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    (This is some NPC for a The Expanse Roleplay tabletop game I will run with Friend In the processing of developing my NPC I put some story down here and development for the game to come)

    Ted Gentlemayer
    Sarah Finn
    Dave Gozz
    Raven Husk
    Wu ‘’The French man’’ Tremblay

    -Rattlesnake Ted. you are free to dock station B18 and welcome to Ceres Station.

    -Hear you loud and clear kangaroo thank for the warm welcome and I wish you a great day!, Rattlesnake Ted out.

    Sarah the acting pilot on deck tapping a series a command on the screen and leaving the control of the ship to the Docking control of Ceres Station and after a moment the clamps of the docking bay getting on to secure the scavenger ship with is hull loader with refined ore.

    On the deck of the Rabblesnake Ted, the captain of the ship Ted himself getting up from his crash seat and take a look around on the deck crew for his well know farewell to the crew

    -Well, well that be a pleasure once again guys and girls. Hope I will see most of you back on the deck in a week for the next ride and like always your share will be sent to you the moment we get to pay for the shipment.

    Two days later

    Ted putting on his nicer shirt the one with a mix of ships and planets adjusting his belt with the right-sided gun holster he using to store his computer pad and getting out in the market. after a moment Dave Gozz his chief engineer show up. late as always with a perfume of cheap buzz clouding around him, the martian cracking up his arm at the top of his head showing some very nasty tattoo of his girlfriend on his Left forearm. The right one showing his artificial arms.

    So what the fuck do you want Cap?

    Want you to find my damn XO, She once again missing and doesn't answer my call and don't tell me she having trouble again with her ex. I know you two are friends and if someone can find her it’s you

    Well, Cap?

    Don't Cap me, Dave, we just got a special contact a very well paid but we have to leave tomorrow if you don't find her I will replace her by my Bonzai If I have too!

    12 hours later

    Raven shaking up her head and rolling her shoulder and rejecting her eye patch.

    Do not like the smell of that French man doesn't like it at all. Not enough we got an audit on our ass for the damn Sikaris conglomerate in addition to that getting hired by the MRCN to salvage the Donnager I tell you zanmi that smell like Kaka.

    Well, ‘’Ma Cherie’’ someone has to do the job and don't worry about the audit everybody knows you are the best chief mechanic in the sector.

    French man thanks for cheering me up a little now leave me alone and if you tell someone about that….
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    Alfonso Alkazon
    Riza Ironbreaker

    Earth Sikaris conglomerate Villa Grandiose Habitat South
    Both of them looking around in their proper way giving an analysis of the situation.
    For him that just another wealthy board member how getting scared of a threat and engaging the most expensive and effective security force around.
    For her, it’s pretty new first real affectation in the world of VIP babysitting.
    A good looking corporate goon getting inside the room where both of them waiting

    - Sorry to make you wait gentlemen said the goon without any truthfulness in the word is spoken.

    - So what his the job big boss someone …

    feeling the grip of her colleague around her arm she just stops talking knowing he his right been so familiar it’s not very professional of her.

    - Sorry I mean we are at your service Ser what the Sec-Gamma can do for you

    - Like your style young lady, I very like it, very refreshing. Once again what the goon saying and what she seems to feel be in complete opposition.

    - Let get to the task now if we may.

    Si senor we listening

    The corporate goon sending to both of them a full detail report about the VIP.

    - Like you see She is something, her father tries to kill her couple years ago and her job putting her in some dangerous setting but nothing an expensive security team cant handle.

    - Hey, wait a minute I know her! She make the feed when I was a kid.

    - That probably right she is some public person. said the corporate goon this time his perfect corporate etiquette of indifference cracking even more and the tone of is voice seem annoyed.

    - That seems in order Senor we take the job at the usual rate standard issue contact one years with a possibility of renewal if she likes our company.

    - Then that done If you may excuse me I have other appointments on my schedule.

    - Thank you, Senor, wish you a good day

    Without any more consideration the corporate goon getting out of the room letting the two freshly hire bodyguard alone.

    15 minutes later
    - Damn corporate dog… that guy such an asshole with an expensive costume.

    - Maybe he is Riza but god sake you have to hold your shit in front of a client. guy like him always paying their bill and to be fair a nice bodyguard job will change me for the usual shit I normally work on, so for god sake Riza shut the fuck up Chika and try not to make us lose that golden goose.

    - You know what Ser Alfonso Alkazon and taking an opposite direction she giving him a the belter finger

    - Very mature of you Riza I will wait for you at the dock to meet our VIP.
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    Sarah Finn
    Becky Rah

    Rattlesnake Ted Refitted Alexander Class ship Docking at Ceres Station
    Resting common area

    The angry and drunk woman grab the empty bottle of alcohol on the table in front of her and throw it over the wall with rage.

    - Damn son of a bitch! What the fucking he thinking! giving her the job I promise me I wait on my damn ass for four years waiting my damn time!

    - Maybe if you could control your drinking problem a…..

    The blue eye of Sarah looking right into Becky's eyes with lighting in them.
    - Fuck you, Becky, I don't have a drinking problem anymore.

    - You just empty that bottle Sarah so maybe …

    The rage in Sarah's eyes getting a level higher then getting down fast and she like always try to justify herself.
    - I only drink when something or someone messing with me...

    - Well that pretty much what alcoholism is...

    - Damn it! I will fucking space that fucking pilot bitch Ted hire you hear me, Becky, I will!

    - And you will end in jail without any job anymore very clever of you.

    - You talk bullshit anyway the girl done nothing to you she just accept the job that Mia pretty sure she is a very nice person and if you space her that will make you bad about it.

    - And blah Bla Bla...

    - By the way, I hear she get mostly impose for that particular job. The MRCN want to get an eye on the whole situation.

    - Even if that true Becky even if that true , that not make me like her…

    - Well, I know that but making you think twice before doing something stupid about her.
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    Dayne Ramirez *Robotic Crew*
    Mustafa Ramy *Net Crew and amateur porn actor

    Cares Station Medina Sector
    The Devil Pit

    Hey, Dayne my man! *said the young man loud enough to be hear above the high Belter heavy Rock.

    - Hey, Mus compadé! Then both of them trading a strong handshake.

    - Hope you ready for some serious fun I call some nasty Chika that will be nicer than the last time with that crazy head what her name again?

    - Hilda something with her nasty robot sex stuff.

    - Hila yes well she is supposed to come tonight say a little hello, she got the head of the robotic crew on the Rattlesnake.

    - Damn, that will be fucking madness on the ship.

    - Putting a genius robotic engineer on a ship with a tendency to nasty joke pretty sure that will be a hell of a ride.

    - Even nastier than the movie I…..

    - Hey man, I was young and innocent.

    - Ya right that like 3 month ago you nasty whore!

    - When you need money man you need money… Jealous?.

    - Fuck yea.

    - Anyway, Dayne, I got something for the job.

    Getting out of the pocket of his jacket the young belter getting out a little box and open it showing a dozen of little round pill.

    - That what I think it ’s?

    - Oh yes, it’s right for the new doctor that will shape your mind like a fucking razor blade.

    - And that true about fucking on that is like crazy.

    - That true man you feel everything.

    Both of them keep taking for a moment enjoying the loud music and some pretty nasty joke waiting for the eventual coming of some random but pretty girls to enjoy they last night on the station.
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    Recap from my First The Expanse RPG table top game with Traveller system.
    Mia Underwood (Player caracter)
    Hila Goldman (Player Caracter)
    Beth Sosa (Player Caracter)
    Cassandra Sikaris (Player Caracter)
    Other Caracters are NPC Play by Me


    Bring! Bring!
    Mia opens her eye looking at the alarm device buzzing and shaking on the table near the hotel bed. The Neo-French Hotel ‘’Le Bon Vivant’’ is a pretty clean hotel not too cheap not too expensive.

    Waking up with efficacity, she takes a shower then dress up and taking two energy bar she brought from a mars food shop in a matter of twenty minutes. She knows she will have to eat soon enough bad earth food or even worst Belter junk food but she tries to delay it far as she can.

    Half an hour later and a pretty bad subway ride behind her, she finally gets to the dock and almost gets herself crushed in a bulk wall when she gets in the Rattlesnake by a massive woman who seems to care very little about her surrendering and more about her headache.


    HIla and her friend and employ Becky Rah having some good time at that new club who just open a couple day ago, both of them drinking and enjoying their last night out of the ship for at less a month. What begins with ‘’Come on let drink one or two beer and dance! ‘’ Ending up with a sleepless night of hard partying and those two beer become the foundation of a massive castle of bottle cadavers all over their table mixed with some other illicit stuff.

    When their alarm buzzing both of them looking at each other and head to the dock trying to find come countenance.


    Beth wakes up early this morning taking a last check on her bucket list for the run. Than taking care of the usual suspect heading home from their last night of liberty and debauchery. some injection and pills of that wake-up drug mix she calls her ‘’Coffee’’ later she leaving the sick bay.

    Taking a call from a guy she knows she manages to get out and meet the guy at the usual shady place to buy some nice little vitamins supplements for the crew.

    For now on she mostly making boost cocktail and try to know more about the new gang sometime that seem a little strange for the crew to get some friendly attention from such a bad ass looking head shaved girl.


    Cassandra manages to get privacy on the way to the RattleSnake Ted, she travels with Riza and Anfonso her security detachment, after all, a lot of people in the solar system wish harm to the famous Directrice Cassandra Sikaris.

    When she gets to the Ship the captain welcome her with professionalism wearing his most formal motif shirt that one with spaceships and planets.

    She appointing him right away for a more closer interview an hour later on her cabin.

    At first, Ted seems a little tense and stress about the meeting with her boss but more she asking questions more the captain become relax and getting back his smooth attitude.

    In the corridor near the sickbay, a smooth hand slap the Directrice ass Riza and Alfonso putting their hands over her gun evaluating that unusual encounter.

    - Hey Cass! Said the Hila and the growing tension of the situation getting down to a friendly level. Both of them talking when Beth join the conversation.

    Two almost three hours pass and almost like a clock the Rattlesnake Ted been release from the station dock.

    Sarah having some trouble to focus and when she sees that martian Navy pilot woman ‘’Mia’’ clearly getting out of a brochure of mars propaganda committee. she sighs, that will be a rough run for her. During the first week the mars pilot trying to be nice with her and even when she tries to get her unbalance with some sexy name-calling with help of her friend from mechanic. Trying to make Mia think that maybe she had some interest in her. When she seems to take it with a troubled attitude both without any animosity Sarah slowly begin to get interested in Mia seeing her like a little experience trying to get the martian broom out of her pilot ass.

    At the Robotic workshop Hila trying to know a little more about Becky and her very nice electronic dog that she made with the skin of her beloved deceased dog Tommy. Willing to share the blueprint she gets very uncomfortable about letting Hila taking a look inside the dog. When she tries to smooth the thing by thinking about her son and her medical enhancement she mostly seems to consider the pet at the emotional level as a mother her child.

    Otherwise, on the Rattlesnake all seem to run without trouble rapport getting in schedule relationship with the crew evolving without almost no harm.

    On the eight-day morning schedule Mia and Sarah taking their breakfast until Sarah fled the conversation when that begins to turn around the homeland. Later Mia taking her friend Sarah breakfast back to her on the Deck.

    Sarah takes the occasion to make Mia cover for her at the monitoring sensor protocols she leave Mia for almost two hours. to take a relaxing morning in the communal area. When she leaving to get back on duty the strident sound begins to burst over all the deck announcing an imminent deceleration. Then the voice of Mia with calm giving the directive protocols and asking for everyone to buckle up. Much more reassuring that the buckle up advice Ted gives a moment before.

    At the same time, a drone command by Hila getting is a way to the core-mantle checking if something wrong could be in sight. She manages to see nothing strange with it a moment before the drone gets bang up and down all over the conduct from the rough deceleration.

    Those forty-five second of warning seems at the same time pretty fast and extremely slow. The crew hoping for the best but get ready for the worst.

    The sound of metal twisting and bending over is own weight, the screens all over the deck popping up warnings and buzzing like a Christmas tree. Then the silence when the gravity gets on zero-G.

    On the sick bay Beth with the help of Hila son taking care of the seriously wounded performing an arm amputation on unlucky Wubo , extracting a fragment of rips from the chief Mechanic Raven then pumped up her right lung in a matter of minute and finally after four hours and the last at-risk performance saving the life of Sarah the co-Pilot with a micropuncture of the skull after a serious concussion. None of her patients meet their death today so that be a good day for her.

    All over the ships the crew performing at the limit of their competences.

    Hila and Dayne printing almost out of screech the radar, Ladar and communication antenna then, sending it to Mia outside in a vac suit using her mechanic ‘’savoir faire’’ to fixing back those damn antenna before they head to a space piece of junk or an asteroid.

    Captain Ted passing the information he got about the incident right to the Directrice Cassandra how to perform various verification with her bad ass portable computer. Spotting the pattern of a pretty good virus coding, introduce to the core-mantle algorhyme with a memory stick from Becky workstation.

    Serious investigation begins scanning the background of every member of the crew and taking good care to check at every bit of Becky Rah life.

    Sending trojan horse on her communication device to know everything about her communication.

    When Cassandra find something strange about a communication log ten minutes before the introduction of the stick she smells bull shit this log seems to bed clearly alternate by some very lower skilled hacker.

    On the communal area Dave Larosso chilling of when once again Becky Rah giving some insinuation about Daze been a member of OPA Black sky Dave just jump on his feet like a madman and punch the girl in the jaw, then she hit back and a fight begin crew getting around finding in the fight a strange way to get their stress down a little.

    When Hila get in the area she all off the fight and some of the crew member get back to common sense and stop the fight.
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    Recap from my Second The Expanse RPG table top game with Traveller system.
    Mia Underwood (Player caracter)
    Hila Goldman (Player Caracter)
    Beth Sosa (Player Caracter)
    Cassandra Sikaris (Player Caracter)
    Other Caracters are NPC Play by Me

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 3 + section C + Catina

    Becky fist hit the face of Dave again and again with gruesome sound.
    All her colleagues around looking at the violent event starving for action of any kind. Just something fun to get some stress off their system. Nothing like a good fight to do that.

    Dave face under the raging fist of Becky turned into a bloody mess, and when the situation become clearly out of control the whole scene seems to get froze, faces turning to the XO, Tian Sandoval a massive piece of muscular woman how just get into the room.

    Becky fist in the air stop mid punch and get eye contact with Tian cold eyes.
    The voice of the XO pierced the silence with four words slowly said.

    - Rah, Larosso, Cell Now…

    Walking through the bulkhead hallway Becky rubs her right fist with the left hand, at her left her robotic dog and in her right her silent boss.

    Hila and her walk a moment without talking, then the inevitable question get asked, the obvious question about ‘’what the fuck’’ just happened in her crazy head.

    Hila doesn’t have a clue about what shit she got all her life and the promise she made to herself to never… never let some asshole hit her again…

    - Just joking with the guy about the fucking OPA and the fucker, jump me… I just defending myself boss...

    Hila looked at her seemed to have trouble to compute the answer she gives to her.

    - You almost kill him Becky.

    Taking a deep breath, she is gazing at Hila with resoluteness

    - When an asshole jumps me, I hit till he doesn’t move boss.

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 5 + Section F + Security Office

    Crossing the security section of the ship Hila, Becky and the Dog facing the XO how sitting on a chair at her desk filling a rapport half pisses off half bored of the situation.

    After a moment of silent wait in front of the her the XO get her eyes up from the pad and look at both of them.

    Becky walks slowly to a cell and closing the door behind her without a word.

    Hila looks at the XO and ask her till when she will hold her robotic engineer.
    - When you want her back?
    ''The XO asked with a bored tone''.

    -We are short on staff considering all the stuff to fix… I know what she did is pretty heavy but..

    -Cut the shit off Goldman you can have her back right now I will take care of what she done in a better time.

    Without even turning her head a little to her prisoner, she said with the same tone.

    - Get the fuck out of here Rah ...

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 2 + Section A + Medical Bay

    Dayne Ramirez the solid Martian guy and colleague of Becky put down Dave still passed out on a medical crash bed. The young guy faces bleeding and being in a very bad shape, nose broken without a doubt some cerebral concussion and two missing teeth. Plugging him on the doc Beth eject to the man a mix of drug for the pain. When he finally gets back to reality he begins to give some rambling justification.

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 6 + Rear section + Cassandra Ward

    Since the emergency shutdown of the reactor the directrice Sirakis doesn’t get out much if any at all of her improvise office and rooms, programming and asking for information from the data bank of the ship and even to Ceres, Using her notorious name to get favor to the head of Star Helix herself. fleshing the files of Becky Rah even if she knows she is probably getting frame, but taking her name out of the loop of the high interest suspects for the attack anyway.

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 4 + Section B + Doctor Beth Sosa Room

    After a welcoming shower the Ship Doctor Beth Sosa gets ready,dressing up and looking for new message ,soon she have to relive the son of Hila from is duty at the med bay .

    The knocking at her door surprise her a little what happen again? She ask herself interiorly. Then she open the door getting ready for the worst.

    Standing in front of her Raven a androgen girl she operate just a day ago getted out of her several little part of her rib from her lung.

    She just come to thank her doctor personally for her job on her .
    Beth know for a fact she never give a relief for her but arguing with the woman to get her back to rest is not what she do best .

    When she leave her she call the XO to ask her to check at Raven for her safety . And she got the usual answer for a piss of and bore XO

    - Not my job to do that I will not babysit your patient Sosa .

    Taking another shot at that she contact the Directrice Sirakis and let her know about Raven and how she seem suspicious. Then head herself to the Med Bay .

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 6 + Rear Section + Pilot Mia Room

    When she got the message on her communicator Mia seem a bit surprise the Co pilot Sarah went to see her in the Med Bay when she got them.
    Not sure about what she want or maybe she has a little idea about what she wants Mia heads to the Med Bay anyway.

    On her Medical bed Sarah doesn't notice her presence at first reading a novel on her communicator.

    -Oh Mia I don't see you get in. Sarah seems a little too pale compare to the usual herself and less aware.

    -You ask to see me Sarah? ''Said Mia going straight to the point''.

    -Yeah, I want to tell you something, I’m sorry… for the moment you get on the ship I try to convince myself I don't like you maybe even that I hate you because you got the job Ted promise to me, but I see you in action on the deck taking care of the situation and damn you deserve your place Mia. I'm sorry I leave you in charge of all that mess, extending my break without warning. when I want I can be a bitch and for now one I want to play fair with you. You are a good person Mia.

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 1 + Workshop Section

    Hila work at her work station trying to update the mining drones to make them more helpful with delicate maneuver and manipulation maybe she is not taking attention or maybe the girl how looking at her from the other side of the work area or something like a ninja but she just never sees her coming in. Looking around, she notice she is alone.

    -Hey Hila need to take with you about my Boss can you meet me in the cargo bay.

    -I don't know you....

    -I know that, but you know my boss and that's all I need right now.

    Riza is getting out of the workshop leaving Hila alone, after a moment she just calls Cassandra and tell her what just happen.
    Hila said she will go, but with her son in backup and if something get wrong the directrice will be informed fast.

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 1 + Cargo Bay + Section C

    In the cargo bay far from the net crews in a container alleys Riza back over a container waiting calmly and ask Hila to get inside one of those empty metal boxes, closing a door almost completely Riza get a little jamming device out of her pocket and put it on.

    Need your help about my boss I want to talk to her discreetly and without any witness-
    said the Riza’ right away

    Hila facial expression turn to septism pretty fast.
    -You can talk to her like anytime you want you living with her .

    Nan can’t do that-

    -She is in danger or something like that? Did i’m in danger right now?

    No, she’s not and you're not either if you don't know what it’s about.-
    After a moment, trying to get some bit of information about what happens Hila give up and leave with the message.

    Then she goes inform her friend the directrice Sikaris about the meaning of the strange meeting.

    Cassandra seem to understand the no sense in all of that more that Hila. The Directrice tell her friend that not the first time something like that happen to her.

    A moment later, Cassandra calls her second bodyguard Alfonso asking him to get her back for a little interview and the moment he quit for the job she leave for that strange appointment with her own bodyguard in that cargo bay.

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 1 + Cargo Bay + Section L

    Turning corner looking into row the directrice end in an isolate and darker part of the cargo bay between containers and containers of equipment. Then see Riza lurking from the shadow she put a finger over her own lips in the universal sign of shut up then once again using her little jamming device.

    -Hey boss sorry for all that shit but when I start to work for you I know that will be some shitty stuff around but damn .

    what did you find ?-

    - Well boss when you move to your room, I take time to look around for any bug and I found nothing, then I make a new check this morning and I hit the jackpot a nice little device military grad something not a lot a person can afford to use.

    - And since you are calling the shot boss, I want you to know it, and what did you want to do with it?

    When the directrice tell Riza about the idea of lets the device in place, Riza felt some relief to know her boss she’s not a hot shot jumping over the first piece of information preferring playing counter spying tactic to understand more before making a move.

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 6 + Rear section + Cassandra Ward

    Not too long after her meeting in the cargo bay the directrice get a return for the second subject of her investigation Dave Larosso, with some red flag about his possible affiliation with OPA members from extremist faction Black Sun and some gambling trouble a perfect target for blackmail and bribe.

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 3 + Section C + Catina

    Raven and her Doctor eats at a table when Hila and Becky getting to the Cantina spotting their friends, their moves closer with intention do it all together.

    When Hila takes her chair, her communicator begin to buzz, ring and light like a Christmas tree, Her son Daniel biometric detector becomes crazy indicate a massive heart attack and high level of toxin in his blood stream, all the biotech in her son trying their best to filter the blood and restart the collapsing heart.With all those biometric sensor her mother know with astonishing precision where her son localization, one of those numerous unused sections of the ship.

    With all the swiftness and with a heart of a mother who know her son his in mortal danger, the adrenaline pumping in Hila veins and she fly more that run in direction follow by a Raven Becky and Beth the Ship doctor

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 3 + Section F + Unaffected

    Running to her son location Hila and her colleagues finds him sitting back to a wall and ass on the floor a drug injector aside her right arms on the metallic floor. The boy still alive only because of all those replaced organs in his body. Beth gets to him right away, taking his vital and injecting him some drug to help him filter that shit in his bloodstream.

    When the call land to the XO, she ask with the usual tone the same

    -what again?

    A damn attempt murder on my son that what happen ! said Hila with undisputed tone -

    -On my way!

    Ten seconds later the XO calling for Beth all over the ship via the speaker system doesn't know she already there.

    The massive XO running through bulkhead hallways of the ship and almost pushing Mia away to make her wonder what happen so she follow the ‘’Rolling’’ to the danger zone.

    Soon even Cassandra gets in the zone with her Riza as security detachment, then Dayne how get stamped on the wall when he rang to the directories by a quick move from the bodyguard.

    When Daniel seems to be stable enough to move Dayne once again gets the use of his muscles and lift the boy slowly out of the place heading for the Med Bay with Raven how reopened some wound in the action winning a turn to the docs chair and some serious rest.

    Riza and the XO taking care of the perimeter using a blow torch to seal the level, leaving just a single way to get out of the section.then Riza tells her boss, she will perform a sweeping of the zone with the Tian.

    At the moment Beth ask the directrice for her help and she leaves the sweeping to the duo of pretty competent women. Doesn't know, but certainly save her life.

    Room after room the Riza and Tian looking around gun out looking for the responsible of the attempted murder.

    When the first hit come on the right side of her head and pushing the massive woman into the room almost over Riza, who get out of the wall with her quick reflex. the opponent a full suited commando already pointing is gunning at the XO and blasting her back with a burst of low velocity bullet the silencer on the assault rifle making tree smothered sounds. then moving is silenced barrel to the next threat in the room.

    The boot who hit him on his shoulder surprise the commando enough to give Riza time to get into action, using the narrowness of the room at her advantage she struggle with the commando and manage to get her first blade half a second before he. When the commando feels the blade passing just below the junction of his arms and armpit, he know he is in serious shit this girl know what she’s doing…

    Managing to rush her on the floor, she moves and getting the upper hand with all the mobility she have and he didn't. Once again he gets stabbed another blade right under the plate protecting is the abdomen.

    Something wrong, why that girl have two knives be a tough in the mind of the commando

    The man with is weight, manage to hold Riza down, but feeling his strength fading more and more he have to do something and fast.

    When he tries to wrench her arm he just give her an opportunity to strike again and again using another set of knives, one after another and leaving them there trying to put them away is a lost of effectivity and since she having the upper hand, putting the knife off mean the guy will clearly bleed to death, keeping the blade in mean maybe someone to interrogate later. But for now she has already jumped to Tian trying the best she can and calling her boss considering the commando been not a threat anymore.

    -Boss need you to reopen the section with a blowtorch one severely wounded.

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 3 + Section F + Unaffected

    When they arrived on the scene the first thing to be notice been the XO legs blocking the entrance, then Riza both hands in Tian guts trying to stop the massive bleeding from several gunshots.

    Jumping into action, Beth try the best she can to help the massive woman, but without success, working on the wound making the precarious balance between life and death falling apart. Tian ‘’the Rolling’’ Sandoval end up dead after a series of heartbreaking convulsion.

    Close to the body of Tian , on the floor the body of a suit up military commando, six combat blade well placed. For a combat expect point of view could be something like a textbook technic .

    Rattlesnake Ted + level 6 + Rear section + Cassandra Ward

    When her communicator buzzed Riza, who just leaving her boss for the night turn to her.

    -Boss the device just begin to broadcast something highjacking the external comm beam I will try to find the primary source .

    The directrice communicator ring and the captain face get on

    What the fuck Sikaris! What the fuck is that!-

    -Getting the feed on your screen boss ''said Riza already back to her task without more word''.

    On the screen Capitaine Ted speaking
    ‘’this is the Rattlesnake Ted we free ourself for the shackles of those dirt eater from earth and mars and their shitty corporation and taking our rightful place under the protection of the OPA! every ship in our way will be gunned down and looted. We are well armed and ready to use all force needed’’

    Then a series of files from an internal investigation from the directrice Cassandra Sikaris about corruption in the conglomerate.

    Fighting with all she got the directrice shutting down one after another the proxy to end the broadcast, and with the help of Riza manage to find the source of the highjacking aboard the ship….
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    Recap from my third The Expanse RPG table top game with Traveller system.
    Mia Underwood (Player caracter)
    Hila Goldman (Player Caracter)
    Beth Sosa (Player Caracter)
    Cassandra Sikaris (Player Caracter)
    Other Caracters are NPC Play by Me

    Sitting at the ledge of her chair Cassandra tapping line after line of code trying to counter the intruder in ship communication system. In the same time she manages to send a team compose of her two body guard and Mia Underwood the martian pilot. Her comm device beeping and beeping.

    When she reaches Mia seem agitated and talk loudly,

    - We have to take the Captain down she said he’s a damn OPA! .

    But Cassandra with her magic manage to calm the martian beast and focus her on her duty. Second later Riza sending to Mia a Rendezvous point halfway through the objective.

    Meanwhile Somewhere on the ship
    Both of lift up the box and drop it five meters close to the open wall how exposing the wires

    - OK guys I want a total black out of their system ASP , Jimmy moves to the junction section and make a mess we have to cut the grass under the feet of the Directrice.

    -Timos and Radik you will stay with the ship and the auxiliary the motion sensors are green. Fredo the secondary objective is on, Dave Larousso have to go down with extreme prejudice.

    All four of them answer by the affirmative.

    The Medical bay is pretty loader suddenly with the body of Tian in a drawer the commando fleshly install over a bed for closer examination then Raven with a re-open wound, Wubo still on morphine shot for his new arms, a very anxious Dave and the son of Hila on medical supervision the ship Doctor Beth Sosa can said she is pretty busy at the moment. So an OPA take over is the last of his priority, she look at Hila how taking with someone with her communicator, knowing Hila will give her a summary of the situation when and if she need it.

    Meanwhile Somewhere on the ship
    -Jimmy moves to the junction though empty section of the ship avoiding the skeleton crew without trouble, without losing time he open the wall and begin the sabotage of the wires halfway tough the job the steep coming from a corridor make him aboard it and vanish in one of the conduit. From his spot he could see the directrice working her ass to fix what he done. When she left and put a spy cam on it, he informs the chief about it.

    - That ok Jimmy we make her lose some time, back to base operator ASP.


    When she loses once again all the external communication to the ship she run her diagnostic program with a simple conclusion, someone messing with the physical relay inside the ship. Knowing she can’t do more with her keyboard she gets up and move deck after deck to the relay junction doesn't know what will await for her there. But she is Directrice Cassandra Sakaris, and she will find a way.

    The relay room is pretty mess up wire leaking from the walls and the ceiling like wound, spotting a reparation kit in the next room she got her hand dirty in the belly of the beast getting back system after system. Then when she found satisfaction in her job she glue a little spy cam to monitor the room if someone messes again with the relay she will know it.

    The ID of a Belter ship pop in front of the Co Pilot and after a moment she informs Ted about it. The Bossanova a Scrapper ship too. After she notices the message from the Bossanova Cassandra dispatch it to Ted The message informing the Rattle about the none hostility of the Bossanova and salute the courage of the Ship crews wishing them good luck.

    Meanwhile Somewhere on the ship
    - We got the Bossanova coming though chief right in time said the mercenary with some sadness in his voice-
    - Man up Timos that a fucking belter ship nobody care about them they faith will be more helpful dead than alive
    - That cold even for you man….


    When she did checked the vital of her patient Beth launch a program for Co2 efficiency trying to calculate the emission of co2 in the filtration system against the number of crew on the ship, she start it then let it run in background. At the corner of the Med Bay Hila taking with Dave Larousso her anxious patient the one Becky gives a beauty enhancement with her bare fist. The guy his stress at a very high level, and when Beth gave an ear to the conversation she understood why, the guy have something on his heart, so like a good doctor Beth mix some LCD with some basic nucleic counter base, to eliminate the hallucinogen effect, a perfect little true serum for help the man to get free her heart. Minutes after she injects it in the bloodstream Dave begins to talk openly emptying his bag. Yes he put the data stick into the system. Yes he got paid for it enough money to clean his slate for very bad people. No he doesn't know the thing is made to blow up the ship he is on. Pretty sure those commandos guy are here for him.

    Mia Underwood quickly take something to eat then go meet Riza and Alfonso a couple level below. She got a syringe handgun good enough for any gunfight but not that impressive compared to Riza U71 and Alfonso Peacemonger model H.

    After walking through corridor getting deeper and deeper into the unused section of the ship the trio been stop by an uncooperative blast door. Lucky for them a reparation kit not far away with a blowtorch came to the rescue and with a matter of couple of minutes a breech big enough to pass tough been open and mia moving in after taking a good look on the next empty corridor follow by Riza and Alfonso.

    Bip….Bip… Bip….. The hand of Riza land over Mia shoulder. Don't move Mia she said the more calmly possible On the wall side a little device blinking a red dot and the beeping sound continue softly. Something wrong about it Alfonso talking the thing seem to be a proximity mine but nothing detonate at all. // Look like an APM

    — I see some of those before said Alfonso On the other side of the long corridor the sound of boots getting closer break the thinking of Alfonso and Riza.

    Incoming hostile, mine on the wall almost in the same moment the two body guard get back to the breech, leaving Mia to the decision of getting back and get blow up by the device or leave there and get fire at by the incoming force.

    She jumped back waiting for a never coming detonation then crawling into the hole in the door dodging the bullet fire in her general direction. The corridor seem to be a dead end nether Mia and the bodies guards or the hostile force on the other side could make any progress hitting the trigger time to signaling their presence. Leaving Alfonso alone holding the door Mia and Riza moving to the Medical Bey and the new crisis.

    Hila and Beth finishing hearing the LCD confession of Dave when the voice of someone in the next section of the ship.

    -He stop what the fuck!

    When the two women see the commando walking the corridor with a fast steep both of them jump to the security mechanism, the time seem to be in slow motion a run for the door, a run for their life. When the blast protection fall down, a sentiment of relief come with it.

    The commando looking at both of them though the shielded area, then the man go grab Tremblay and with sign make what he ask pretty clear. He wants Larousso, and the man proposing a hostage swap.

    Cass we are stuck in the medical bay behind the shield an armed commando guy got Tremblay in hostage and asking for Larousso …

    - Ok give I will take him on a private canal.

    - Hello how I am speak with ?
    directrice Sarakis speaking-
    - Ah the directrice herself
    Let me the clear, a UN patrol in on the way to take care of -
    your guy in one hour the place will crawl with UN Boots
    and I will take care of you personally mister.

    - Well, take for the advice directress look like we will move the operation faster than

    the commando cut the communication and begin to get some explosive out of is bag.
    When Hila notice the explosive she manages to get the comm with the command.

    - What happen why did you put that?

    Well look like we will be moving the operation forward -
    - Why did you want Larousso ?

    Oh I want him death you could save yourself a lot of -
    trouble by just blow his head off, you have firearm right?

    Hila cut the comm a second to talk with Beth he wants Larousso death he will leave us alone if we do it. I could make him look death say Beth, With some drugs that will take me a couple of minutes

    On the other side the man keep putting in place the charges.

    - Ok ok we will do it!

    - Well do it you have a minute or two before that ready to blow up

    Beth grab some syringe and inject the mixture tough Larousso neck aggressively. But the commando seem to continue to work, not impress I guess by the lack of blood in that improvise execution.

    Hila put all her skills at work introducing a chaotic program for the robotic arm of the medical bay if the commando get in that will get in his way for a couple of second she hopes.

    Couple of Minutes earlier

    Riza and Beth after a quick talk to Cassandra move the faster they can to the medical bay, Riza taking a couple of second to brief Mia about the plan, she trusts Mia but without a plan of action she could get a bullet or a syringe in her back.

    - Yes Hila, It’s Riza I’m about to break in 60 second be ready She cut the call and get her boss on comm

    -Yes boss I'am in place with Mia about to break in open in 45 seconds if you have something in your sleeve it’s now or never, and by the way I need a damn raise if I get through that.

    Looking at the time she broke in the corridor at the same moment the commando blow the shield.

    Blasting through it, Beth threw a homemade gas bomb then Cassandra made the sprinkle throw foam all over the corridor, Riza taking a sprint into the corridor gun blazing hitting central mass two or three time, trying to hold her balance though the foam, Mia holding her position on the entrance of the section land a couple of hits too but with the body armor that will need a lot more to get the man out of duty.

    Knowing her boss when if possible the guy alive and anyway with the body armor her hand gun with low velocity ammo could be at best painful she had in mine to go in close combat the faster she can. With the slippery floor and the fume of the bomb the combat could be rough if she managed to win time maybe the odd of the fight will turn.

    And that happen, at first Riza and the commando fighting one on one but soon Mia jump in trying to get her gun inside armor soft part to land some hit. Hitting a couple a time the trigger without result, Beth jumps to the fight to trying to push syringe through the armor, the needle sadly broke to the hard part of the armor. The commando manage to get his combat knife out and give a bad cut to Mia, but the pilot avenge herself by blasting one after another two shot of the syringe gun into both hands, disabling the commando for good. Then Hila sedate the man.

    The sensor alert Cassandra put online buzzing in the corner of her display screen. Some movement a level under the bridge moving fast through door.

    When the door of the section just under the bridge open Cassandra call the Captain giving him a head of the situation.

    Moment later Ted call her back. Did you just take control of the ship madame? Get your people out of the commandment deck Captain I will vent the hold helm and all the section under.

    Buzzing over the screen display the armament system seem to get hijack too then the sound and the thrusting movement from the rail gun firing.

    Cassandra grabs the control of the engine with a wild move and try her best to give trouble to the aiming system of the ship stopping the engine giving random thrust anything she can think she did it.

    On comm Alfonso warn the directress about a major breach on the side of the ship, sucking air from here he stands.
    - Leaving the place before I could breathe Boss.

    Meanwhile Somewhere on the ship

    He held them in the corridor the more he could, then when the signal to back to the ship come on his communicator he fires a couple of shots and leave.
    At the end the situation could be better one KIA and one MIA he gets inside the armed combat shuttle then make an outside panel of the Rattlesnake Ted ejected in space, giving space to get out. The shuttle stay close of the Rattlesnake avoiding the sensor


    As last resort for the safety of the Bossanova, Cassandra disable all the exterior sensors of the ship.

    Meanwhile Somewhere on the ship

    We the order to open fire came he asks it twice to be sure then the sound of the shells blasting to space echo inside the armed shuttle making hundreds of hole though the Rattlesnake Ted.

    When they think they touch the bottom something new hit again. All over the ship the intern pressure sensors display air lost and breach and just to make the situation clear half a dozen of holes pop up into Cassandra room, rail gun holes, passing though the ship deck to deck. And everywhere though the whole ships the situation seem similar. On board those hows are lucky enough to stay alive get emergency vac suit and run to the escape pod and the shuttle in the cargo bay.

    The Bossanova seem to get some hit from the defense system of the Rattlesnake but nothing major but when the armed shuttle closing to and fire right to the engine the Bossanova been no more.

    Inside the shuttle half of the crew getting in the other half maybe dead maybe in those last escape pod floating into space broadcasting a rescue signal.
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    Recap from my fourth
    The Expanse RPG table top game with Traveller system.
    Mia Underwood (Player caracter)
    Hila Goldman (Player Caracter)
    Beth Sosa (Player Caracter)
    Cassandra Sikaris (Player Caracter)
    Other Caracters are NPC Play by Me

    Session Name

    Ballad of brokens ships

    The Avalon holding still in the vacuum of space with ten survivors aboard. Mia Underwood sitting on the pilot chair waiting some instruction from her boss and using a video recorder to document every detail of that cluster fuck.

    Hila and her son Daniel sitting tight in a corner of the shuttle, the young boy has pretty shook from the emergency evac and still fighting all the nasty stuff in his bloodstream.

    The directrice protected from little distance by Riza and Alfonso having a little chat with Raoul Perez one of the assailant neutralized by Mia, Beth, Riza and even herself with a lot of foam.

    The Man with two hand broken beyond repair seem to be cooperative mostly because he knew the other members of his unit will not hesitate to eliminate him since he got captured and compromised. He gives some advice to Cassandra for her pilot to avoid his combat unit in their compact combat ship.

    Manoeuvring close to the Rattlesnake and using the casting shadow of the massive beast of broken steel Mia drove the shuttle in safety with only little damage on the life support system. Before losing more of the precious oxygen Beth get on vac suit and go fix the leak..

    When Cassandra get back to her little friend the guy keep taking telling her, his mission and most if not all the parameters. Revealing the unit be on board for a month and knowing his mission from even longer, the only life how matter in all of her crew are her. When she told him about the sabotage the man seem shocked trying to understand all the implication of what she has said. Killing Dave his an add-on on the contact from a couple of day only, did they ask it because he almost killed the directrice or because he failed to blow the ship. But the directrice does not ask anymore about it, and he kept it for himself, always good to hold a little ace in his sleeve.

    On the escape pod 202 the captain after menacing the net crew get to the communication channel and begin to tell to those men how attack his ship some good manner when the net crew understand what their captain have in mind they jump him trying to save their lives from that fool but that already too late for them and the Compact combat ship gun down the position broadcast by Ted. Killing some lucky ones on hit and making the other suffering from the coldness and lack of oxygen of space.

    Cassandra's mind working with haste trying to find a way, and she found something... They want her alive, so they will try to capture her if they can right?., She, Beth and other members of the crew will get back to the Rattlesnake savaging for life support in the meantime she will prepare a chain reaction for the core and prepare a broadcast of her linked to a timer detonator, she hoped those mercenary will try to get onboard to get her alive and when the get there ….. Boom..

    Everything goes the way their supposed to go for once, with some supply in food and life support module all members of the mission get in the shuttle safe and sound. Mia underwood calculate the better way to evade the nuclear blast of the reactor and the possibility of survivability of the missing pods, ode are already pretty good. The mercenary ship get bait and the line with it. Docking at one of the side sas of the rattlesnake and begin to move to the source of the signal before the broadcast can get some reach. When they understand they mistake it’s too late from them four out of five are too far in the ship to get to the ducking in time, and the pilot have to manage to unlock the ship before the blast and fire to those fuckers who escaping at maximum speed the incoming blast, the computer telling her she will not get out of the blast in time, and she at least try to shoot down the shuttle when she about to hit the trigger she become dust ….

    The flash of the reactor explosion made the sensor blind for a moment then no more of anything around the blast a big emptiness in the vacuum of emptiness. The Avalon shuttle broadcast on every canal and got answer from an escape pod, bringing back onboard Raven and Dayne without any wound put some relief in the sad situation. Closing to the two floating piece of the Bossanova ship a second rescue pod been spot with a wounded and unconscious member of the crew, Senty.

    With an overloaded shuttle filled with the survivors of the Rattlesnake, they slowly move to the nearby beacon of humanity in the sector Ganymede station a whole month of traveling to reach it in an overcrowded shuttle will be some memorable memory. A week in their fabulous trip been done before they got an answer for their emergency message a Belter family cargo ship catch them up and escort them to Ganymede. Cassandra taking the precaution with the captain of the ship to erase anything telling about their present onboard mostly to preserve the safety of this family of good Samaritan.

    Docking to Ganymede the Ken Nek leave at the dock they unexpected guess, Cassandra getting right away a meeting with a UN representative at the embassy. The man about 30 to 35 nice looking but also very generic, let said the face fitting the job pretty well. He listened closely the Corporate Directrice show sign of very well generic concern about her trouble, propose her a security detachment for her security on the station and filling for her all the information and complaints about it, and taking care of the captured agent of Sec Gamma.

    The old colonel salute the Martian pilot with respect,

    — Oh Mia what a pleasant surprise!
    On the big screen of the empty conference room at the Mars embassy Mia Underwood be also please to see the Colonel a man she knew from the beginning or her career and have profound respect for. Mia gave him information about what happen and ask him for some help and advice. I will ask around Mia give me some time and I will do my best to find something about that you have my word. Before he cut the communication with her, he told her a phrase he knew that will cheer her up. Mars is proud of you Mia Underwood.

    Beth got a message for an old ‘’friend’’ in a kind of devious way the man a crime lord in a sector of Ganymede call the
    Brakix- Complex, Lix the Cat having a tendency getting out of very bad situation and always felt on is feet.

    Sitting face to face Lix the Cat and Beth Sosa bargaining information about the new hot from the wires kidnapping job put on Cassandra head. The amount of credit the Cat want for it is something Beth can realistically front and when she called her boss about it she seemed not very interested to pay for an information how could be found in another less expensive way. Finishing the conversation over a sad decline even for a little lesser price, Beth gave to the Cat some money for the trouble knowing that will help the mood of the man and leave him open to see her again for other shady trade or even a reopening negotiation over the same deal.

    Cassandra informed the UN Suit about the job over her head right after she ended the talk with Beth. A couple of security suit from Star Helix will be sent to her right on the spot adding up to her security, Then a Star Helix detective will meet her to put some sens over that situation.

    Looking after all the message she missed a lot from the board asking for answers and one from member of the family telling her uncle and head of the board been hospitalized from cardiac trouble at the Saint Sacrement Cardiologist institute on Earth. Already some media getting to her on the street asking about the corporation trouble and what they see on the feed.

    Mia got a single name from her friend the colonel a couple of hours after she talked with him from the embassy no explanation at all just a name Raphael Smith.

    From breaking news feed the story about Eros station heading from head after getting out of his orbit seem to give a shock around people looking at the feed all around asking between each other what happen and the meaning of all that shit.

    After her meeting with Nathan Koll the Star Helix detective Cassandra get a handful of business name to look after them when she got information from Mia about Smith she managed to match a company with the name North Star Telemetric and when she saw the vid image of Smith she understood on the spot that Smith doesn't even exist he is a corporate image for enterprise and with a little more research spot the actual owner of North Star …. Her family conglomerate...

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    Recap from my


    The Expanse RPG table top game with Traveller system.

    Mia Underwood (Player caracter)

    Hila Goldman (Player Caracter)

    Beth Sosa (Player Caracter)

    Cassandra Sikaris (Player Caracter)

    Other Caracters are NPC Play by Me

    Session Name

    The day finally end for Cassandra after that journey into hell literally she will at last take a rest in a real bed under protection of her bodyguard team and the UN Security team. In that luxurious penthouse she finally closes her eyes.

    Downstairs Riza and Alfonso setting all the security material to put in place tomorrow when they got the message in the same time.

    - Well Riza I will take the offer I don't want to risk my life on a thing I doesn't understand and something odd playing in that… Tell her I'm sorry to leave her like that, nothing personnel that business and self-preservation.

    Beth, Hila and Mia
    For Beth Sosa sleep doesn't come that fast, a pill or two, and she up for another couple of hour without stress, anyway. When Hila ask to join her on the road for some belters club that doesn't surprise her, Hila seem like a girl how like partying and having fun when she has time for it. But when Mia asks for it to that will be an interesting surprise the proud martian pilot in a belter club that will make the news.

    Heading for a club named Johnson & Johnson a place known for is wild fauna and groovy ambiance the trio of women get in a very different vibe most of the people looking with long face at the news feed various expert talking about the menace of Eros.

    Some Belters with already a lot in the bloodstream talking loudly about the situation trash talking about earth getting what it deserves for the killing of all those brothers and sisters on Eros.
    Without fear Beth moves to their table and talk a bit with them making some argument about earth would not be that stupid to make what happen on Eros and risking the destruction of earth in the process. Making them think about it,She pay them their new drinks.
    On the Feed the First Minister of Mars Nathan Smith giving a vibrant speech about helping earth in this tough situation, behind him the martian flag waving in the none existent brisk of wind.

    Looking at the dance floor where Hila and Beth seem to reset the party a little with a good belter beats according to belters standard and some dancing moves Mia sipping a Luna long Tea from a moment when she got that strange text message from her friend the colonel asking her to reconsider her friendship and any relation with Cassandra. She tries to have more explanation about it but like the colonel said in the first message he denied he got conversation with her. Did she try to far? Only the future will tell.

    When she took a little break for the dance floor Hila notice she missed a call from a friend. She walks to a calmer corner of the club and play the vid mail. Look like his friend find a medical protocol on Ganymede for her son the pediatrician how running the protocol seem interested to evaluate her son. When she about to put back her device in her pocket it’s vibe the ID of a Rachel Becker invade the screen. She hesitates a second then answer. The young woman seem a bit stress, and she talks with swiftness she wants to meet with her fast it’s urgent, and she promises that will not make her lose time she asks her to come meet her at a place name ‘’Le Farouk’’. The moment she got confirmation for the meeting she ends the communication.

    The Farouk seem to be some orientale bistro at this hour of the day the place is mostly empty. Some couple having a diner in a corner and a couple of other smoking shisha.
    The young red headed journalist from the Ganymede News channel Five giving a little sign of hand to the group of women , for the occasion Beth stop previously at a clothes store to find something without holes in it.
    Around a round of hot beverage the women talk during a moment, at the beginning Rachel seemed a bit nervous about all of it she answered the question Hila ask the most honestly she can. She was looking for a story of after all but it’s a long run for her to find it maybe for nothing maybe for a good score.
    Knowing that some thugs asking about Cassandra location by flashing UN cards its something to give some chill. Rachel asked for something to give to those guys if they try to hit on her again, but they gave them nothing she can really use sadly. She leaved the Farouk after a shaking of hands with them getting the service door and evading in the back alley. Clearly Rachel having some go connection around.

    When Cassandra ended the communication with Hila she heard some sound from the entrance level of the apartment she got downstairs to take a look. Riza still awake and alone in front of the security monitor setup. She cross sight with her boss who get sold by the little sound of stairs cracking.
    Riza took that opportunity to tell her boss about Alfonso and the ending of her contract. She about to tell her she will take the opportunity to leave too when the situation will be safer but Cassandra seem to read into her mind and tell her she will hire her at her condition. Getting out of the bank of employer number from a big corp and become a personnel security could be way more interesting no?. Only one boss doing what she wants why not after all. Ok Boss she finally said after a couple second of cogitation.
    Cassandra after that little chat with Riza get back to bed upstairs and falling into sleep.

    Looking at the monitors Riza spot someone hack into the coding feed and trying to create a time loop. Quickly, she made a buffer and split the feed in a two and let them messing with the feed duplicate. She took a look in the live one to see what the fuck happens. When she spot the bunch of guys with tactical vest and assault rifle. Preparing the assault of Cassandra Apartment she grab a ballistic vest and get upstairs making a calculation of the time for an evac.

    Boss Put that on we have to go now! Cassandra get again wake this time by Riza how thou at her a ballistic vest with a tone of voice meaning extreme emergency and move your asses if you want to see another day. Letting her Boss getting the vest on, She seized a rope from her stuff and clip it in a loop to hold at the staircase.

    — Hope you don't have vertigo Boss because we will get down by the balcony.

    She still counts in her head and clipping some security climbing kit at Cassandra to help her get down from the third floors of the building. When she saw the door shake in its hinges Riza press the trigger of her auto pistol two time a couple feet from the bottom two holes piercing the plastiwood hoping to land in a knee or a leg. Then she pass on the other side of the balcony rail holding the rope with her left hand and spray the door with more projectile . Looking down she saw Cassandra almost on the sidewalk, she put her gun in his holster and get down on the rope like she done it countless time in her training. She land a couple a second after Cassandra, cut the rope, and they disappear in an alley, getting rid of the climbing stuff Cassandra still wearing.

    Seem for Beth that Lix having an interest in her or something because once again he wanted to see her and fast. Felix Bonanno AKA Lix the Cat waiting for her sitting in his luxurious chair.

    — Got something for you Beth you know the contact for your friend, well she just jumps in the sky. But not a hit a lethal one for 300k. Could let you run it on my territory for a 20% cut pretty fair deal and after all did your friendship for her can be rate that high?

    Beth get right into her mind assimilate the information the bonanno Capo been always a cunning fox. Beth mind running fast. But not fast enough for the mob boss.

    — Could make a little deal with her if you evaluate your friendship that high could make her vanish for 100 maybe 125 k making her get out of the station with all the papers always good to having some high asset for a raining day.

    — I have to think about it Lix
    — Don't think too long Beth I give already my OK for some guys for a hunting party.

    When Beth call Cassandra and doesn't get an answer she head up to Cassandra place the stuff she got with Lix the Cat just too heavy to handle alone and maybe Cassandra and The cat could find a way but that way above her head. At the building no more UN security are visible at the desk everything seem normal she get up to Cassandra floor. The door with bullet holes in it and the blood on the carpet tell her right away that something happen. Slowly she got inside the apartment cutting a little piece of the carpet soak with dry blood and bag it. She got upstairs looking around for anything useful finding nothing she got back on the main floor of the penthouse and notice all the security display seem trash by some blast. The rope still attach to the staircase and pending outside down the balcony. That enough for her clearly Cassandra is in trouble ...

    Navigated from alley to street back to alley again and again avoiding anything suspicious, all that make the way to the UN embassy a walking trip of about one and half hour. At the embassy things seem a bit tense Cassandra after a moment looking for the man in charge spot a Star Helix Captain and walk straight to him with the attitude of someone clearly at her place.

    --What happen here what all this commotion?

    -- Well m’am one member of the UN find dead in his office and the UN ask us to secure the place and investigate the situation name of the guy is Johnson first name Jay.

    -- I’M Cassandra Sarakis and I need protection from the UN right now some guys assault my apartment this morning and Johnson is my security attaché. -Get her inside right now and find they a safe spot. Faster two security Star Helix guard open the way for Cassandra and Riza inside the UN embassy building.

    Beth, Hila and Mia
    Beth heading back to the apartment complex close to the Leto Center hoping to find Cassandra or more probably Mia and Hila there. The complex of apartment hold almost two hundred small but cozy apartment, but at this early time of the day all the corridor she walked thou was empty of early birds of any kind. She takes one last corridor junction and get to her doorstep open halfway the door with her key card then step back closed it and get to the next one. Inside the small apartment Mia and Hila talking about the situation when the sound of a fist knocking on the door was heard. They saw Beth waiting in front of the door on the little screen next to the door and open it. Beth seemed a little sped for that early hour mostly due to a mix of pills and adrenaline she told about what happen with Lix the Cat and those offers the mob boss proposed. Mia seemed chock by how much Beth seem connected in the crime world. Mia's communication device ring and buzz over the table and an holo image of Cassandra got cast. Cassandra tell them what happen and tell them to get to her at the UN doesn't let time for Beth to explain the deal for the moment.

    Outside the UN embassy the tension raised when a group of six Tactical operators from the UN try to get into the Embassy without proper ID the tone of the altercation getting always higher. From a window of the room where Cassandra and Riza stand and with a little movement into the store they see what happen outside and Cassandra take the decision to move to a communication room for an ultimate try before it’s too late. Getting into the communication room Riza let to Cassandra time to make the call she wants to make when she watched outside the building for a corner of the window. The first call she made was for her children tell them how much she loves them and how much she proud of them, then with all the might she got she assault the Sikaris board line try to find someone how can help her thou that crazy here and thou that crazy mess on earth. After a moment she reached her cousin Irene, she seemed really chock by what Cassandra said and tell her she immediately calls all the damn force Star Helix have around to help her. Couple of minutes later when the order for reinforcement get on radio the tension outside explode and a serious gunfight engage between Star Helix and UN Tactical Team.

    Hila , Mia and Beth
    They moving fast and heading first to the medical clinic to get Hila son out then the group moving to the UN Embassy seeing the two groups of armed men getting far one for another. Then a message on the radio talking about reinforcement change everything no time for those six men to try a new approach gunfight explode in front of the UN Embassy the three women and the kid getting back to cover from building and warehouse. Mia with her communication device recorded the gunfight and Hila moving with her son to a warehouse with an idea on the way she sent a message to Rachel telling something big happening live on the UN. Mia and Beth alone on her side of the fight but with good cover begin to shot at those UN guys with their dart gun without any success the armor seem to make those dart bounce like nothing but the gun new is making no sound that doesn't seem to make the guy got any interest in their light attack. A Star Helix security guard at 30 feet of Beth try to land some real bullet on the armored man on the left flank the man turn around and light him with two solid blast of his assault rifle most of the bullets cut him and pass thou him in a bloody splash of red. Then the man like nothing get back to the assault at the UN front entrance, smoking grenade and frag one got throw the light or non-existent vest get pass through like butter. Beth with courage grab the man out to cover and with a luck and talent stabilize him.

    Then getting out of nowhere and inconspicuous five electric lifter bots in formation hit the group of UN Tactical team with might with they loader fork three of them get hold down by the weight of those beasts rolling over them, one got properly lift up and cut under the vest the last two drop they assault riffle and run away.

    Beth from where she is see those men running and try to follow them.
  10. Izarux Baltazar

    Recap from my sixth
    The Expanse RPG table top game with Traveller system.

    Mia Underwood (Player character)
    Hila Goldman (Player Caracter)
    (Play as NPC )
    Beth Sosa (Player Character) Cassandra Sikaris (Player Character)
    Other Characters are NPC Play by Me



    She spots the guy running away, and she manages to follow him right to the reconditioned section how now become a commercial middle class hub call the Virox Ducarté Commercial plaza. The guy threw part of his suit away in recycling bin, but fall to drop the helmet correctly when turning a corner and then continue to walk away in the crowded corridor of the plaza. In her mind Beth Sosa got an idea to use it to find the guy with some DNA. Then a call on her hand terminal for a formal invitation for a meeting with Lix the Cat make her just distracted enough to lose her tail. But belly fat of that loot she decided moves back to the UN embassy to meet with the skeleton crew and folks how survives the RattleSnake debacle.

    She tries to give to the Star Helix police the helmet in evidence but when she sees the lack of interest about it from the police task force she get the helmet back discreetly.


    He run a couple of blocks and begin to get the damn suit off dropping part on the way in recycling bin , after a moment he stop running and just walking with good paste dropping his helmet behind him he cross a street and get into an alley, then another one and he takes a moment to wait getting his hand over a handgun and waiting a speculative follower with a deadly surprise. 15 minutes later he walk to the little boutique of refurbish hand terminal and begin put some incriminating stuff in a pill and threw accelerant over it he take a look at Cassandra workstation he just got enough time to put a tracker in the frame this bitch have a hell of a security system passing though been almost impossible.


    The situation on the UN place calm down a little after the assault team been properly managed by the electric lift and the Star Helix security crew and backup , Mia Underwood and Hilda Goldman with her son fresh extracted from the medical clinic after some chat with the security and some picture taking session with the lifeless bodies been escorted to Cassandra on the way to the third level of the UN building Daniel still weak been strike by a heart attack and mother and son fall back to the nearest medical center with a medical crew.

    In the conference room with a bullet proof windows the ambassador Titus Rogriguez looking at the plaza with a stupefied face clearly the situation is way up over her pay grade. When Cassandra ask him for a terminal and a full access he jumped back in character just enough time to be unpleasant with her but fast he just ask a staffer to do what the directress wants.

    A troubling message reach Cassandra on her hand terminal from her sister Irene, an apology mixing with a feeling of pure fear, she told Cassandra about a million credit she sent her thought the bank around of one of his bodyguards, saying Cassandra account could be compromised the message with her older sister Irene turning herself to the Financial planetary authority and the UN Investigation bureau on earth.

    Soon later after a discussion with Riza her reminded body guard the group been reunite

    Cassandra her Bodyguard Mia and Beth talking for a moment when the sound of impact on the windows and three bullets reverberation mark the windows just at Cassandra head height. Knowing the windows protected her she got closer to see a drone floating in the air and far away a lent of a scope on the top of one of the warehouse, she looked right at the far away sniper and address a shaking fingers to her adversary.


    ((( On her hand terminal she saw the bounty clearly, the drone getting sync with her eye and the scope for a perfect shot angle. She stopped her breath and with a soft pressure on the auto trigger two high velocity bullets fly into the air almost instantly cover the 235 meter and impact on the glass three perfect groups shot when she saw Cassandra moving behind the glass she knew the information about the glass been incorrect. The bounty mocking her with her finger, Alika Kito close the gap of her lips and make a sucking sound.
    - We will meet again my juicy bounty be sure of that.


    Under the table Mia and Titus hide the moment the bullet impact the glass and when Mia try to talk to the ambassador the man scared like he never before flee to the corridor and try to reach contact to make them understand that she have to leave the station . then when Cassandra try manage a deal to get her out of Ganymede the guy just freak out and make the next half an hour a living nightmare for Cass.

    Titus manage finally to get back to a stable state of mind and put all the might of his bureaucratic power in a way to get the living target out of the station and far as he can from him .

    An hour later the ambassador by flexing all his contact find a friend willing to loan his racing ship


    Almost at the same moment in the office of Felix the Cat the crime lord making a lovely propropsale to Beth almost new out of a box ship free of charge to get a crew to fill it and get away from the station , of course the ship bulkhold will be filled with a new variety of drugs from the the Bolanno labs but not the first time beth made some smuggling for Lix . She accepted the deal with Lix but she wants to use a lab to analyse DNA from the helmet and the patch of rug soaked in blood the cut from the entrance of Cassandra penthouse.

    In the lab she manages to extract DNA from the blood but she loses the only hair she found in the helmet because of an over protector and creepy cook guy how fear to lose his job because the old girl is back in town.


    When talking the last miles of the conversation with the head of the Bollano family one of his henchman telling him about fire raging in the commercial district where Beth lost the guy earlier.

    She knows the family have some business in that commercial district so she goes a little aside to see what happens there . When Cassandra laptop getting out of the building by the fireworker and some of them hiding the top notch equipment under the interior side of the truck tire after a little diversion she made she grab Cassandra propriety and get away fast.


    Leaving the embassy by a service tunnel after a long conversation to find the best way to do it with a Beth contact name VIto Untrusty Mc Alan Mia and Cassandra notice fast the drone still on their tail On the other side of the Embassy Beth Riza and Sarah the ex co-pilot of the Rattlesnake. Above her heads a drone following them too.


    Less than half an hour after they lift up in the Ganymede space a message from the control ask both of the ship to come back on the station telling the permission to use the Ganymede space was suspended. Mia tried some bullshit but fast she notices the background behind the dock security agent been totally still, and she continued her way out of the Ganymede safe space the other ship pilot been informed of the situation she flees away. Soon two missiles get hot on the Ladar of the smuggling ship and with the help of Cassandra how put an update on the PDC software the Those DPC end up those Missiles, the localization of the launching pad far away from any legit Ganymede defense system. The information been quickly sent to the authority of the station for rapid investigation.


    After getting the GPS bug out of her machine Cassandra take a look at the security flag she got, and she noticed two unusual things at first the million sent to the security agent seem to come from the conglomerate account, that pretty odd since her sister have this kind of money in her personal account pretty easily. Then one of her sister staffers, in fact her personal assistant for about three year get away on vacation on a cruise with 200k of conglomerate money. The current location of the assistant seem to be on a station on Titan.

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