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  1. Tetrarch

    Hi everyone,

    there was a wee bit of a discussion yesterday on Discord with regards to maybe a horror story or two.

    Science fiction and horror have had some successful teamups in the past, some of the few that come to mind are Alien, Event Horizon, 2001: A Space Odyssey, System Shock, Dead Space, and the like. The Expanse is a fertile enough ground for horror as well considering dead Belters tend to be....rendered down for nutrients or fertiliser alá Soylent Green.

    Some ideas discussed include

    -serial killer aboard a freighter/transport vessel

    - distress signal from an abandoned ship. Boarding/Salvage party find the aftermath of a slaughter aboard.

    -viral outbreak at a research station.

    -Stimulant gas drives miners insane and homicidal at an isolated mining base.

    If anyone has any ideas or stuff they'd like to explore, feel free to throw some down here. We just decided to make this thread so none of the stuff would get lost on Discord.
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  2. drifter

    Definitely! All of that!

    The killer could be on one of the expensive luxury liners connecting Titan to the inner planets. Some people on board (unlikely passengers like, a Martian Marine, a UN advisor with military past and a Belter crewmember have to band together to save the day..... or some such stuff.

    The distressed ship / remote base horror is a classic. I think I have played that story line on every Sci-Fi board I have been to :) Always good and can work even without protomolecule!

    We need to think outside that box a little bit. In the TVV show all the events happen in rapid succession - or seem to. In the books time is stretched out into weeks and months between key events. More than enough time for thing to happen outside the main focus events known from the canon storyline.
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  3. HSAR

    I'm down for some classic horror. That sounds really fun, though I'd be keen to maintain an Alien feel rather than Aliens.
  4. Cpt_Buttersworth

    Cpt_Buttersworth Moderating the shipping lanes

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    Oooooooh I like the sound of the last one too! Maybe we can create a hybrid of all of them:

    Maybe something to do with.....a (large/colony) ship found adrift without power (however emergency life support is functioning enough to keep crew (potentially) alive), a breakdown of social order brought about by:

    -lack of food?
    -lack of entertainment?
    -experimental drug/gas released drives them batty
    -all of the above?
    -something else entirely

    Our intrepid heroes dock and find the ship inhabited with sub human creatures brought about by multiple generations living in darkness and zero-g? The ship could he a couple of hundred years old, an old colony ship?

    Shenanigans ensue. Anyway, some good potential ideas here!

    Edit: Had another idea to add onto the generations old colony ship in habited with sub-humans living in darkness and zero G; they worship the nutrient/water recycler like a god as it provides them with sustenance.

    Sustenance can involve old/weak inhabitants, crews of ships lured to them and then kidnapped, etc.
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  5. Gully Foyle

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    The idea of a serial killer loose on a station could be fun. Enclosed environment, no one knows who the killer is, all they know is they have to find them before it's their turn.
  6. HSAR

    I slightly prefer the serial killer idea more than the others (although a
    -based horror story would also work well). After all, the true monsters lie inside.
  7. Ozomatli ‘Oz’ Sanchez

    Ozomatli ‘Oz’ Sanchez Boom Shaka Laka

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    How about some lovecraftian style cultism? A bunch of rich influential belters and Inyas form a secret cabal that worships an ancient entity that “demands” sacrifice, when in reality, eating the human flesh has made them insane.
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  8. HSAR

    Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present:

    Image Credit: Alien Isolation, Creative Assembly 2014

    I'm looking to start this up in about a week or so; OOC and main RP threads will go up around then. Make your way to Ganymede if you can; Protogen shenanigans await!
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  9. Elliot Duval

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    Now that looks awesome!

    I was going to throw out another movie that was sci-fi horror as well! If you haven't seen it - Europa Report is also entertaining!
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  10. Liadan

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  11. Her Manus

    Her Manus Central VI of the Purgatory Nightclub

    Her Manus#7927
    That certainly would be interesting.
    Would be cool if one of the actual players would be the killer and no one knows who it is.
    Similar to the game cluedo or something like that.
  12. Drake Jast

    Drake Jast Mercenary Pilot

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    Im down
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  13. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    I would offer to start creating something and work stuff out.
    Just need to know who is actually interested and what people want.
    Thought about maybe implementing a Game Master that guides the whole thing to make it more intersting.
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  14. William Buttersworth

    William Buttersworth Director of PS&E, Captain of the Revenge

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    We should really do this before the time skip.

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