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    Guidelines Regarding Images and Written Content That May be NSFW.

    What is NSFW?

    Not Safe For Work means, simply, that content is suggestive (generally sexually) in a way that could get you in trouble with your boss. The following outlines our policies regarding NSFW content on the forum:

    Written Content

    The following written content is restricted:

    1. References to genitalia/asses/breasts/sexual acts in usernames and user titles. (Or racial slurs and other obviously inflammatory content.)

    2. Talking in-depth about sexual topics on Discord, excluding the channel specifically made for bantering topics.

    3. Legally obscene material, including explicit necrophilia or sexual scenes involving prepubescent characters (under 13). Claiming a character is 13+ will not cause exception for characters who are nonetheless depicted as prepubescent through physical description or behavior.

    Written discussion of violence, illegal drug use, and other illegal activities is allowed except for discussion that aids in committing illegal acts, such as disclosure of where to obtain illegal drugs or sharing of pirating resources/illegitimate streaming sites, or indicates premeditated and explicit intent to commit violence on others or oneself (threats of assault, murder, suicide, and self-harm). This does not apply to roleplays or works of fiction, only to out of character discussion.

    Other than that, you're absolutely fine. We're a 15+ site, not a PG-13 site. Talking about sex, violence, and using profanity in different languages icly is allowed.

    Avatars and Signatures

    On The Expanse RP Board, our user base includes teenagers, people accessing the site from college or the office, and some people who simply are not comfortable with sexual imagery and would prefer not to see it. Out of respect for all/any of the above, we require that all images used for avatars and user signatures be appropriate for a professional environment because avatars and signatures cannot be easily blocked from view.

    Credit to Iwaku Resource Pages for the guide.
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