FRONTIER In The Shadow Of The Titan

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    The spaceport is swarming with people, all busy wanting to go somewhere, do something or just wait for the next shuttle. This is the case of Thomas Hsu, a recent member of the Frontier Fleet for better or for worse. Knowing its environment and destination, it is unlikely to be for the worst. The spaceport is under UNN management, which explains its presence here. It was not actually a very interesting spaceport, but it is a very important crossing point in the Kronosian system. Especially for those who wanted to set foot on Essat. A simple glance upwards allows him to embrace the magnificent painting.


    He has always been a deep Earth patriot who loves his planet more than anything, but he would like to admit that Essat seems to shine brighter than the Earth. Kronos is the name of the huge gas giant with a lot of interesting stuff going around. 25 times the mass of Jupiter, he is a titan of calm power. He saw in his life a bunch of gas giants, The storms of Jupiters, the anxious and frightening cold of Saturn and even the blueberry ice balls lost in the depths. But nothing so calm and majestic, calmly coated gas layers without any problem. Most of the (rare) storms are located in the deepest layers.

    All around Kronos gravitates the main interest of this system, a pile of moons possibly habitable, some as big as planets! It's almost a small solar system with even a small belt that comes with it, which gravitates all around Kronos. Of course, almost everyone wants to get their share of the cake. When I say everyone, it's everyone. The UN, the MCR, belters, independents, corporations, religious, scientists, enlightened activists and so on. Of all the moons, Essat is the most interesting (in his eyes). It had about the size of the Earth, a mild environment and breathable air. The Earth... but with a big Jupiter in the background.

    Essat is currently under "Strict traffic control". Faced with the increase in settlers and opportunists of all kinds rushing towards it and the sharp increase in problems on Essat due to the ever-increasing number of groups settling in. The Sol Coalition has installed a blockade all around it and imposes an authorization for each vessel that wishes to land. The reason for its presence in this spaceport located on a rock in an orbit near Essat. At the beginning he had to give a hand to the local garrison. They have to manage the premises which are made up of several independent groups that have come to extract the wealth from this rocks and travellers who want to go to Essat and who are not happy to wait here. Then the Command agreed to send him on a tour of Essat, to his great pleasure.

    He reconsults the system card on his handheld terminal. Reviewing it several times will not remove its complexity. The many moons of Kronos appear with their orbit, different colors for each moon depending on whether or not it has an atmosphere. Another color to know if it is already naturally habitable, then another around the moon to find out who controls it and/or who is its main colonizer. Then there are the bases, then the Coalition ships and finally all the future extension projects which are displayed in grey.

    He close his hand terminal he look at his clock. He must be ready, his shuttle should start boarding soon...
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