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MARS Red like martian's sand

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Estevan Ribeiro, May 17, 2020.

  1. Estevan Ribeiro

    Character Biography:
    It wasn't his best day. The kind of day that starts off badly with the coffeemaker running out of coffee beans, the hand terminal breaking down and the cascade of bullshit that follows. His office in the Olympus complex makes him feel smaller and smaller and more and more uncomfortable every day. Things had been going wrong for the past few months.

    He had succeeded in becoming Minister for Interplanetary Affairs, which should have been a high point in his career turned out to be hell. He had decided to treat himself with a visit to New-Tycho as part of a strengthening of the relationship between the MCR and the UN. Except the visit went... cold. The admirals in charge of the station and joint forces were frosty in the face of his visit. Then problems stalled on his return, attacks on the Proventia system by his own forces turned rogue, uprisings and insurrections of numerous settlements on Mars and an economic crisis. All blamed on the new foreign policy of the republic and who was part of the team in charge of that? Him of course! He was a element to get rid off quickly as possible to save the apparence, even though he was far from being the cause of the events.

    He rereads for the second time the document displayed on the inlaid screen of his desk, his mind being elsewhere at the first reading. Mrs. Sien has not yet kicked him out of the office, instead he has been given a chance to redeem his image. An empty title "Minister in charge of the resolution of the emergency situation" and a place on the team in charge of supervising the current mess that is the insurgent cities.

    He stops reading the document, completely discouraged. It was deliberately put there so that he will fail and they will have a good reason to get rid of him. There are at least four other people with the same title as him, we don't expect him to succeed, we don't expect anything from him...only abandonment and his disappearance. God lord, his constituency is one of the rebel areas!

    He closes the document entitled "The situation in Guangzhou Nova as well as the role of Tanis and the need to strengthen our initiative around Myeoberket", behind him the screen that serves as a wall displays the seal of the Martian government has lack of a landscape. He has totally lost over the weeks the desire to configure it every morning.

    He takes a few steps in his office and stops in front of his bookshelf. Objects that he holds up like trophies or souvenirs. His gaze stops on a glass frame that holds the newspaper article about his first ever electoral victory. He was so happy at the time that he had the luxury of printing it on real paper and framing it. He's going to fail, and then what? Maybe if he plays his cards right he could get the speaker's job in the House of Representatives? It would be nice to be the speaker, he would get his hands off all this shit and in a few years he would have made a solid reputation for himself.

    Someone knocks on his door, which brings him back to the moment. His assistant is standing in the doorway. Pure product of bureaucracy, without any imagination or ambition, straightforward and very serious in his work. He has never seen him, since he entered the office, smile once.

    "I've reminded you, sir, that you need to be ready in less than half an hour for the admiral's arrival."

    "The admiral?"

    He frowns and plays the piano on his tablet, then a brief moment later he raises his head.

    "A thousand apologies minister, I'm afraid you didn't get the memo. It's just recently that Admiral Shaver joined the team. The MCRN Simurgh just entered orbit a short while ago and it was decided that the Admiral would lend a hand with the current situation. However, I see that you have received his analysis of the situation."

    Ribeiro took a moment to react, admiral goddamn fucking Shaver is add to the whole mess?!

    "I uh, "The situation in Guangzhou Nova as well as the role of Tanis and the need to strengthen our initiative around Myeoberket" right?"

    Indeed, like a-"

    "Prepare a cart, I'm on the move right now."

    He's going back to his office, making sure he's got his back to that damn assistant. The latter turns his heels and closes the door behind him. Ribeiro transfers the document to his hand terminal with suddenly renewed interest. Pockets his coat, which hangs out on the sofa and rushes out of his desk.
  2. Winston Driver

    Winston Driver The wind is rising...

    Life for Winston had never been easy. As a child he had to fight with the other kids in his block for whatever meager food and supplies were donated by their fellow tunnel dwellers. They had survived the harsh conditions through radical self reliance, scraping lichen, moss & fungi off the walls of their underground city, consuming whatever little nutrition and water they contained. They had to survive just long enough to enter the education system, but once they had most of the day to day struggles were replaced.

    Instead of stealing food to ward off malnutrition, it was fighting off bullies who stole their school supplied lunch. Instead of avoiding other kids in the tunnels who would take whatever basic supplies or possessions they had, they were pitted against each other almost daily in the gymnasium, forced to fight so that their skills....attributes and abilities could be graded.

    As it turned out, Winston was an excellent tactician and an ever better scavenger. This afforded him the ability to train with the Rover Corps in his formative years, and eventually a command of his own. All that changed after the Republic came knocking, not long after his first long haul mission down south with his own rover team. His comrades in the Boneyards thought it was wise to shoot down a Republic aircraft...and in the months that followed an uneasy truce was brokered between his home, Tanis, and the Republic that controlled the rest of Mars.

    Everyone knew the moment the Republic had realised that Tanis not only still existed but thrived under its own control, they would try and take over. Bit by bit the Republic seeped further and further into Tanisian life. The first thing that happened was that the Rover Corps were immediately disbanded. "Can't have raiders rampaging around the deserts while they just give us what we want," the higher ups said. Raiding was outlawed, as was much of the cities weapons & defence programs. The city's technology was ransacked, they called it "an act of good will towards out southern brothers & sisters", but what it really was...was a bribe to stop the total destruction of their city and way of life.

    With the decades of advanced terraforming technology the republic had stolen, clouds had begun to gather in the Martian skies. Bringing with them light rains that never reached the dust of the surface. But instead of pride...or joy...whenever Winston looked at the clouds he felt sick, a burning hate that made his stomach turn and his fists clench.

    Then one day it changed. The Republic landers and rovers arriving and departing Tanis gradually reduced until one day none arrived at all. Martian soldiers, Martian starships in orbit overhead, and officials suddenly packed up and left. Then news reached the city of a great discovery in the solar system...a door...or rather a gate...fueled by alien technology, had revealed thousands upon thousands of habitable worlds within a few months travel.

    Since that day...news, tourists, trade....everything gradually declined. Tanis was once again able to reassert control over the northern deserts and even begin reaching further south. News reached the leadership of riots...mass unemployment...mass migrations out of many Martian cities. Millions of previously proud Martians packing their lives up and heading off world, to find a new destiny among the stars. Videos and news reports began to stream in of abandoned suburbs and cities all across Mars, but also those that chose to remain pleading for help.

    The Republic had fixed its gaze firmly on this new frontier and had, for the most part, ignored the issues back home. It didn't take long until a rebellion started, and for Winston...that meant money.
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  3. Shane Rivers

    Myeoberket. It was Shane's home city, and now, the side of the city he'd been born in wouldn't even let his Force Recon team into their section. He'd been born and raised on the Texan piece of Myeoberket, but now, only the Australian third was willing to host the two Force Recon squads he'd brought to one of the most troubled places on the face of Mars.

    The MMC Lieutenant stared through a large-paned window of the primary police headquarters in the Australian section. Out on the edge of the city, his team would be safe from the crowds of angry and confused people filling the streets every few days. Unfortunately, they were also going to be of little help this far from the city's epicenter, and the crux of the rising frustration with the MCR. He sighed. They'd been there for a few days now, and had accomplished little more than being turned away from every primary policing structure in the city--except for the one they currently occupied--out of fear of reprisal from the population. At least, that was the excuse they'd fed him. Shane knew that most of them were just as happy to turn away the MMC's lapdogs as the civilians were.

    His eyes scanned the city's skyline and fell on a large, square structure. It was a military academy, as well as a recruiting center and a primary point of contact for the Martian military in the city. It had been, apparently, been evacuated for the sake of the staff's safety a week ago in response to a number of near-riots centering around the structure. It wasn't a fortress, but it was solid, and could be defended. More importantly, it was a symbol of the Martian's military presence in the city.

    I'm done with being turned out of my own home. It's time to remind them who we are.

    "Sergeant Ryenolds, round up your team, and inform Sergeant Park to do the same. Get suited up and bring the transport around. We're going to move shop," he said, turning to the young woman beside him. She was blonde, with short, wavy hair and a few freckles on her nose. With a precision that belied her cutesy appearance, she snapped a salute and replied, "Right away, sir." She paused. "Should I, uh, say where to, sir?"

    "Tell them we're heading to the Hae-Won academy at the center of the city. This time, we're going to knock on their doors with Goliath armor."

    She hesitated for a moment after he'd finished speaking. "Yes, sir." There was another pause, then she strode off to carry out her orders. Shane clenched a fist, staring out over the city again with a swirling mixture of anger and trepidation in his stomach. He knew, if he hesitated for even a moment in the days ahead, he'd have more than the spilled blood of a few rioters to answer for.

    The marines are my family, now. I can't forget that. He turned from the window abruptly and made for his makeshift quarters, and his waiting suit of Goliath armor.
  4. Darius Buccheri

    Buccheri stood at the podium of an assembly of Terraformists in now strongly held Mariner Valley. The assembly is abuzz with small talk and chatter, as they wait for Buccheri's announcement. When Buccheri stepped forward, the assembly went silent.

    "Friends and comrades, it is with great pleasure that I reveal something important, something that will carry us as we carry it, through all the battles and hardships we must toil and endure through to topple our treasonous government. Come forth."

    Two people holding a rolled-up cloth stepped forward at Buccheri's command. No one knew what was the cloth for, other than it held a distinct orange band. Nevertheless, the people stared at the cloth, eager to see what it was.

    "This, will be the flag of the resistance. The flag that will be on top of Congress Hall. The flag that better represents what the people of Mars stand for. Behold."

    (Credit: drefizzles_alt)

    The flagbearers slowly and carefully rolled down the cloth-turned flag. The people rejoiced in exuberant jubilation, certain vexillologists within the group awestruck.

    "We, Martians, are represented by the red circle, with our militaristic enthusiasm represented by the chevron, which also stands for our glorious Olympus Mons. With that, we are protected by our god, Mars, represented by the two orange bands, being Phobos and Deimos in themselves, crossing to our planet and beyond it, being an aura of our power and our ceaseless morale. May this inspire you to fight for our planet and to boot those who betray it."

    In an even more jubilant way, the people rejoice more.
  5. Winston Driver

    Winston Driver The wind is rising...

    Wednesday began like any other day, his alarm waking him from his peaceful dreams, the smell of coffee wafting into the bedroom, the distant sounds of his girlfriend preparing her breakfast in the kitchen. He groaned as the lights flickered on, blasting him with bright the white of the LEDs above his bed and after a moment of rubbing his face, he sat up, pulled the sheets off and swung his legs out and over the edge of the mattress.

    The moment his feet touched the floor a nearby display buzzed to life, displaying news from one of Tanis' media outlets. The news anchor has a serious expression, with footage of rovers of every size being deployed in the city's massive underground staging area. He turned up the volume as he pulled his socks on. "Today the council unanimously voted to begin relief efforts for Republic cities suffering from a lack of basic supplies and services. Almost two hundred units from the rover corps have been called up for service, ending almost six years of uncertainty about the program. Additionally, extra funding has been allocated to the Land carrier program, boosting its capacity and operational range, making it possible for the vessel to range as far south as Myeoberket." The video on the screen flicked from the serious news anchor to what appeared to be a live video stream of the "Tanis' First", the massive land carrier as it steadily crossed the great Acidalia Planitia, its gargantuan treads kicking up a cloud of dust behind it.

    "So far Republic representatives have been tight lipped about the expedition and have not issued a formal statement. Tanis FIrst is however, flying a flag of peace. According to defence spokespeople the vessel is fully loaded with food, water, rations, medicine and other supplies with the intention of first stopping at Myeoberket before extending its humanitarian mission to Guangzhou Nova." Winston was so wrapped up in what he was hearing he didn't even notice his girlfriend had reentered the room as was talking to him about something. He grunted in response, his mind fixed on the image of the hundreds of rovers being deployed.

    The Rover Corps were officially disbanded when Tanis joined the Republic, their reactivation meant that relations were at best strained, at worse...totally collapsed. They were seen as a wartime force that could strike deep into Republic territory, however something nagged at the back of his mind. If they had reactivated the Corps, he should have got a call, his rover, the Monaro, was one of the fastest, and one of the most heavily armed. As if on queue, an incoming call appeared on the display, he answered it and was greeted by the stern face of Nancy Wong, the commander of the Rover Corps. "Driver, we need to the Monaro. Be at the staging grounds in one hour, prepare for a long mission."

    The call ended before he could even respond, the serious looking news anchor speaking to him again about a buildup of Republic starships in orbit over Tanis. He ignored it and pulled on the rest of his uniform. "What does a long mission mean?" His girlfriend asked as she ate breakfast on the bed, a cup of coffee balanced on the sheets in front of her.

    "It means one where we go as far south as we can...and stay there."
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  6. David Farrell

    David Farrell Captain, MCRSF

    Character Biography:
    Skies over Tanis, Mars - Sol System
    His parachute deployed, and almost immediately felt loose. Whoever had shot down his ship was now shooting at his chute. Luckily, he slipped into a crevasse and whoever it was no longer had a line of sight onto him. Up ahead he noticed some light and metal. An access hatch. As he made landfall and severed his 'chute, his safecracker was already out and attached to the control panel. It clicked its final character into place and opened the 'lock. As the outer door closed, he keyed the emergency release to his suit. If he wanted to escape Tanis alive, he'd have to look like a civilian. Summoning his knowledge from boot camp, he fieldstripped his rifle and stuffed them into a duffel he'd swiped from the gunship. Within three minutes he'd donned civilian attire, also in the duffel he'd swiped. After walking down the stairs he noticed that he'd ended up in one of the mass transit stations, probably the luckiest place for him to land. He hurriedly obtained a ticket for Myeoberket and ran to the nearest tube. Looking behind him he noticed two men with the complexion of a Belter, but the height of a Martian. They were probably raiders, and worse, they were following him. Getting on the train wasn't going to work. He had to improvise.
    Back in the old days, immediately after the acquisition of Tanis, there was a passage from the tube station to the Rover Corps base. But the Rover Corps had been disbanded six years ago, and its base had been used as an MCRSF stockpile. There he could get to the Metro, an underground military-only tube that could hold up to four soldiers, a 'stick' that the Martian SWAT teams used in their operations. Since there was only one tube and he had a head start, there was a good chance he'd make it to Myeoberket. Darting down the hallway as fast as the 0.3 Gs let him, he opened the door to the former Rover Corps headquarters...

    ...To find that the Rover Corps was there, in full pre-annexation strength.
    And they had their guns pointed at him.
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