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    William Buttersworth Director of PS&E, Captain of the Revenge

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    New Providence Station - Shipyards


    William Buttersworth stood not he bridge of the Revenge. The mighty vessel had been designed from the ground up for belter use, a warship like no other. The bridge was comparatively small, only half a dozen stations existed, with many tasks being carried out by the vessels formidable AI, an offshoot of the stations Core AI, designed for war. The Captain, even a fan of old-Earth popular culture had christened it Warmind, a reference to a video game about war amongst the solar systems planets, from the twenty-first century.

    The Warmind's computing core hung above the bridge, shrouded in steam and clouds of vapour. At its base a single red eye glowed, bathing the bridge in stark red. The bridge was surrounded by a three-sixty degree panoramic display, showing everything around the great vessel. Currently, the interior of the foundries and shipyards of new providence station, including massive docking clamps holding the Revenge in place.

    In other berths, arrayed around the Revenge, were other vessels nearing completion. Sparks and welding torches flew in all directions in the zero G environment. Huge mechanised rigs comprised of hundreds of arms and manipulators crawled across the ships, attaching armour plates, laying cable, welding the vessels into formidable warships. Each one was powered by a clone of the Warmind, allowing the fleet to coordinate and interact as a hive mind when in a combat situation. Not that the fleet had been tested in combat, only many tens of thousands of simulations.

    New Providence Station had spent a significant amount of its coffers on the Security Fleet, however the end justified the means, even if the station had been as a lawless pirate outpost, William had taken it to new heights, enlisting the best minds in the belt and creating something no other station had managed except for Ceres, a successful Belter city, a thriving economy.

    The construction of the Security Fleet guaranteed jobs for a huge swathe of the stations population, even now across the station, recruitment centres enlisted young belter men and women to serve on the first true military force built by the belt.

    William watched as a pair of tugs floated over the Revenge, a compact, corvette class reactor grappled in their magnetic arms. The tugs flew over berth after berth before arriving at their destination, a "White Horse" corvette, several of its armour plates removed to accept the new reactor into it. As the rugs lowered it in, pushing it gently into its new resting place, a smile steadily grew on Williams lips.
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