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JUPITER Pirate Surpression, Journey to The Hub

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Awesome_G, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Awesome_G

    Character Biography:
    10:56 Only 4 minutes until briefing. George straightens his uniform and attempts to put his hair into a neat quiff. To his left stands the woman who he'll be working with for the next months to come on their voyage towards the hub. He does not know much about this mission or the woman stood next to him. He knows her name rank and ship; Commander Irkalla Kasai of the MCRN Nergal. She is neatly presented, better that he will ever be, but that is a given, George has never fully respected his superiors, but he does make an effort never the less, the Navy is his life and he intends to stay there.

    10:57 George gets a transmission from his senior officer Lieutenant John Kayne
    "Sir, not to bother you, but another ship, is approaching, they seem to be docking, and by the looks of things, they have stealth capabilities."
    "Ok then Lieutenant, thank you for informing me." George responded
    So it seemed like they were being joined by a third ship, a stealth ship. Odd, George thought, he presumed that it was just a journey towards the Hub, he was sure that he and his crew were due some shore leave about now, but why would they need a stealth gunboat?

    10:59 The third officer joined them, and stood to the right of George. Both his accompaniment were female, and about the same height. He thought about introducing himself to them both, as they would be in a small flotilla for several months but with 1 minute to go, he thought he would wait.

    11:00 The door in front of them slides open and the three walk inside. Seated at a large table are several members of the Jupiter fleet, including the Admiral of the Schiaparelli. The three take a seat and await their orders.
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  2. Irkalla Kasai

    Irkalla Kasai That’s ‘Commander’ to you.

    Character Biography:
    Admiral Xiang Feng was a man who looked like he might’ve smiled often and wide in another lifetime. But now the gates were open, and his cropped hair had gone from pepper to salt in the span of a year. Still, his blue eyes remained sharp despite the tired shadows that painted his features too close to a skull for comfort.

    “At ease,” he rasped at the three Captains that saluted before taking their seats on the other end of the long table. Kasai vaguely remembered something about the Vesta blockade and a close shave with a tungsten round.

    Her left arm ached in sympathy.

    “Captain Flinders, these are Captains Winiata and Kasai,” he continued after they'd all settled in and their uniforms had stopped rustling. Fuck, she hated this part. Her neck was already itching under the high collar. “Their Eresh patrol group has been taking out the pirate trash for the past few years.”

    And other things besides, but Kasai wasn’t going to mention it if Feng hadn’t. As far as she was concerned, Eros could’ve stayed buried in Venus. Or at least waited until she’d kicked the bucket before it had started opening fucking Stargates in space.

    But then the universe had never asked her opinion in these matters.

    “We’ll be reforming you as Squadron X,” always so innovative with the names, “a flexible taskforce mainly operating independently of FLEETCOM.”

    Now we’re talking. Kasai’s shoulders relaxed a fraction. She could work with the new guy, especially if it was hands-off pirate cleanup in the Belt.

    “By necessity rather than choice, I’m afraid. You’re going to the Frontier.”

    Fuck me.

    Irkalla didn’t say it out loud, but it was a close thing.

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  3. Irys Akane

    Character Biography:
    Akane didn't stand far behind Winiata. Her plans had never involved being out here in space. Five years ago she had stopped poking around in exchange for a smooth transition to a desk job. Mars command had been leaking intelligence to belter terrorists so they could appear a genuine threat. Someone had wanted a war with the belt. Every time Irys saw Kasai she felt a pang of guilt for that decision.

    She was still here, in space. No desk job. There had been upheaval on the aftermath of Io. Those found working with Protogen pulled out at the root and tossed aside. The projects that had involved the company had been shut down, though Irys doubted command would let any of that data go to waste. Then came the gate and a curt letter denying her application to a different post.

    Her eyes widened at the mention of the frontier. It was a long trip to the gate, even further from the hub to distant worlds. Irys frowned, but held her tongue. Barely any lines graced the corner of her eyes. Another five years had apparently barely touched her, even though she was now rapidly heading towards forty.

    The Strident wasn't a long distance cruiser. She would need to dock with the Nergal for the haul. There were going to be long hours on that command deck studying reports from the frontier, she suspected.
  4. George Flinders

    George Flinders Captain

    Character Biography:
    George left the brief quickly, he wanted to get back to his quarters and think things over. This wasn't what he wanted at this time. He was aware of recent missions to 'deal' with the pirate threat along the belt and further out, towards the frontier, so what was the need for another, especially one involving him and his ship. However as odd and as weird as they seemed, orders were orders, and being the most 'senior' officer on their voyage he would follow them to the letter.

    He found the selection of ships and officers unusual too, an aging destroyer was docked next to his and he knew that this was the Nergal, the ship belonging to an experienced Commander: Irkalla Kasai. There also appeared to be a Naval Intelligence officer, that he hadn't been acquainted with before, "perhaps she's in it for the frontier, and we're just the closest ships to it, that aren't currently engaged" he thought. It was a possibility be he wasn't certain, how could he be?
    Another issue that was bothering him was the fact that he was on this mission. He only had direct command of one ship and it was a mere corvette. It had a crew of 30 and wasn't in any way equipped for long hall flight. He would have to rely on the Nergal when there wasn't a base nearby. Luckily is his small knowledge of the outer reaches of the solar system were correct, they had a chance of encountering Tycho station, his crew were due shore leave after all, however it wouldn't all be plain sailing, he knows that Tycho is owned and operated by the OPA, and the inners have supposedly been dying for a war with them, or so he's heard.
    Just as he stepped into the elevator to go to the docks he remembered one thing. He had no clue when they were leaving. "Shit" he muttered as the doors closed.

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