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    I was working on creating a police report from one of my threads as a Star Helix Organization chapter, but I realized that there weren't any really solid locations for that sort of entry. Events is sort of tenuous as I pictured that as more of an over arching area for major events like...the blockade, attack on thoth station, etc etc.

    It got me thinking about the show and book. Media and newsfeeds had a pretty important impact on characters and plot development. Be it music from certain space stations, information from certain rogue canterbury elements, or the leaking of information from the UN/MCR. So why not an area for that. It could contain:

    • Media, like space noises or recordings/music that might be considered Belta
    • Broadcasts, like the Daily Spacer
    • Police Memos from Star Helix
    • Relevant newsfeeds
    • Etc.
    That way, for each organization, the entry can be tethered back for people to peruse.

    Just a thought.
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