have a document written up at once."

    They both continued scrolling through reports and documents until Kapisi found something that seemed to peak his interest.

    Yaeger carefully studied the data before giving his response. He had of course heard of the Unionists but hadn't deemed them to be much of a threat, this changed now.

    "That report seems pretty strange. I heard of the Unionists, but I would've know about lost UNN ships, especially in that size category. I'll have someone look into it."

    He made a copy of the data and pulled it on his terminal. "They seem to be a reasonable threat. We should definitely make sure to increase security, just for a while. As for the ships I would ask you to let me take care of that. I am not keen on letting radicals fly around in UNN vessel."

  4. Torin Kapisi

    Character Biography:
    Torin poured over the data and the intel gathered by the MCRN force. The vessels were old, dented and rusting, many had decals from a dozen previous lives. The weapons they supported however, were not just simple pirate guns but modern warheads, albeit mounted on ancient and most likely poorly maintained launch tubes. The designs were some Torin had only seen in educational documents. They looked like they had come from the previous century. "Where...Do armed extremists, looking to hold isolated colonies to ransom...find half a dozen century old starships?"

    He took another sip from his coffee. "I concur with your assessment, an increase in security and patrols is a necessary step. We should begin making regular contact with colonies aligned to Earth and Mars, it may be no coincidence that these...Unionists chose to attack a Martian colony."
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  5. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Yaeger put together a data package and send it out to one of his subordinates, including orders to investigate the matter. Another set of orders went out to officers.

    "That is a good plan. You'll have to excuse me now, I need to attend another meeting."

  6. Kastor Griffin

    Kastor Griffin Legitimate Businessman

    Character Biography:
    Kastor had just finished transfering the documents and registering their flight path with the dockmaster of the 2nd Docking Ring and returned to his ship. There were multiple crates stack up in front of their main airlock and part of his crew where busy loading them into their ship.

    Kastor gave Nadir a smack on the back. The tanned man turned around to him. "How is she doing?"

    The mechanic gave him a belter shrug. "Could be better, but she nah gonya go kapoom anytime soon."

    Kastor nodded "This job is gonna give us some cash, keep us afloat for a lil longer."

    Inside the ship Hindrick and Amelia sat at their stations and were readying the Pelican for their journey. When the pilot saw Kastor climbing up the ladder he raised a hand. "Hey cap, good to see ya back. Everything went smooth with the dockmaster?"

    He returned the greeting. "Yeah, all paperwork is transferred and we've got our flight path registered. Just gotta load up dat cargo and we're free to go."

    Kastor sat down in his crash couch, the faux leather already worn off by years of use. "Any of y'all every been to Providentia?"

    "Once, but that was back at the start." Said a voice as smooth as silk, belonging to their new Comms Officer and chef, Asher Darby. They had picked him up before their last job. Their previous comms officer had quit and he was a perfect replacement. With a shitton of charisma and the ability to talk a cow into fucking a duck he was basically made for the smuggling business, being a more than able chef was a nice bonus.

    "And, how was it?"
    asked Kastor while spinning his couch around to face the comms station.

    Asher settled into his own couch and took a sip from his fake coffee. "Well they certainly got a goal. Those people are pretty damn determined to carve out their own little piece of the world. Pretty impressive if ya ask me."

    Suddenly their was a bunch of noise down below and a few seconds later Nadir stuck his head into the ops deck. "All de cargo is loaded up bosmang. We are gutegow."

    "Well then, let's get it on." Said Kastor and smirked.

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  7. Robert Kung

    Character Biography:
    The air is still infused with the pleasant smell of "new" floating in the air. Probably one of the few things that is great about this station. It always reminds him (alas) of the bad memories linked to his predecessor. Many things have come to an end since these events. He lifts his hot cup of coffee out of the machine and brings it to his lips. No matter how much he is in a station with a bad memory name in the middle of an alien pocket dimension, you can always have coffee.

    Its rectangular office houses a pile of unopened cardboard boxes as well as numerous various screens scattered throughout the room. He has just moved into the new branch of Kung & Kolovo - Lawala associates, to his great displeasure. He was not against the idea of setting up offices in what is heading to be the largest Hub in the history of humanity. Especially since these activities are increasingly focused on the new worlds, but he didn't want to leave his beloved belt to go to New-Tycho. However, it is stupid to leave the new branch without one of its boss on site, having deadlines of several hours is not desirable, especially if we are talking about an urgent legal matter.

    For a long time he wanted it to be Kolovo, but his mother offered herself. To finally fall ill with a disease that makes her unable to use the "Juice" for a while. Then, both argued that Kung was the best person to go there. Especially since of the three he was the one who knew better the network he had woven on the other side of the gates and was the best able to lead him from his critical point.

    He took another sip of coffee, then got up to open one of the cardboard boxes. The latter is full of frames that he plans to hang in his office, one of them proudly wears one of her mother's favorite phrases: Never trust someone who doesn't like coffee.

    Smiling at the quote, he took it and hung it right next to his desk. With the right cup of coffee he should be able to do the job. That's when his secretary knocks on the door. She holds a tablet in her hand and a tattoo in her neck that represents geographical shapes assembled like a mosaic. She is an Earther, but she became a belter by adoption.

    -"Sir, case AC-89 may be more complex than expected."

    One of the screens of the part displays the folder in question as soon as she says its name. A common story of chicane about the sales rights on an extracted resource. The settlers in question were violently attacked by the other group overnight and deaths are to be deplored. They contracted with his firm to help them resolve the situation. Except that the latter now requires him to send one of his negotiators (or Lawala) to the field.

    -"I see Stevan volunteered to go there. Excellent, prepare his trip on site. I'll take care of signing the papers and authorizations."

    He sits behind his desk, then becomes aware of something. He takes another sip of coffee. He can't afford to send one of his agents that far at the moment. He doesn't really have a choice.

    - "Emmelie, be kind and give me the list of private security companies that would be ready to protect him during the mission."

    - "Of course, I'll send it to you right away as soon as I get my hands on it. One last thing, about the V-78 case. I have some progress on it. The guest is currently safe in his room and when asked where he wants to go next he replied, I quote: "Nowhere, give me weapons and ships to take possession of one of his systems on behalf of the Belterwalda to guarantee us a free world away from the Inner assholes."."

    All folders that start with a "V" is actually a code name that refers to "underground" cases. Nothing about them is stored anywhere and if someone listens to them they will think they are talking about a case like any other.

    -"Of course he must have had a drink or two?"

    -"Of course, you want us to ask him again in a few days to be sure?"

    -"Of course. Please have one of our agents watch his room in case he burns his cover."

    He crashes into his seat, once the secretary comes out, and closes his eyes his mind elsewhere. In five years everything has degenerated at a mad speed, nothing is safe anymore and everyone has taken so much by this new frenzy that no one seems to be aware of the consequences or their entirety. For the love of God, they go through an alien gate like crazy with a functioning light-years away from our understanding to go into a bubble of non-existence outside the universe to re-pass another alien gate in order to land in another solar system completely unknown hundreds of light-years away from Ceres. None of its worlds are explored and all have a different system from Earth, no infrastructure on site to help them...absolutely nothing. There are thousands of worlds as they are and everyone rushes towards them without thinking about the situation. Without putting things in context. Everyone acts as if it were something normal and reasonable that we have been operating in this way for centuries. No one took a moment to highlight the death of the belt.

    His eyes open again when he hears the bell of a notification. His associates on Ceres sent him answers. His system took into account some new elements and on the screen that displayed the systems a new color point has just appeared. It is a 3D table that displays the sphere with its 1373 doors, those underlined in color represent each system with a current folder. A color for every situation. Without having to open the answer, he knows that the Karven system file was accepted because its grey color has changed to yellow. Yellow indicates a complex situation...very complex. His lip stands in a downward arc in front of what the board show.

    He empties his cup of coffee, he needs it, then leaves his office. He passes through the branch offices and exits outside. The premises are located in a recent and already well frequented artery. The door, as well as the sign, is located on the corner of the corridor. This gives them a certain discretion while allowing easy access. The publicity around him talks, almost all of it, about the merits of the Eldorado's Gates colonies. Another offers La Quiétude's services to protect travellers. Whistling an old belter song, he ignored the announcements and headed for the new observation section. Corridors with glass ceilings (ultra-reinforced) that allow you to admire the view of the Hub. Hoping that the view will allow him to change his mind....
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  8. Elena Cosgrove

    She turns the corner of the corridor, her men following her. She proudly wears her La Quiétude uniform, entirely in black and grey with the logo representing a silver star, as she enters the restaurant. The premises are only a vestibule where staff redirect guests to the rooms they have reserved. His client is already waiting for her in one of the rooms, booked at La Quiétude's expense, of course.

    She waved to her two men to stay in front of the door to stand guard while she returned to meet the client. The latter is sitting on his knee in front of a small typically Japanese table... or Neo-Asia you never know with the belter tendencies. She shakes his hand and sits in front of him. She exchanges some banality while the plates are served. It is the kind of customer who found it rude to talk about the main topic before he started eating. The main course was a molecular cuisine that seems to be a pink sushi that is eaten with a tablespoon.

    -"So for the contract, my employers are ready to offer it to La Quiétude for the amount requested plus some bonuses. Except we have to have guarantees first."

    -"What kind of guarantee?"

    -"That Quietude will never help a competitor as long as he has a contract with us."

    She kicks her sushi with the spoon and swallows one of the pieces she managed to remove. The taste is special and reminiscent of salmon but with a strawberry aftertaste.

    -"That's a very vague request we're making here. La Quietude does not accept this under these terms. However, adjustments are possible, we can afford not to contract with a competitor if their activities are located in the same area as you. We reserve the right to renegotiate the agreement 6 months before the chosen date."

    The customer also gives his strange sushi, except that it is green in colour.

    -"I'll communicate the offer to my superiors."

    -"Quickly, we are one of the only companies that has its own complete private patrol fleet as well as one of the most developed logistics networks in the new worlds. If that happens, we will conclude a contract with one of your opponents before you can make the right choice."

    The customer nods as a sign of understanding. The conversation quickly diverted to something else and the meal ended quite quickly. They were disappointing dishes to eye of Elena. She shakes his hand before leaving and exchanges legal documents. Once outside the restaurant, she takes a pack of gums out of her pocket and starts chewing one while she goes back to the office.

    The opening of the gates offered a golden opportunity to La Quiétude. First, the belt offered even more contracts for companies like them now that the Coalition prefers to focus on something else. Secondly, this is not where Quietude makes the most money, but in the new worlds. The company has invested heavily in a huge fleet of patrol and transport vessels. The goal is to offer protection and security services to all those opportunists who jump at the very dangerous opportunities offered by the new worlds. For the moment the situation is very profitable, to the point that the company's managers whisper that it would be interesting to transfer the headquarters to New-Tycho if it remains profitable in a few decades. And she's happy in all this. Not that he is interested in new worlds or new horizons. Because the bonus for working here is very, very generous.
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  9. Robert Kung

    Character Biography:
    The docks of New-Tycho may be very recent. They already compete with many belt wearers and are heading towards being a more frequented wearer than Ceres at any time in its history.

    He came to check that everything was going well with the Purify Hope and greeted the crew. The latter is an enormous vessel of several hundred meters in length, legitimately paid with the profit from the hard work of the "new belts". Yes, if the Inners like to use the term "new worlds", why not that the Belterwalda would not use the term "new belts".

    The Purify Hope carries with it a cargo hold full of hydroponic, agricultural, mining and refinery equipment,communication equipment, machinery, medical equipment, air filters and what builds a breathable and liveable habitat. As well as lots of small ships and shuttles, most of them in spare parts. In short, the seeds they will need to build and sustain a community.

    -"With that and the other ship that has already arrived on the place, we will finally have what a community needs.", say the captaine

    With his arms crossed, Kung watches people gathered around the entrance airlock. His firm assists them in completing legal acquisition and tax payment documents. The ship not only has a good full hold, but also carries young hopes, competent and adventurous enough to go on a rock hundreds of light years away from them.

    -"No. What a community needs is hope", he say

    The captain smiled at Kung's answer, her arms folded, she watched with him as the last members of this long journey were boarded. The whole operation was long and complex. Legal papers are spreading like never before, new supply problems are legion and many wanted equipment was in short supply at the time of purchase, forcing a long wait. Not to mention, never forget, taxes.

    Just as if life were a bad play, a UNN officer showed up on the platform followed by two marines. His facial expression seems to indicate that he doesn't have here to laugh.

    -"I want to see the captain of this ship."

    -"Is it me, you want?", she say

    The officer takes a foldable tablet out of his pocket and scrolls through a very long document bearing the seal of UNN and the Sol Coalition.

    -"I want that ship's cargo manifest immediately."

    He made a reassuring little head butt to calm the captain down. The latter, furious, took out her terminal by hand and sent the officer an endless document.

    -"This is absolutely everything on it, our cargo, our crew, the ones we carry, the permits and authorizations for every fucking rifle on board as well as their ammunition and the proof of payment for every tax.", she said in a deeply irritated voice



    The officer faces his chin while a very long list scrolls before his eyes. His software sometimes selects articles on them, without Kung understanding the logic, and drags them into another list on the right side. Without even giving Kung or even the captain a glance, the officer moves his head towards the marines and declares:

    -"We're going to inspect the ship and its cargo."

    -"You have no right to do that! All our papers are in order! We have already paid for everything!", she say

    Kung holds her by the arm and nods his head.

    -"Look, they have every right to do it. Interfered with will only make the situation worse, plus that you have nothing illegal in there they can do nothing.

    -"Why us? Why? The Inner ship next door wasn't even inspected or even approached. It's unfair, even in the depths of the universe they piss us off. Is New-Tycho a belter or Inner station?"

    -"A belter station directed by the Inners. I'm used to it because of Ceres. Look, let them do it. They can't do anything against you, legally. Say to yourself that it is an evil for a good, at the end of this journey you will help to finally create a world that you will control that will be inspected or not."

    She smiled bitterly, and watched marines call for backup when they entered the airlock to inspect the ship.

    -"At least they'll waste their time, a lot of time with the size of the ship."

    Kung shook his hand and encouraged him to call him as soon as he had a problem, even a minor one. Feeling that he will have to get another cup of coffee soon, he takes the direction of a small business he saw on the way. The week was horrible, the situation is worse than he thought, but the good thing is that once this surprise inspection is finished it will be a file to settle....temporarily. His next problem is not really a problem, but one of his "agents". Efficient but volatile, he never knows if he works for himself, his money, or someone else.

    For the moment, it is useful, very useful even. Kung can't do without him right now, not with what's going on. That's why he has an appointment with him later... an appointment with Damien.
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  10. Emmet Sheldon

    Emmet Sheldon Deputy Undersecretary of Political Affairs

    Character Biography:
    A non-assuming private ship gets permission to dock at a port near the bars. It had UN clearances to be onboard, but no one knew who it was. The size of the UN helped complement for the anonymity of Sheldon, who had been through a depressive bout for almost a week. He was dressed in inconspicuous clothes that was enough to conceal his identity for a quick visit to the bars.

    As the deputy undersecretary's vessel was forced into place and secured, he unbuckled from his seat and went outside, walking with purpose. No one batted an eye in the hustle and bustle of the station. Everyone had a place to go to, which was what Sheldon wanted. As he walked into one of the Earther bars, he went immediately to the counter.

    "Yea, something to take the edge off. Let me have three to four of it, thanks."

    His voice was hoarse from frequent, sudden drinking. His throat had never been exposed to this amount of alcohol, but the deputy undersecretary never seemed to notice. He waited with a thousand-eyed stare towards the tabletop until the bartender returned with the stock. They exchanged goods and Sheldon walked with the same gait back to his vessel, the same unassuming crowd acting as shields to keep his identity secret.

    The aged politician quickly went back into his vessel and to his onboard office. A radio was on, playing run-of-the-mill songs, basically a drinking buddy. Bottles of vodka were strewn on one side, the chaser was the beer. Old political documents were stacked on the left. He cracked open a bottle of vodka and drank straight from the bottle. Then he opened the freshly bought beer and chased the vodka down. The burn was still there, and he puckered, savoring it. The effects were in after five minutes, after which Sheldon lit a bundle of weed and smoked it.

    The weed was gone in a short while, and Sheldon returned to drinking. When he felt that it was enough, he stumbled to his bedroom onboard and blacked out.
  11. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Yaeger returned to his apartment within the UN complex in what equaled late evening on the station, he had spend all day talking and negotiating on various matters, mostly trade related.

    When he opened the door he spotted a hand terminal laying in the middle of the room. Oh great.

    He picked it up without even taking his coat off. On it was a video and a document. Someone has made a mistake it seems.

    He threw the handterminal in the recycler, listening until the distinct shredding sound confirmed its destruction, and walked outside without even having turned the lights on.


    About half an hour later he stood in front of the airlock of a ship.

    He used his UNN authority to open the ship and entered it. As soon as the inner airlockdoor opened up the smell of alcohol and weed hit him like a bus speeding in a school zone. The small ship seemed to be the den of some poor lowlife fucker, but Cervan knew better. Unbelievable

    After a bit of stumbling through empty bottles he found the bedroom and the person occupying it.

    He went into the bathroom and filled one of the empty vodka bottles with water. Back in the bedroom he poured the water over the mans head. He only vaguely looked like the man Yaeger had once considered his most worthy opponent.


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  12. Battista Voclain

    Battista Voclain CEO of Voclain Enterprises

    Character Biography:
    The Hub
    New Tycho Station
    1st Habitation Ring
    New London District

    Battista was sitting in the Golden Sky Pub. It was a neat establishment in New Tychos most prestigious district. The whole interior was carefully crafted to resemble a pub from the victorian age in London. He favoured it's atmosphere.

    Currently the Pub was completely empty, it was too early. Suddenly, three men came out of the staff area behind the bar. Battista smiled in delight. Two of them were wearing beige waistcoats with white shirts and matching trousers. They were carrying the third man in between them.

    He wore a baggy flightsuit and a filthy brown coat over it. The neck was covered in the typical primitive belter skin paint.

    The men dragged him over to Battista. "Can you inform me now what precisely you've done to earn this pleasant treatment? Or should my... associates... take you back into the storage area and ingeminate what our agreement was?"

    "Na na, Mr. Voclain, Sir. Mi understand. Dis nat gonya happen again, mi promise."

    Battista sighed. "That was not what I requested you say."

    The mans eyes widened and he began to shake uncontrolled. "But I of course comprehend what it is you mean to tell me. I am delighted to hear that our agreement will be adhered to in the days to come."

    "Bring this man back to his vessel."
    he said and waved them away.

    While they dragged the man back into the staff area another man entered the lounge, this time through the front door. He wore a fine black suit with a waistcoat and golden details.

    "Mr. Battista. I have taken care of everything you requested. Business is going just as planned."

    "Nothing ever goes as planned Jeff. I would've assumed you understood that after the many years we worked with each other."

    He finished his scotch and went to join his right hand at the entrance.

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  13. Emmet Sheldon

    Emmet Sheldon Deputy Undersecretary of Political Affairs

    Character Biography:
    What a rude awakening

    Sheldon woke with a pounding migraine to see a fuzzy, slightly familiar silhouette towering over him. It was Cervan, the frontier admiral of the UN.

    He started speaking in a slurry, singsongy manner.

    "Aha..ha.. oh how funny of you to be ere'. Name's Fuckton Lickdick. Welcome aboard to this fucking wreck. Hee..hoo.. would you be interestedd in a life's worth of wastes?"

    Sheldon stood and stumbled, then stood again, then stumbled.

    "Pardon my wooweeee...."

    He finally achieved some sort of balance as he begins to stumble towards the office.

    "Come this way... fine guest. I'll have crumpets at the read-"

    He hiccuped.

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  14. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Yaeger grabbed the absolutely wasted Sheldon by the collar and dragged him into the bathroom. He pulled a towel out of a drawer. And filled another bottle with water.

    "Ok my friend, how about we lay down for a bit?"
    He said while manuvering Sheldon down to the ground. Then he spread the towel over his face and poured out the bottle.

    It was a technique he'd learned on a black ops mission, usually used to torture subjects. In this case it would hopefully cause adrenalin to flood his body and wash out the alcohol.


    @Emmet Sheldon
  15. Anatoly Yaakov

    Character Biography:
    Anatoly was in a warehouse, buried in the main construction drum of New Tycho Station. The spin gravity was weak here, very weak, and the Coriolis effect was making his head spin. He blinked several times, wiggled his jaw and shook his head trying to get rid of the odd sensation, like he was about to fall over but never really getting to the point.

    In his hands he cradled an automatic rifle, inspecting it. He pulled back the hammer, removed the ammunition clip and inspected that, before partially dismantling the weapon and inspecting the various components, before quickly and professionally reassembling it. In front of him stood a leader of the local criminal gang, the Loca Greiga. They had three crates nearby, stacked against a bulkhead, all loaded with the same weapons and enough ammunition to start a small war. On the opposite side of the room was a cage of women and children, filthy and desperate looking.

    "Make a decision mohawk, don't got all day mi," said the gangs leader, a short belter with a red bandana holding his hair back. He was making fun of Anatoly's mohawk, a gesture he found surprisingly callous. "We take weapons. Price is agreed to," he said, rubbish his beard with his hand. The Greiga gang members began to move, packing up the equipment and resealing the containers. "But," he said, this caused the gang members to stop mid-action and stare at him. "I take women too, three. New brothel opening on third ring."

    "That wasn't part of the deal, koyo," said the leader, his hand resting on the pistol on his hip.

    "I make new deal. You give me what I want. I do not murder you and your pussy friends here."
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  16. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Yaeger was waiting in the conference room of the CNC. It was quite early in the morning, at least according to the stations internal clock, which still used earth times just as most other stations and ships. Kapisi had not yet arrived at the complex, it gave Yaeger time to prepare his proposal. After hours of work he and a team of experts had put together a list of Sol Coalition trade sanctions, limiting every systems capability to built ships, especially warships.

    It was a measure of enforcing the laws agreed upon in the Titan Sol Coalition Treaty, ensuring control of the colony worlds and it a reliable method, producing the materials the sanctions targeted required extremely sophisticated installations only available in the highly developed factories of the Sol System. No frontier world had acquired this kind of sophistication yet.

    Yaeger leaned back in his chair a little and looked around the room, it was relatively dark, only dim light illuminating the area. He didn't like brightness and was much more comfortable in the dim dark.


    @Torin Kapisi
  17. Torin Kapisi

    Character Biography:
    Torin was in his office when his secretary informed him of the meeting scheduled with Yaeger in five minutes. Five minutes! He had five minutes to get from his office in the MCR facility on the station, to the CNC. It usually took ten and even then it was usually on a cart. He huffed to himself in frustration, gathered up his terminal and coffee and left the office in a state of disarray. He knew his staff would see that it was returned to its normal state, he didn't think of it past that. His office was small, no bigger than the quarters of a ships Captain. He was modest, with a single large table, its surface polished to a black mirror finish and decorated with a single photograph of his family back on Mars. His chair was behind it with two in front for guests, the only other decoration in the room was a Martian flag on one of the walls.

    He climbed into a cart and informed the private behind the wheel to step on it. The sticky tyres screeched as they took off, tearing down the priority cart lane through the habitation ring. After much delay, he stormed into the CNC, and didn't so much as glance at the volumetric display at its centre. Usually he made a habit of stopping by, talking to some of the officers present, seeing what was happening in the Hub since he had left his office. Today he had an appointment to keep, and being five minutes late was bad enough.

    He strode into the conference room and saw Yaeger was already seated, several documents displayed in front of him on the large table's volumetric display. "My apologies Oliver," he said as he made his way over to his chair, placed his coffee bulb down next to his terminal and then seat himself with a groan. "new trade agreements with several colonies...meetings carried on through the night, I'm sure you know the feeling," he explained, before taking a sip from the steaming bulb. Yaeger didn't say much besides the obvious pleasantries, he just flicked the documents he was reviewing over to Torin who began reviewing them.

    "Ah the treaty, I was wondering when we would hear back about this," he flicked through the digital pages, eyes scanning each line. "A harsh measure, but one that will keep things stable for the time being. I take it you have signed it already?"

    @Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger
  18. Anatoly Yaakov

    Character Biography:
    Anatoly stepped out of the brothel, a satisfied smile on his face. He had made good deals today, not only did he put several gangsters in their place, he made a tidy profit in the process. The weapons he had purchased were being loaded onto a freighter, destined for some far flung shithole he had no interest in, apparently settlers were planning some sort of uprising against some fatcat corporation. He admired their guts but only cared about their money.

    He wondered, as he walked down the steadily curving habitation ring, if this would be the last time they'd purchase illegal firearms off him, going up against corporate security was usually a suicide mission. The weapons he was sending them were no joke though, in the right hands they'd have that planet by the balls within the next three months.

    He looked down at the temporary terminal he had been given by a local data broker, who promised the device could not be tracked. He had used it for its main purpose now, and tossed it into a nearby recycler. Time to start setting up his own network...right here in the new heart of Human civilisation.
  19. Shannon

    Character Biography:
    - "[..]Profits on this moon should become profitable in less than 3 years and this by 35%. This is a number above what is above what was expected at the beginning of the operations."

    The woman who had just spoken is one of the countless pencil pushers who work for Eldorado's Gates. She had to do the arms and hands to find as many as she could to set up from A to Z a company as complex as Eldorado's Gates. What is true! No one knows how complex it is to build such a giant from scratch so early on. At that moment, people are already rushing to the new worlds, trampling without vigogne to settle under the new skies. It's a real struggle to find all the people you need to make Eldorado's Gates a success. Scientists, engineers, henchmen, specialists, lawyers, shipyards, crews and so on. Many scholars in many fields have never had a very bright future with the biggest prospect of becoming a university department head and suddenly everyone is ready to triple their salaries (see the quintule) and send them for free to another world where they can finally advance their fields as never before. Damn it, they're looking everywhere! The departments of all the universities on Earth are scrapped to the bone. Even the smallest universities that 5 years before had a low and little known reputation find themselves besieged by entities that want to engage their staff, teachers and students at all costs! It has come to a point that Mars has set up a system of "National Priority"! A stupid idea that will only save the situation for a limited time and then make it worse.

    The idea is to classify many Martian brains as "National Brain" and give them a lot of credits. But as they are a "National Priority", if they want to leave Mars to get the hell out of here, they must have government permission beforehand. Of course if the destination is one of the expeditions directed or in partnership with Mars, it is usually automatically authorized. It allows them to stop the intense brain drain they are experiencing, but it has its limits. Many of them feel limited now and soon the projects they were working on will find themselves without the necessary funding due to lack of public funds and the Republic will have angry and unemployed brains.....

    It is not the only thing that proves complex to obtain. Overnight the price of many ships exploded. Especially the famous water carriers. Their individual prices on the market just exploded and we are talking about those who were accepted to be sold. Ironic to see the life of these ships, they started as colonial ships and then became too old useless they lost all their value to become an ice carrier and suddenly everyone rips them off as if they were gold in bars. She managed by an incredible miracle to buy (or rather snatch) two or three among the last for sale on the market. Not wanting to limit the success of Eldorado's Gates by the limited number of long-haul vessels. She found an interesting solution.

    First she was going to use all the ships of the Eros research fleet, after having passed the box "improvement" they are perfect for their new missions. Then, knowing that building bigger ships such as an ice carrier will be very long, Eldorado's Gates based all his fleet on smaller vessels, but very mobile. As well as many contracts with subcontractors and independent vessels. With the problem of the staff settled and that of the logistics remains more than to crush the whole and dominated the market! All this thanks to the all power of Global Interest which helped a lot in the operation.

    - "Of course, we started to change our marketing campaign. We have kept the "5 jewels" at the center of our campaign for the general public, but adjust those for more specific customers."

    The one who has just spoken is from another pencil-driver than the one before. He made some video advertising campaigns on the screen. The first one follows the process of making a probe of explorations, the second one (in shoulder camera) a team that in good humor and fellowship make a delivery from a station located in an external system until Luna. Then another on a family in a house on the edge of a field under the iconic blue sky of Essat with Kronos in the background. Then another who praises the merits of the research laboratories of the corporation. She had seen them all thousands of times for months. She had approved each picture. Just like almost everything that happens in this meeting.

    The meeting room is semi-illuminated and is located in New Tycho Station. She is here rather than on Earth in her comfortable suite, simply because she wanted to see what seems to be the future center of civilization and her empire. Participate in two or three meetings, shake hands, ensure the conclusion of files, visited the facilities, see with his own eyes the impressive interior of the Hub.

    Eldorado's Gates is not just in the colonization, but possesses contracts in almost everything that this new market can offer. It owns the planning and management of 5 settlements, but also cooperates or/and participates in those of at least a dozen others. Tens or hundreds of exploitations contracts in several systems, some research stations throughout the systems. Not to mention its fleet which moves constantly and which is demanded everywhere without stopping. Eldorado's Gates offers all forms of services and does absolutely everything these new markets offer.

    - "If it does not bother anyone, let's go to the fourth section of our meeting, a little reminder about our current systems."

    Eldorado's Gates is a nascent empire. Her empire! Far from the usual Meyer smell that taints Global Interest. Still existing certe, but it is better for it to stay in the shadows as usual. The screen starts to display all systems where runs operations or contracts of Eldorado's Gates. On the screen is displayed her empire.

    - "Yes it bothers me! I only see what has been talked about over and over again in recent months", she say

    The man crashes suddenly, as if petrified by the response of her boss. He mumbles something.

    -" No, honestly I did not move from Earth to here to get me the same salad. No, this meeting is over. I have something else to do with my day!"

    She offers her bitterest smile, then gets up from her chair taking her hand-held terminal on the table. His high heels slam on the floor of the corridor in rhythm with the heels of the shoes of his bodyguards. The headquarters of Eldorado's Gates on New Tycho is big. Tall and sumptuous, but at the same time humble in decoration. The frames on the walls are all photographs taken in the new systems and one of them catches her eye.

    It is a photograph taken by a probe that has successfully immortalized a series of planets aligned perfectly in front of their star. It's not bad, and the way the light bounces on the shapes of the celestial bodies is very beautiful. She enters the bathroom to get a new look and splashed her face with water. She looks at herself for a moment in the mirror, her tailored tailor is finally less great than expected.

    His next big case of the day is a pretty special case. She ironed the water on her face and then remade her makeup a little. She goes to the "Room of Opportunity" located on the bottom floor.

    A room furnished with cushions and tables and a small buffet and a screen. Its purpose is to welcome their client in a welcoming atmosphere. Exactly, her client is already waiting for her. Fatima that she's called, main coordinator of the projects in the Nûn system.

    -"Happy to see you again", she declares shaking her hand

    The Nun system has a special story. It all starts in an unimportant country on Earth. His excellence Rashid turns out to be the youngest son of a royal lineage and therefore destined to never reigned on his miserable bit of ground. So instead, he turned to the business world by taking over some royal business and creating his commercial network. Since then, his success has been widely known. Everyone knows Prince Rashid and his numerous company more or less known. Except that this Rashid is starting to get old (very old) and he never put aside his grudges against his brothers. So when the doors opened, he dedicated all the resources he could in the hope of finally having his own star ... his own realm.

    Of course Eldorado's Gates was happy to help him in his task. And god, that was boring. He wanted a catalog ... yes yes a damn catalog of all systems possible. He refused to invest 4 times in 4 different system before making his choice. It was a laborious process but one that is tinged with success.

    She exchanges banalities with Fatima and then drifts quickly to the important point of the conversation. The arrival of Prince Rashid at New Tycho. They worked together for a long time, the latter taking care of large parts of the ambitious project of old Rashid. It was an interesting partner with whom to work and which is always full of interesting anectodes.

    She accompanies her, in a vehicle, to the dock reserved for Eldorado's Gates. The corporation pays very dearly for reserving a whole section of the harbor for its activities alone. At the moment the price was well worth it.

    As soon as they arrived at their section the set has changed. In place of the usual walls of the station with a gray-mettalic painting. A golden brown gives way while a big "Eldorado's Gates" is painted in green along the quays visible for all those who descend their ships. At the moment the docks are home to 4 class ships "Polo", a vessel the size of a siccoro with many containers that clings to the outside and his advanced radar system that had already been installed during their design. A little further away from the "Magellan" class ships is filling up. Recognizable at their very stretched silhouette.

    The bay allows her to see in the distance the silhouette of two class ships "Peltaste", an armed vessel created for patrol and cargo protection. And also the arrival of a very very slamming yacht. The latter has been in a process of deceleration for a while. It ends up docked on one of the docks and takes a long time so that his airlock ends up decompressed and opens.

    A wheelchair comes out, pushed by a nurse, and stops right in front of Shannon and Fatima. Around her many curious employees slowed down their run for better seeing, but the bodyguards made them change their minds. Prince Rashid is in a state far from what the paparazzi shows. To sit in a wheelchair that is falling under the weight of the medical machinery, he is really sorry to see. Her eyes seem to have trouble concentrating on something and her arms are lying on the sides

    He raises his arm very hard and Shannon hastens to shake his hand when she understands.

    -"Thank you very much for helping me and for welcoming me, have never known with my brothers bastards.", Is he in perfect English

    Ah yes, his brothers, let's say that for a long time they have been counterfeit of his successes in the worlds of business, but to see him go off to make a world see a complete system makes them mad. Especially his older brother, he is the next king of a shabby territory with almost no power to negotiate with the UN while his youngest brother owns his own star. He took the judicious choice to leave as soon as possible for the system of Nun before they organize his murder.

    -"When is this the last time you have been in space?", she ask

    -"25 years ago!", he say

    She answers with a small laugh. Fuck he's stupid. This guy must already have a fragile health and he has just made a long-term space trip, normal he trailed in a wheelchair.

    While walking (rolling for the case of Rashid), she explains the schedule. Eldorado's Gates is happy to pay the accommodation and La Quietude to keep an eye on Rashid and eventual assassins until his transfer to the system of Nûn. The rest of the conversation was an exchange of banality on Nun, how the settlements are developing faster than expected. On the next arrival of new ships in the system, his defense against foreign opportunists, the payment of taxes and the help of Eldorado's Gates in all this. She ends up leaving the two on the doorstep of their hotel, promising to organize a meeting soon to discuss future paternships.

    Exhausted by her day, she gets back in the car and goes back to the offices of Eldorado's Gates. She still has two things to do before returning to her room. Except that a private security sergeant was waiting for her as soon as she entered.

    -"Sorry to disturb you, ma'am. A case of violation of Meyer's family lands was detected. An individual seems to have managed to be on the ground. We are still investigating. We know how he came out but strangely nothing about how he came in."

    -"It must just be a curious paparazzi, nothing to worry about. I do not even live there, so nothing to fear. I confide to my team to investigate."

    As soon as the sergeant is gone, she crashes into the first cushion found. God damnit, William!
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  20. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Yaeger nodded. Once Kapisi signed the proposal as well they would send it off to Joint Coalition Fleet Command on Titan, they would relay it to Earth and Mars which would make the decision. Yaeger planned to use his influence in the UN Security Council and other bodies of the UN to make sure they passed the sanctions and other contacts in turn would put pressure on Mars to follow up.

    The sanctions included a hard limit on the amount of tungsten that could enter the free market, making it nearly impossible for Non Coalition entities to acquire the material in a high enough amount to be used for railgunslugs. Additionally, high taxes would be imposed on any tungsten, shipgrade ceramics or steel that was traded and explosives past a certain amount and quality were either forbidden or heavily taxed, making it hard to built effective warheads, of course explosives used for mining could be employed, although at the cost of a lot of firepower.

    The whole proposal was accompanied by the work of a dedicated team of experts who figured out the numbers.

    "When we are done with this we should take care of the paper work for the Hub Defense Program. The skeletons of the first two stations are gonna arrive through the Sol Gate shortly and will start assembly afterwards. Two more are begin built at the new Europa Bush Orbital Shipyard and at Callisto's MCRN Shipyard."


    6 hours later

    Yaeger sat in his office at the UNN complex and was watching a science report. It showed video footage of a special species a team had encountered on their survey. Various videos of the creatures in the wild and in test cages. Also dozens of gigabytes of data detailing various things they had learned about the creatures.

    "Species 116 has an extremely modular biological structure that allows them to adapt to different influences incredibly fast, I've never seen anything like it. They are even able to consume other species or members of their species and absorb their properties. One subject may hunt another down. Upon slaying the other creature it'll consume it's flesh, enter a state of hybernation, typically in a cocoon although methods such as digging or rolling up into a ball have been seen. After a brief period, a few hours at most, the creature will reemerge, having now develop benefical qualities from the its prey. This is truly incredible. They are naturally capable of modifying their DNA in a near conscious manner and even though most species on this planet look and act differently they all share a core of their genetic makeup, and they are constantly evolving, be it through outside in influnce or through absorbing traits from other creatures. We'll continue our studies here, there is still so much to learn. "

    The message ended with that, he pulled up a random file form the package and examined its contents. The scientists were right, this truly was incredible.

    A loud "Entrance Request, Ensign Samson. Purpose: Delivery." Ripped him out of his thoughts. "Accepted"

    The door hissed open and the Ensign tasked with distributing the physical deliveries in the UN Complex entered holding a small package. "Got a delivery for you, Sir."

    "Any paper work with it?"

    "No, Sir. Please sign the confirmation and I'll be gone soon."

    Yaeger quickly signed on the Ensigns pad and took his delivery. "Have a good day Ensign."

    "Thank you, Sir." And gone he was.

    Yaeger already knew what was in the package. A throwaway hand terminal. He was more curious as to what the terminal contained. Sometimes he wondered if all their budget went to purchasing these terminal.

    After reading everything the terminal contained he slipped it into a pocket so he could dispose of it later.

    Interesting, seems like I will still be able to repay that favor I owe him.


    @Torin Kapisi
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