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  1. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Pilot on the MCRN Atrax

    Character Biography:
    Geostationary Orbit - Above Ceres Docks

    The MCRN Atrax hung in the void like a black and red arrowhead, its sharp, angular profile more suited for atmospheric flight than space. On its dorsal side, two stabilisers were folded down, sitting flush on the hull of the ship. Every now and again small puffs of superheated steam would appear as the ship maintained geostationary orbit just off the docks of Ceres. Around it, fragments of of the doomed Martian starship glittered and tumbled.

    Inside the cockpit of the corvette, Karen tapped away at one of the several terminal displays that hung around her, every now and again pausing briefly to marvel at the enormous planetoid that took up half of the cockpits view. Aside from being a versatile offensive vehicle, the Atrax and the rest of the Silhouette II class corvettes were designed for recon and surveillance, and since her arrival at Ceres she had shut down most of the ships systems and began gathering as much intelligence as possible. A bulbous camera, with multiple lenses that rotated and zoomed, had emerged from the hull and began photographing and scanning many of the vessels around, including several lining up to dock, and the docks themselves. Karen was not sure if this was required, however it was better to be prepared.

    Every now and again she would fire up the comms laser and tightbeam the intelligence back to the Atrax mothership, the Simurgh. So far, most of the UNN vessels had pointed their sensors at the Atrax briefly as it burst onto the scene, however they had not paid her any more attention since, except for the occasional ping. Karen was thankful for this, the less attention the better, especially considering the experimental drive system the vessel contained, she took special care to keep the drives angled away from the UNN fleet, so that they would be none the wiser. After a moment another order packet came through:

    MCRN Atrax/ Packet received from FleetCom, Priority 1
    1) Space around Ceres is to be shared with UNN. Do not take aggressive posture.
    2) Maintain reasonable distance and continue gathering intel.
    3) Engage Atrax sensor suite to probe UNN vessels for vulnerabilities.

    Karen's eyebrow slowly began to climb up her forehead again. That's going to be...interesting...Those orders feel almost contradictory...She tapped out her acknowledgement and opened up the sensor package on the main terminal. The sensors were state of the art, far outclassing anything that the UNN possessed, however even any old bucket the UNN flew out here would eventually notice the occasional radiation spike coming from the Atrax and bouncing off their hull, she would have to be very careful. Small, controlled bursts at sensitive points.

    She selected her target, the UNN Shanghai, and began the probe. Soon enough, she identified several vulnerabilities in its defences, but just as she was getting confident the terminal bleeped at her, the Shanghai had pinged her, she quickly killed the probe and held her breath. Nothing...just a sensor ping roaming around the hull...she had not been converted into a dazzling sphere of light, the Atrax was still serenely hovering in space between a planetoid and a fleet of warships...she let her breath out...and began going over the data she had gathered. Thats enough excitement for now...
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  2. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    @Zay Boussaa @Aden Peterson @Carson Boussaa @Noam Kase @Cpt_Buttersworth

    Tycho Station, attached to the Nauvoo undergoing final system trials

    Morne watched his screens carefully. Little figures were clinging to the Nauvoo's hull. From this angle he could barely see the curvature of the drum, showing just how enormous the vessel was. For the last week the Mormons had been kept out of the operations deck as they finished effecting repairs. He needed their trust now. When Fred had been killed the station had suffered some damage, both to its systems and the reputation of Tycho Industries.

    "Oi, fookers, I said make double sure each of those seals is tight. No room for error."

    They didn't reply, but the team leader made a sweeping gesture in the direction of the camera drone tracking their progress. Morne shook his head, mildly amused. The teams they had out there were skilled and he trusted them, but sometimes the importabce of their work and the tolerances they had to work to eluded them.

    Watching the work was almost a distraction. Right now his video message would be reaching the Martian embassy on Ceres. Light travel time was only a couple of minutes, but real time comms never extended beyond a single rock or planet.

    "This is a message to the Martian Embassy on Ceres." Morne wore a full Tycho uniform and stood in frame with his arms tucked behind his back. There was no mistaking him for an inner. Hawkish eyes looked straight into the lens. His clearly broken nose twitched before he continued.

    "A conglomerate or interests, including Tycho Manufacturing and Engineering would like to begin dialogue on the future of Ceres."

    His eyes tracked just below the camera. Morne was reading the words now.

    "There is also another matter to discuss. Information pertaining to the fate of the Phoebe research station has recently come into our possession and we want to host a meeting on Tycho Station."

    Tycho had done great things in its time. They had spun up Ceres, captured the first asteroids used by Mars to start the terraforming project. Hopefully the name carried enough weight that they took him seriously.

    "Oi, Jeff, what does pertaining even mean?" Morne growled at the operator on the next console as he waited for a reply.

    The belter gave a wide shrug. "Mi na sasa. Ask Ines. Im wrote it. To gotta talk dere language, ya?"

    Morne shrugged in returned. If a martian delegation did come then there wouldn't be someone writing words for him.
  3. Bodhi Xin

    Character Biography:
    Star Helix HQ, Plaza Level

    @Loske Matson @Lukas Forgrave @Rachel Lei

    "Mi na wanya talk for da bossmang," Bodhi said, "but mi think da whole not getting paid thing might not last much longer than dat call."

    He offered them both a shrug. It was well beyond his pay grade to be dealing with such matters. He had a very simple job. Turn up, try and arrange some cooperation to deal with the gangs and keep the dialogue open. It was hoped the crowd seeing Belters talking to Star Helix would help keep some calm and disperse some of the anger. Or they would tear Xin to pieces, but he was expendable.

    "Imalowda dug in deep around da Covent Stretch. Beltalowda scared down there."

    Reports weren't good. Armed gangs looking for inners, companies and casinos who had once been under the thumb of the gangs were being pressured once again.
  4. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective


    He entered the HQ through the backdoor.
    He was quite sure why he hadn't taken that one the first time.

    Maybe some kind of divine power that had guided his steps had forgotten about it he thought to himself.
    The inside of the Station was stenched in the thick smell of fear and tension that usually manifested in form of sweat and coffee.

    He looked around.
    He stopped a Officer that passed by.

    "Where is Detective Forgrave?"

    "Hes in Interview room 3 with one of the rookies and a OPA guy." he replied hastily.

    "OPA?" Jacob asked confused, he hadn't known about that.

    "Yes, Yes some OPA enforcer showed up a few hours earlier. Just walked right through the protesters and knocked at the door. Can i leave now?" he responded looking around as if he was worried someone would follow him.

    "Where do you want to go?" Thompson asked, made suspicious by the mans behavior and grabbed the officers arm with his left, the bionics digging into his jacket.

    "Uh oh, well..., if they ain't paying us i won't stay." he answered looking wearily at the Senior Detective.

    "Coward! Then go, before i change my mind and relieve this rock of you. You waste of air!" he showed him towards the backdoor.

    The man trembled and almost fell but managed to get hold of a desk, he hurried to open the door and leave.

    He turned around and looked at the other people, mkst hadn't even noticed or bothered with it.
    He walked towards the Interview room, but stopped to get a can of coffee and 4 cups.

    "Coffee?" he asked cheerfully when he entered, being in a surprisingly good mood.

    @Bodhi Xin @Loske Matson @Lukas Forgrave
  5. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Midtown - Near Midtown Hospital

    As the group policed the gangsters weapons, Rachel went over the numbers in her head. There were seven of them, including the doctor. Once they dropped him off the six crew-members would beeline for Camden Station, around six "blocks" from their current position. After that it would take them through six tune stations and two line changes. Probably an hour at least to get to Heron Station, and then another fifteen to get to the control room where the dock controls had been locked down.

    She grimaced as she wiped what she thought was sweat off her brow, only to find it was the blood of one of the gangsters she had dealt with a moment earlier. Wiping it on her pants she looked around and momentarily made eye contact with the horrified looking doctor. "Alright everyone, three blocks to the hospital. The team began to move down the hall again, this time more cautiously considering they had just killed half a dozen Loca Griega. As they approached a corner, Rachel stuck her head out and pulled it back in quickly. "Star Helix down the end of the alley. They wont appreciate our weapons. Try keep it cool sasa ke?"

    Stepping out, Rachel moved down the alleyway followed closely by the rest of the team. The two Star Helix officers were in riot gear and were standing over what looked like a crumpled pile of clothing. One of them laughed and kicked the pile...which Rachel then realised was actually a body...and one of a child at that. She felt the cold, burning rage start to build back up inside her chest but kept walking, hoping that they would make it to the next intersection without too much attention. "Oi, why you walking around with a pashang inyalowda huh?" One of them called out, Rachel swore under her breath. "Awright geeezzaa! none ov yaaahr business!" one of the team called back, stepping in front of the doctor.

    The two officers turned to face the team fully, tracking them with their eyes as they moved down the alley towards them. "Alright alright, hold it up der belterlowdas, what the hell you doing with all these weapons?"

    Rachel rounded on the cops, impatience in her eyes, "We gotta defend ourself someway huh? Have to do ourselves what you should be doing for us. Noticed that barricade back up near the station?"

    "Uh, Loca Greiga, dug in pretty deep-"

    "They're dead now. We took care of them. You're welcome."
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  6. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Thomas Cochrane

    Character Biography:
    “You have our thanks, mon cher.” A low voice, with a Cajun drawl as smooth as honey lilted across the blood-drenched alleyway, as four men, clad in combat armour, armed with assault rifles, pistols, and grenades, emerged from the shadows. There were UN insignia on their armour, though their faces were half-obscured by AR visors. At the head of the group, a tall man, dark skinned, and rugged, with the beginnings of a greyish beard on his well-defined jaw. He reached up, and tapped the side of his helmet, causing the visor to rise, revealing intelligent dark-brown eyes. Behind him, three rifles were levelled at the Belters, being held by three grim-faced marines, ready for a fight. Their leader, though, wore an amiable smile. “The UN’s always glad to be spared a logistical expense.” His hand fell back to his rifle, though it remained flat over his chest, and his eyes scanned the party assembled before him. “Now, I hate to ask you for another favour after all your hard work, but y’all wouldn’t happen to know where I might find a young man by the name of Shay Lockley now, would you?” His grin widened, but it was darker now. The smile of a cat, as it toyed with its prey. His fingers drummed a jaunty tune on the pistol-grip of his rifle, as he waited to see how the lady would respond.

    @Rachel Lei
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  7. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Midtown - Near Midtown Hospital

    Rachel had been on the business end of UNN rifles before. It usually played out the same way, quick movements, a few screams and then silence as she introduced the unfortunate soldiers to the intricacies of breathing vacuum. This time however, she was not on home turf, even when boarding a prize she was so comfortable as it was on a ship. A station however, was different, no airlocks nearby, more than just a steel plate or a pane of glass between her and the void.

    This time she had to think harder to get out of the situation. Four UN marines, four rifles, aiming at her team of seven, also heavily armed...but the moment they reached for their weapons they were dead, one was a doctor, completely useless in a firefight...well unless someone got shot. The team instinctively drew closer together in an attempt to obscure the doctor from view, their tall belter bodies easily towering over the more squat, stocky Earther. Rachels eyes flitted across the environment, the alley was dark, there were three exits, one blocked by the UN marines, one blocked by the idiotic Star Helix officers, and a third, their destination which lead directly to Midtown hospital. She took a step backwards towards their exit, the team mimicking her movements, while she raised her hands and swept them aside in belta sign language, "Mi na sasa?" she tried to sound sweet, innocent, "Eeehhh...no hablo...ingles?" Another step back, the team shuffled back in unison as well.

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  8. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Thomas Cochrane

    Character Biography:

    It had been a relatively easy process, getting to the Embassy. The odd protest, a few locals hurling insults, a few locals hurling bottles, nothing that posed a threat. They had moved in a tight formation, making sure nobody got separated from the group, that nobody became an individual target. Standard procedure in a hostile environment. Standard Procedure. That had always been Lieutenant Ahmadi’s way. It meant safety, it meant order, it meant adhering to the UN ideal. To that, above all else, he was loyal. Maybe, if we can bring peace to this lawless rock, there is yet hope for my home. He frowned, as his eyes fell upon the Embassy, eyes scanning their surroundings once more. Periphery. Always know your periphery. They seemed clear, for now, but he had that feeling in the pit of his stomach, the feeling he always had when he was surrounded. This is the Belt, of course. We’re always surrounded. They moved inside the sleek, modernist architecture of the Embassy, doors sliding open before them. It felt like the sort of moment at which Lieutenant Basquerro would have made a quip, but Mehmet Ahmadi was not that sort of man. Instead, they got to work, liaising with embassy officials and beginning to process the personnel who had taken refuge here. Already, the crowds had begun to swarm around them, eager for news on when they would be evacuated. It was going to be a long 24 Hours.


    Lt Conrad Spiers had been expecting chaos. Thus far, he had been disappointed, but the belt seldom let you down for long as far as madness was concerned. The way Conrad saw it, the whole damn rock was just a pile of kindling, waiting for an errant spark to set it ablaze. And here we are, a great big bunch of tinderboxes. He grimaced, his eyes scanning the multi-levelled walkways of the Mid-Town district. They were basically just boxing themselves in here. Doing the damn OPA’s job for them. But it was necessary. They needed somewhere to gather evacuees, and all things considered, a big open space where they could get shot at was probably better than a crowded building the OPA could sneak a bomb into. Besides, they’d brought barricades.

    It wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, though. There’d be crowds of friendlies, all making the hostiles harder to distinguish, and his men weren’t exactly able bureaucrats at the best of times. He didn’t know when, he didn’t know how, but something was going to fuck up. And then things were going to get real ugly real fast. Spiers sighed, and gripped his rifle a little tighter, uncomfortable with the anticipation coursing through his veins. “Alright people!” He called out, his harsh Afrikaner accent a strangely un-startling sound in Ceres. “Let’s set up shop.”


    Baptiste smiled more softly, though that teasing note did not leave his posture. His hands slid away from his rifle, yet his men did not shift an inch, gun barrels wavering slightly in the dank alley air. It wasn’t the first time he’d been encountered with a Belter who didn’t even speak English. It wasn’t the first time he’d been grateful for the rudimentary language training he’d gotten either. “Im gut,” he replied easily, watching to see how the lady would react. “Mi sasa enough belta to get by.” He lifted up his terminal, displaying a high-res image of Shay’s face. Sasa ke dis tumang?”
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  9. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Holy shit he believed me...Okay...think Rachel...talk more shit...She pulled out her terminal, tapping it with mock confusion. She pretended to absent mindedly walk up to the soldier, but just before, sent two pre-prepared messages before dismissing them.

    Team> Move to the hospital
    Saxon/Black Sky> Midtown Hospital, distraction required

    The team barely reacted as the message was relayed to their earbuds and in unison slowly backed down the alleyway towards the hospital. Rachel, still maintaining the charade leaned on the mans chestplate, artificially raising the pitch of her voice, "Kepelésh mi? Tolowda wanya pochuye fo walowda sowngit ke?" A chorus of chuckles rippled through the marines as she messed around on her terminal, tapping apps, bringing up maps and spinning them around, all the while leaning on the man, hopefully the man would take pity on this ditzy belter girl...and the team will be long gone by then.

    Looking up briefly, her heart sank, Shay, even though surrounded by the tall, burly crewmembers was still visible, only partially...but all it would take was for the soldier to look away from Rachel and her mock stupidity and pay some closer attention and things would go sideways quickly.

    @Shay Lockley @Dolores Muwangwa
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  10. Noam Kase

    Noam Kase "Mars Robert"

    Character Biography:
    "A military coup" she had called it. Noam knew she was right. And as he watched the ambassador storm from the embassy, his stomach turned to a knot and his head bowed between hunched shoulders. He had done everything Boussaa had asked of him, pleaded with the ambassador to consider the proposal - done everything short of pulling his service pistol and ordering her to comply.

    But in the end, he couldn't save the government from itself. The Rear Admiral's fists curled and he bit down on his tongue, forcing himself to keep composure. If the civilian government wasn't so goddamned caught up in itself, maybe he could help it. It was impossible to save something that seemed so hellbent on making everything so difficult. Now though...

    His fists loosened with a sigh. This wasn't honorable, none of it was. It wasn't the place of a military man to usurp political power like this, it was his place to serve that power. Taking a deep breath, he glanced at the television and the continued chaos that it reported - he had a job to do here still, he couldn't afford to mourn.


    @Zay Boussaa

    Chief Boussaa" Noam began, fighting back his gloom as he saluted the camera, "I regret to inform you that Mrs. Maze has abandoned her position as Ambassador to Ceres."

    Saying it was as bitter as ash on his tongue. Dropping his salute, he folded his hands to the small of his back and continued, "
    I will prepare a unit of marines to escort myself and a political advisory team or...secure the governor as needed. I will see to it that your son is placed in this team, he will be safe - you have my word."

    Clearing his throat, "As for the riot teams, I had similar thoughts. However, we cannot proceed with the organization of such a team at this time - we lack the manpower to defend the embassy as well as execute crowd control outside its bounds. I will, however, make an accurate count of our available crowd control equipment and make inquiries with Star Helix to see if it is possible to temporarily requisition equipment from them."

    He considered his final words carefully, "I would also request that a naval intelligence officer and team be routed to the embassy, I believe it imperative to begin unraveling the attack on the Agrippa immediately."



    @Aden Peterson @Carson Boussaa @Star Helix Leaders

    This was madness. But it had to be done. If he folded in now, then who was it that would take his place? Someone worse or someone better suited? The chances were fifty-fifty and those weren't good enough. It had to be him.

    Placing the hand terminal gently into his pocket, he left the office and returned to the main lobby of the embassy. Most of the diplomatic staff had remained, but there was a noticeable absence of those who had taken offense at the ambassador's disposal. He felt for them, truly, but only a coward left their nation in its time of need. These men and women here, they were the proud few he could trust knew their duty - despite what they might think.

    He respected that sense of duty.

    Ladies. Gentlemen. I thank you on behalf of your planet for remaining here. There is a great service yet to be done and I'm proud to see that those present have chosen to stay and do what is expected of your positions." A smile crept from under the Admiral's mustache, "I also thank you, because I have no right idea what I'm doing in politics and I need you to pull me from whatever fire I throw myself into."

    A small chuckle rose throughout the room, breaking the uneasy tension if but for a moment. Most of who had stayed behind, Noam noted, were younger aids and advisors - most of the old breed had left with their former ambassador. "I won't lie and tell you I am comfortable with the change of events and I'm sure you are all wondering what comes next, now that Mrs. Maze has departed us. For now...I have been chosen to represent Mars on Ceres and every single one of you will be crucial in ensuring I don't dunce things up here."

    Again a rolling chuckle, but this one seemed more out of respect than genuine humor, "I know you all must be scared...some of you may even have friends or loved ones outside the embassy right now. You are not alone, my daughter is out there somewhere and I intend to bring her - and your loved ones - back to safety. I'd like you all to get ready for a diplomatic mission to the governor's office, we will be traveling there within the next few hours. I'll let you all know more as soon as I am notified myself."

    There was a sweep of murmors throughout the room as the diplomats, aids, and advisors stood and moved to the back offices to gather what they could. Noam didn't stay to listen. Instead, marched directly to the same sergeant who had come to him early with news of the Chief Minister's message.

    Sergeant, I need you to find @Carson Boussaa and notify him that he is to report to the Ambassador's office - then put out the call for five more volunteers to join a special task unit - preferably those with combat experience."

    "Aye, sir!" The sergeant saluted shaprly, then ran off through the lobby doors.


    @Morne du Plessis

    The Rear Admiral was just about to follow the Sergeant and survey the situation of the troops when his hand terminal began chiming rapidly at him. Another message from Mars, most likely.

    Turning an about-face, Noam returned to the Ambassador's office and played the message. He was shocked to find that it was not Zay on the other end of the line. Tycho Engineering? The name was familiar to Noam, it'd found its way across his desk from time to time - but he'd never had any personal run-ins with the company. He recalled that they were responsible for the capture of asteroids used in Mar's Terraforming efforts.

    But why he wondered, were they so suddenly interested in Ceres?

    With an uneasy flick of his thumb, he keyed the terminal to beam a response to Tyc
    o, "This is Rear Admiral Noam Kase with the Mars Congressional Republic Navy" he hesitated before using his stolen title, "and representative of Mars to Ceres."

    What did he do now? Pass it to Zay? He was the representative now, did he have authority to negotiate like this? Hell, did he even have the will to do it? He wasn't sure, not anymore.

    I will hear whatever proposal you wish to present and respond in due time."
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  11. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [MCR Compound]

    Aden nodded as the man talked about his ship. Not too many private citizens running around with their own little war machine. "Not bad. I've never flown one of those... too fast for my blood, but damn they are nice ships," he said, cracking a small smile despite the tension in the air. "I remember the drive well. Fewer, better ships seemed like the way to go," he said before holding up a hand. "Hey, I don't make the calls about reemployment around here. I'm just an enlisted guy, I've got no say as to what goes on around here," he said, lowering the hand. Thankfully, it appeared the man knew who to talk to. The arrival of another MCR crew was always a pleasant sight, at least.

    Aden raised an eyebrow as a man in Rear-Admiral uniform issued orders. He hadn't quite expected to see any of the brass here, but an order was an order. He turned to the man he'd come in with, as he again offered the pistol back. "Seems they're outfitting everyone here who wears a uniform with MCR weapons. Guess I'm not going spaceside anyways," he said, his face belying the confusion he felt.

    As far as Aden was concerned, to himself, he thought this was a bad call. He was a pilot, not a Marine. Sure, he passed basic rifle training but he wasn't meant to be a frontline or ground fighter. Leave that to the Army or Marines. His place was in the void. But, an order was an order. He looked around and saw a small room nearby that appeared to be unoccupied. "Excuse me for a second," he said, as he ducked into it, shutting the door behind him. Thankfully, it was indeed empty. In moments he had shed his off-duty shirt and fixed his uniform. Moments later he emerged again, his uniform displaying the rank of Petty Officer and fitting better than it had with bulky civilian clothing underneath.

    He then was issued weapons - Herded and issued formal orders to be on guard and to prepare to move to secure MCR interests. All of which wasn't flying a ship, which is what he wanted to be doing. He simply went where he was told, however. His new friend seemed to have found people he knew, as he was issued an older-generation pistol and rifle, the pistol loaded with non-lethal ammo. It'd hit like a truck, but it wouldn't kill.


    He slung the rifle across his body and put the pistol in his holster. Now, all that he needed was someone to point him toward where he was supposed to be, or where he was supposed to go. Unfortunately for him, the fact that he had no idea where to go was painfully obvious as he looked around, looking for someone to issue orders. The Admiral's little pep-talk had done exactly nothing to set Aden's mind at ease. His mind was still wondering - Why was a Rear Admiral in charge here?

    @Hayakaze, MCR Compound
  12. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Thomas Cochrane

    Character Biography:

    Baptiste was entirely unfazed by the Belter’s babbling, looking down at her with an expression closer to amusement than anything else. Quick as a flash, his stun-baton was in his hand, and the business end pressed against Rachel’s side. “Ah ah ah, cherie, I ain’t here to play games.” He forced her to step back, as he drew his pistol and levelled it at the rest of the crew. His men began to advance from behind him, their rifles still pointing at the mysterious Belters. “That goes for the rest of y’all.” He glanced over at the others as he released the safety from his pistol. “Don’t want you sneakin’ off before we’ve got what we came for.” Suddenly, his eyes widened in recognition, and he began to chuckle, deep and sonorous. “Speaking of…” He took a few steps forwards, lowering the stun-baton, but instead levelling his pistol at Rachel’s chest. His eyes, however, were on the wounded young man at the centre of the crowd. “Well, damn, I didn’t think this would be so easy. Takes the sport right out of it.” He shrugged, and an accepting smile settled on his face. “Mr Lockley, it’s good to finally meet you. We’re your official UN escort. Your parents send their regards.” The three other Marines took a few steps closer to the belters, trying to cover their means of egress.

    @Rachel Lei @Shay Lockley
  13. Kealoha Scarsi

    Kealoha Scarsi OPA Politican

    Infront of the MCR Embassy

    Scarsi watched.
    The MCRN Embassy was a few hundred meters away from his current position.
    He saw when a strange couple arrived, a belter in ragged clothes and a martian military officer, and he watched as the Martians started to gear up and prepared.
    He was worried, that the Martians were gearing up couldn't mean anything good for the inhabitants of Ceres.

    "Come." he said to the three OPA Enforcers him.
    They were wearing light armored vests and sidearms.

    He walked straight towards the Embassy and watched when the MCR troops standing guard noticed him and put up their weapons.

    "Hold right there! This is foreign Martian territory. You have no business here and are to turn around and leave immediately!" proclaimed one of the guards, a lieutenant judging from his uniform.

    Kealoha took a few steps forward, leaving his Bodyguards behind, and spread out his arms, showing that he wasn't armed.

    "I am Kealoha Scarsi. I was send by me bosmang to represent da OPA on Ceres and negotiate with Mars about da future of dis rock.
    I am personally interested in ensuring dat as little harm as possible is done to every inhabitant of Ceres Station, may dey be Belta, Martian or Ertha. Me bosmang send me to negotiate about da possible future of Ceres and to discuss da role of da OPA and MCR in that future. Dere is no need for violence."

    He made a little pause to make sure that the Martians understood what he was talking about.

    "So let me talk to your Boss. If not for negotiation den to talk about possible humanitarian aid for the people of dis rock.
    They are all suffering, Erthas, Martians and Beltalowda alike.
    In this crisis we are all the same."

    He took a few steps back to avoid pressuring the Martians into responding and gave them time to respond.

    @Aden Peterson @Noam Kase
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  14. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Rachel's internal monologue would have curdled milk, not that Rachel had ever tasted milk, or seen it, or even seen a cow for that matter. All she was thinking about was the prongs of the stun baton currently jammed between her ribs. The man looked at her in amusement, he had seem through her charade, so she dropped it immediately. Her face changing from an innocent, confused look to hard and cold. "And here I was hoping you would have gone out for a dance wit me."

    As the marines brought their weapons up, the team of pirates responded in kind, carbines, submachine guns and assault rifles levelled themselves at the marines heads, with Rachel and this soldier in the middle. Rachel laughed, "Your pashang parents put these muppets up to dis eh Doc? Coulda just paid Star Helix for a kidnap job, woulda been cheaper." The two groups stood there awkwardly for a moment, Shay still standing behind a wall of pirates, Rachel standing in front of them with a handgun pointed at her chest, Baptiste and his soldiers standing there impassively. She looked down on the squat, stocky Eather soldier, her elongated belter frame working to her advantage, "Looks to me soldier...That you're outgunned, and we've got the only medic nearby. How about you back off outta here before the locals see a bunch of inyalowda holding poor downtrodden beltas at gunpoint, bad optics yah? How about you just let us go before this turns into a bloodbath?"

    In the distance, a boom echoed down the halls and alleys of Midtown, followed by the sounds of voices chanting in unison, accompanied with shouts and screams...That'd be Black Sky...She thought...If we can just make it to the hospital..."Doc...you feeling impatient yet?" The chanting and the shouts grew steadily louder as a faint haze and whisps of smoke began drifting out of the alleyway leading to the hospital.

    @Shay Lockley @Dolores Muwangwa
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  15. Lukas Forgrave

    Lukas Forgrave Scourge of the Water Pipes

    Character Biography:
    He wasn't sure he liked where @Loske Matson was going with that. Recipe was two parts conspiracy and three parts a slap in the face, and not the sort that you could pay for down in the red light district. It was true that the MCRN and UNN seemed to be playing a game of 4-d chess and Ceres was their staging ground for all the various experimental tactics, but it wasn't the first time that riots broke out when the grip of the galactic entities got just a bit too tight.

    Luka didn't like it. He was Martian but the Martians weren't his people, which begged the question of who exactly was his people. It wasn't like the OPA was opening their arms widely for turncoat gravity lovers.

    "Yeah?" He mulled over the thought of somehow this all being sorted out and doubted the ease of it. "Well promises and hunches don't fill bellies and pay rent." And most of the officers weren't the particularly loyal sort. But maybe @Bodhi Xin and his bossmang had some tricks up their sleeve.

    He did his best to mask the incredulity when @Thompson Jacob walked in. Luka understood trying to put on a show but he didn't take the man for concealing his true feelings. "The fuck you so happy about?" He was irritated by the expression of the shockingly out of place joyfulness, but appreciated the coffee. That being said, he wasn't sure how Bodhi would take an unknown moving into what was an otherwise confidential discussion.

    "Bodhi..." He gestured to the belta, then up to the other detective. "Detective Thompson Jacob. Don't worry..." He winced as he took a sip of the hot coffee, feigning pain. "He's not as old as he looks." He actually had no idea how old the man was but he assumed the spin had it's way with him, just like everyone else.

    "So we got a spot and we got a limited assortment of force. The station is falling down around us, MCRN and UNN are moving in and traipsing about like they own the place..." Who actually owned Ceres? "And we're hunting Loca Greiga...so, we ready?"
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  16. Noam Kase

    Noam Kase "Mars Robert"

    Character Biography:
    @Aden Peterson @Carson Boussaa

    A standing order was issued throughout the ranks - by word of mouth of officers as well as any registered Martian military device within the embassy.

    By order of acting Commander of Martian military assets on Ceres, Rear Admiral Kase, all Martian military personnel are to remain on Embassy grounds unless otherwise ordered by the Rear Admiral.

    All personnel without squad assignment will be attached to an existing Embassy Guard unit.

    All personnel with weapons training are to be armed at all times and must maintain Rules of Engagement.


    Fire only when fired upon.

    Fire only at persons who can be identified as combative by possession of a firearm or by their use of deadly force against Martian personnel.

    Unarmed persons taking belligerent actions against Martian personnel (throwing rocks, attempting to circumvent security measures, unarmed assault on Martian citizens or personnel, etc) are to be neutralized ONLY through use of less-than-lethal devices, hand-to-hand compliance tactics and other less-lethal means. Deadly force against unarmed persons who have not taken lethal action IS NOT permitted.

    Star Helix personnel are considered a neutral party unless they take direct action against Martian Personnel

    ADVISE: If you fail to receive an assignment, report to Embassy Guard Captain Lilian Meer in her office on the second floor of the embassy.

    NOTICE: All orders presented in this message stand under penalty of court-martial - failure to comply will result in immediate disciplinary action."


    @Kealoha Scarsi

    The order was sent, hopefully, it wasn't too late. He hadn't exactly been given the authorization to take command of the military assets on the station, but he hadn't been told to not take command when he notified Zay that he had done so. To him, that was enough legal wiggle room to maneuver in.

    After all, circumstances were pressing - to say the least.

    Rear Admiral." Noam looked up from the ambassador's desk, spotting the same sergeant from the embassy he'd been dealing through all this time, "the guards at the front gate just reported in - there is a man claiming to an OPA negotiator who wants to speak with you. He came with an armed escort."

    Noam's good eye went wide. The OPA wanted to talk? It could have been a ruse, of course, a way to get inside the embassy...then again that seemed like a strange move for someone who'd just nuked a Martian vessel. Even with their claim of innocence, most the embassy staff was in agreement in the assumption that the OPA was responsible.

    But you didn't nuke a Martain ship and expect to make it to the embassy gates alive - unless you really didn't do it.

    Noam leaned back into the cushions of the ambassador's chair, fidgeting to find comfort in the support that was far too small for his own body. He wasn't exactly in his element here, politics was never his favorite endeavor...but the more he considered events, the more worried he was becoming that the civilian government was about to start a crisis.

    In the heat of it all, he'd been foolish not to openly question his orders. Riot teams without star helix consent? Taking the governor hostage? If Noam did any of that, he might go down in history as the one who started the last war humanity would ever know. But what would happen if he refused? He'd be relieved of command, court-martialed and someone more compliant put in charge. At least here, at the helm, he could contain the damage.

    But maybe, just maybe, he could avoid all of this. Maybe he could strike peace before hot heads led them into war. He just hoped he was a smart enough man to do it.

    Have him searched for bombs, weapons and any other dangerous materials. I'll speak with him in the secured meeting rooms on the third floor - have guards posted with him at all times and make sure his escort remains outside."
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  17. Zay Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    "Thank you Rear Admiral for taking charge of the situation and obeying orders."

    "To answer your requests, two MCRN ships arrive at high speed. They have on board what you need. The atrax is already in Ceres orbit. And MCRN Simurgh is coming too."

    "I fully understand that you are a soldier and not a diplomat or a politician. I myself was in the military intelligence services."

    A smile passes over Zay's face as if he remembers good memories.

    "Anyway, I've been analyzing your file and I know you're an honest man with honor. Which is rare these days. "

    A spark of amusement passes over Zay's pupils when he understands the hypocrisy and the irony of his words.

    "So I trust you to make the right decisions. I guess it wasn't easy for you to remove the ambassador from her position. If all goes well, it will be the hardest thing you will have to do during the crisis. "

    Zay uses his most reassuring tone possible

    "We must shed as less blood as possible.Don't leave the embassy until we get the green light from the local authorities. Wait for my signal to visit the gouvernor conseil. We absolutely must have the cooperation of local authorities for our plan to work. Otherwise we'll just be a bunch of assholes taking control of Ceres. "

    "On my side the discussion with Star Helix is *slow*. I guess that's their way of saying no. And..."

    An officer clears his throat in front of Zay. The latter pauses the recording

    - You better have a good reason to interrupt me!

    - Sir, you know that the embassy's communication system automatically sends , here on Mars, all messages received by the embassy?

    - Yes, and then?

    - I'm sure you want to see this.

    Zay's face hardens when he sees the transmission. He takes his hand terminal and calls the Prime Minister, who is not in the room at the moment.

    - Is there a problem, Zay?

    - I've transferred a video to you.

    She took a moment to look at it

    - You think this is a trap?

    - What interests does he have to lie to us?

    - I don't know, Zay, it seems too beautiful.

    - I can take care of it. Much less dangerous than involving the Prime Minister himself. And I can speak for you.

    - Zay try to find what he wants. And what are the military doing right now?

    Zay turns his head towards them. The latter plays with holograms that reproduce simulations of different situations that can happen on Ceres. Right now they're looking at a rather strange simulation. Ceres is locked from the inside and the docks are condemned.
    Giant drills pierce the rocks of Ceres for quote a millitary present in the room: Extract the damn terrorists!

    Zay frowned with worry and his mouth opened with misunderstanding.

    - Well, they a little too much shelling Ceres for my taste. If you see what i want to say!

    - I don't want any military operations to be carried out without my fucking permission!

    Zay's eyes open wide as he saw the drill penetrate the rock of the holographic and simulated Ceres.

    - Oh hell fuck, count me on me for that!

    Zay hangs up and restarts the recording.

    " As I said, we absolutely must cooperate with local forces and remain in the embassy. The only reason allowed, to leave the embassy, for the moment is to save our citizens."

    "I received the messages from Tycho. If you answered him. That's all right. It's okay. All you'll have to do is forward me the answers from him. Don't worry, I'll take over. It'll make you one less burden on your shoulders. *Zay brings out his most sympathetic smile in his pocket* Let me know if anything changes or happening."


    @Noam Kase @Morne du Plessis
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  18. Carson Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    Ceres, Mars embassy

    An officer is coming to pick him up. He told her that the Rear Admiral wait for him in the ambassador's office.

    Why is a Rear Admiral doing in the ambassador's office?

    He knocks on the office door and waits...

    @Noam Kase
  19. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    Tycho Station Ops

    "Attached are proposed details for a meeting to be held on Tycho Station. We suggest this is held soon as the security threat to Mars and the Belt is ongoing."

    That much was true. One thing they were certain of was that Protogen was still operating. It seemed the protomolecule samples had all been sent to Eros, but no one could be certain.

    "We have hired a private security force to protect some of our interests on Ceres. Attached are contact details for several employees. With da unrest da last thing we want is friendly fire incidents."

    Morne looked slightly confused for half a second before the video message ended. He had slipped slightly into his belt/afrikaans accent on the last sentence. It wasn't entirely a lie. If Tycho were funding equipment for an OPA force then they were sort of a private security force.
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  20. Kealoha Scarsi

    Kealoha Scarsi OPA Politican

    Infront of the MCR Embassy

    The Soldier lowered his weapon and tapped his helmet, which Kealoha assumed was a good sign.

    "New orders. The Rear Admiral is willing to talk to you. You will be searched for bombs and weapons, then we will escort you towards the Admiral. Your Escort will remain outside." said the Lieutenant after some time had passed.

    The stocky Martian took a step forward to begin the search but stopped when one of the three OPA Guards positioned himself infront of Scarsi.

    "Sorry Sir, but a can not do dat. Da bosmang ordered mi to not leave da talker alone." the man said in a heavy accent.

    "It´s ok. I can take care of myself, kopeng." said Kealoha trying convince the Belter to not screw this up.

    "No beratna, mi will go with to."

    He pulled out his gun and gave it to one of the other two Belters, aslo handing them his hidden weapons.

    "Eitha dis way or not." stated the now weaponless belter.

    "This is really not necessary bera..."

    "Da bosmang said so unte mi won´t leave to alone." interrupted the Bodyguard.

    "I will talk to the Admiral." said the annoyed Marine, who had quietly taken a few steps back while the two argued.

    @Noam Kase


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