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FRONTIER In The Shadow Of The Titan

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Thomas Hsu, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Thomas Hsu

    The spaceport is swarming with people, all busy wanting to go somewhere, do something or just wait for the next shuttle. This is the case of Thomas Hsu, a recent member of the Frontier Fleet for better or for worse. Knowing its environment and destination, it is unlikely to be for the worst. The spaceport is under UNN management, which explains its presence here. It was not actually a very interesting spaceport, but it is a very important crossing point in the Kronosian system. Especially for those who wanted to set foot on Essat. A simple glance upwards allows him to embrace the magnificent painting.


    He has always been a deep Earth patriot who loves his planet more than anything, but he would like to admit that Essat seems to shine brighter than the Earth. Kronos is the name of the huge gas giant with a lot of interesting stuff going around. 25 times the mass of Jupiter, he is a titan of calm power. He saw in his life a bunch of gas giants, The storms of Jupiters, the anxious and frightening cold of Saturn and even the blueberry ice balls lost in the depths. But nothing so calm and majestic, calmly coated gas layers without any problem. Most of the (rare) storms are located in the deepest layers.

    All around Kronos gravitates the main interest of this system, a pile of moons possibly habitable, some as big as planets! It's almost a small solar system with even a small belt that comes with it, which gravitates all around Kronos. Of course, almost everyone wants to get their share of the cake. When I say everyone, it's everyone. The UN, the MCR, belters, independents, corporations, religious, scientists, enlightened activists and so on. Of all the moons, Essat is the most interesting (in his eyes). It had about the size of the Earth, a mild environment and breathable air. The Earth... but with a big Jupiter in the background.

    Essat is currently under "Strict traffic control". Faced with the increase in settlers and opportunists of all kinds rushing towards it and the sharp increase in problems on Essat due to the ever-increasing number of groups settling in. The Sol Coalition has installed a blockade all around it and imposes an authorization for each vessel that wishes to land. The reason for its presence in this spaceport located on a rock in an orbit near Essat. At the beginning he had to give a hand to the local garrison. They have to manage the premises which are made up of several independent groups that have come to extract the wealth from this rocks and travellers who want to go to Essat and who are not happy to wait here. Then the Command agreed to send him on a tour of Essat, to his great pleasure.

    He reconsults the system card on his handheld terminal. Reviewing it several times will not remove its complexity. The many moons of Kronos appear with their orbit, different colors for each moon depending on whether or not it has an atmosphere. Another color to know if it is already naturally habitable, then another around the moon to find out who controls it and/or who is its main colonizer. Then there are the bases, then the Coalition ships and finally all the future extension projects which are displayed in grey.

    He close his hand terminal he look at his clock. He must be ready, his shuttle should start boarding soon...
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  2. Thomas Hsu

    A blue light slips into the void, bringing behind it an equally blue trail. Asteroids are trying to block its passage, but they are easily pushed aside. He arrives at his destination, he arrives on this innocent world. He sees animals that haven't asked anyone for anything, getting exterminated in the impact. The blue shock wave is sinking far into the ground and around the world. A slimy (and obviously blue) substance coats the heart of the planet. Everything dies on it as monsters similar to those of Io emerge from the ground. They seem to be celebrating the event as metal emerges from the ground, mountains melt and oceans are drained. As if all the materials of this world come to life to form a living cell. And he's floating around in the void like a jerk. Without being able to do anything about it. The sticky matter gathers and forms an eye the size of a continent. When his eyes land on him, a feeling of warmth invades him while his left arm melts.

    He wakes up from the nightmare, all sweaty. Another nightmare, as usual. He watches his left arm, numb from sleeping on it. Strange, he bends the fingers of his hand. The numbness he has is in addition to the already very strange feeling he has with this arm. An arm pushed back like new. Technology is "fun" sometimes.

    He gets up, takes a look at his dial. It would be time to get up. His bedroom is a little bigger than what he knew in his life. He has the right to a completely separate bathroom and a balcony. He cleans up and takes his mandatory medications quickly. Then wear a new and fresh uniform before going out to the common room.

    The housing block leads to an open-air garden where officers take a breath of fresh air before the beginning of the day. It is through here that a part of the human traffic of the barracks passes. A window allows to serve as an observation bay facing the local landscape. Suess City is founded in a temperate region where many hills and small lakes meet. Most of the buildings are located on the different hills, precisely three. The view is obviously beautiful, the water of the lake reflects the blue sky where throne Kronos. He turns his back and heads to the common room for breakfast.

    _ _ _ _

    Once his meal was over, he took the road from the parking lot to take a vehicle to the HQ. The vehicle looks like a bus without really being one. The road takes them a little further up the hill where there is a large stone, glass and steel building. UN flags are flying in a row in front of the front door and a group of marines are approaching the vehicle to make sure everything is fine. A rectangular block of stone indicates the location: "Colony Administration and Command Centre".

    He knew his way around and quickly found himself in the maze of corridors to the office of Majors Desjardin.
    His access opens the door and falls on the Majors sitting behind the desk with in front of him a not very happy Martian officer.

    "We will finish this conversation later, Petyr."

    The man seems furious, but pulls himself together and gets out of the office. The major told Hsu to close the door and sit down.

    "Sorry for the inconvenience. Martians have a very nervous way of managing everything related to the colonies. The poor people don't have our hundreds of years of experience!"

    He laughs and hits the table to punctuate his joke. He's a well-tailored man who wears his uniform as if it were his skin. His blue and piercing eyes move from Hsu to interactive maps behind him. His pepper and salt hair are placed in a way that is used in batting but as if it had been planned.

    "Tell me Hsu, have you gotten used to the question about the colony?"

    "Yes, I mean no, actually yes a little. First time I've been in one of the new systems,sir"

    "What have you been doing for the last 5 years?"

    "Hum...Forced recovery leave on Earth, sir."

    He raises his eyebrows, intrigued. He slips a finger on the surface of his desk and displays his file. His eyes light up with understanding and surprise.

    "You were on the Pete Knight! Wow, it must feel weird working in a colony named after him!"

    "A little bit yes.."

    The conversation makes him a little uncomfortable and his left arm to start tingling again.
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  3. Anicarn

    Character Biography:
    A shadow quickly passes over his head, the sound of delicate wing flapping accompanies the shadow. He wipes the sweat off his brow, and straightens his automatic weapon that hangs on his shoulder.
    Angry, he left the weapon hanging softly on his shoulder again. He can't hold his cigarette and the automatic. The smoke comes out of his nostrils in an angry and sudden way as he observes the working air.

    Workers are operating on a light grey concrete surface, in the open air. A series of crates get wrapped up in a corner, a mecha carries a few at the same time. In the corner, individuals are busy looking at something he can't distinguish from his position. The goods are carefully packaged and then hidden among other innocent products. A man, with his back curved, passes between the boxes to stick identification labels. Mostly on behalf of an import-export company specializing in organic products. He turns his cigarette between his fingers and takes another puff.

    Inevitably, his eyes fall on Chronos. It's hard to escape the titan here. His gaze is caught in the velvety layers of gas, he gets lost in the majestic movement of filaments, clouds that seem as ethereal as they are compact. He shakes his head and turns around violently to look elsewhere. Temporary act, the lunar rotation will inevitably end up bringing Chronos in his direction, in front of him. As if the titan claims that this world is his and that it is futile to try to escape him. Even then, he didn't really like Jupiter......

    The business partner approaches him. Straight back, confident and with a determined walking pace. He throws his cigarette butt on the ground, the grass (or that which approaches a lawn) reacts immediately to the open flames of the cigarette. Its pale green, slightly brownish green immediately turns black with golden edges and a thin, almost invisible smoke emerges from the grass.

    "So business partner, I see we have a good line to milk.", says the man. He rolls his eyes discouraged by the ridiculousness of the situation. "Yeah, we can say so." , he answer.

    "I am really happy to have found this alternative. UN officers are really annoying, you know.", the man add. The latter is part of a colony founded by a religious group or something like that....maybe Mormons. He observes the movements of the arms when the man speaks, too many reels to the point that it becomes ridiculous. He is not anymore sure if they are Mormons or a subgroup of them.

    "[...] Anyway, they and their paranoia becomes unbearable. They had refused the arrival of our cargo on the simple pretext that the area is not so dangerous! And instead of sending us a message, they came to explain it armed with Goliaths!", Says the man to conclude an unnecessary anecdote. "Goliath?..hugh", he say. "Ya, I'm pretty sure of that dude. Believes me", he add. " Hum, last time i check it was Mars who use the Goliath...".

    The man blinks several times, then rubs his chin. "Mars...or Earth is change something?"

    He sighs and looks at his cigarette butt with regret. The grass all around has folded over itself, like a roller.

    "Not really honestly. So we have a deal?", he say.

    The man turns to the titan and then to him. He reaches out his hand in his direction, a firm and determined grip. The imposing figure still dominates the landscape. The silhouettes of the two men stand out in the landscape, perched at the top of the small mound on which they stand.

    "That Chronos serves as a witness to this agreement."

    "...ya, let's say that."

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