FRONTIER Out there in the dark

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  1. Castilene Kramer

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    The juice coiled back out of her veins and slithered down the hollow resin tubes, leaving a cold in her system not entirely unlike that first hit of a banana bag to stave off the hangover. The thrusters were coming back down from an angry burn and even though she rested firmly in the lower loft of the captains cabin, she could still see the smile on Aug's face. He loved the burn like a hooker down in the Ceres red light district loved a clean bill of health, however fleeting it may have been.

    "Cut us into orbit and let's linger for a spell..."
    "Yeah boss."

    He didn't have much up top when it came to critical thinking. And he wasn't particularly good at owning up to faults or taking responsibility. But in the quiet moments, it was nice to have someone who simply took an order without question.

    Unbuckling the restraints from her crash seat, she clicked her boots three times against the grated floor. The magnetic power indicator flashed red and the weight came back into her ankles, giving her the briefest moment of reassurance that they were, in fact, not in Kansas anymore. Nor Earth for that matter, given the hard turn they took coming back through the gate.

    The Sol Coalition had called it the Circadian sector when they levied their fine, named haphazardly for the way the gate entrance blinked like a nictitating membrane. Something to do with the movement of the planets and nearby debris clusters, blocking light from various stars with a discrete and static rhythm. Of course, it only made sense that the first planet colonized would be also called Circadia.

    Clunking forward with a certain awkwardness, preparing for the stop that would come just outside of the exosphere, she diverted her gaze to the orange ball that rested in the view screen. Word on the streets, and the widebeams, was that precious rare earth metals were present on the planet in ways that could only be described as prolific. And if that were true, various blue planet based entities would appreciate the surplus. She'd have to get it off the planet, or set up a route should the load demand such action, and then bypass the Sol Coalition coming back through the slow zone. Though admittedly, she felt that any more grease on that wheel might make it spin right off the axle.

    Probably for the best.

    "We're going down there, huh?"
    "I'm thinking yeah."
    "Don't like it."

    She looked towards Aug with a pointed incredulity.
    "Doesn't seem right."
    "Yeah...alright. Take us down."
  2. Castilene Kramer

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    A slight whisper resounded through the cockpit. Cas surveyed the room and for a moment, she wasn't sure if it was a bleeding pressure valve or Aug passing gas.

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  3. Bodhi Xin

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    Bodhi groaned as he pushed himself up out of his gimballed chair. They had been on a harder burn for several hours to finish their deceleration. It felt as if his eyes had been poked over and over again.

    He was new at space. He was new at the frontier, but then so was almost everyone. When any sign of central OPA leadership had collapsed his former organisation had started to edge closer and closer to its gang routes. Bodhi had done time and had finally come to the realisation that he didn't want to be a common thug again.

    Bodhi knew what he would be on this trip when he had signed up to get away. He was expendable manpower. If he survived then he would return from the year long voyage with a sizeable paycheck that would open a lot of doors for him.

    "Deck seals good. Air quality good," Bodhi called out once he had comped to the panel at the end of the row of seats. Everyone started to unbuckle, remove their masks and get up. The ship felt as if it was coming to life.

    "I fucking swear if we find face-huggers down deya..."

    "Ya gotta stop watching those films..."

    Bodhi ignored the conversations and wished there was a window. He wanted to see what a new planet looked like. He had only ever seen earth through the windows of a prison on Luna.

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