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    Character Biography:
    The Filipino looked once more at his former workplace. The UN recycled all of the scraps into building new vessels alongside the new resources. A new corporate entity took over to turn it into new housing and parks; some of their progresses have been brought to life as the new parks opened for all to enjoy, even the basics. This was his home. Everyone were friends to each other. A bittersweet feeling to see that all the familiar sights and smells are gone to be replaced by something to make the region much better. He said a final goodbye and headed towards the shuttles.

    He was moving to the Lakshmi system on one of the Leonidas vessels commissioned by Eldorado’s Gates, a UN corporation. This was one of the more famous systems, home to a continental world so similar yet so different from Earth. Though it seemed exciting, he kept a solemn look. He didn’t know what to expect. All his life was spent around familiar friends. His optimistic attitude was almost nonexistent, though he tried to stay perked up.

    The shuttle took him and 40 others up to the converted colony ship. Many shuttles followed suit; he was one of the first to be boarded. The CS New Hope waited patiently, some of its crew shuttled off to handle other vessels. He was selected to be one of the crewmembers running the vessel due to his experience at the scraps and his surprising knowledge of ship systems. The shuttle bay promptly opened up, pausing a little due to their age, as the shuttle approached. 4 shuttles were to be dismounted here while 4 others on the other bay. His shuttle bumped into place, 3 other bumps following suit. Then the doors closed to pressurize. As the light turned green, the masses exited the shuttles to board the vessel. The doors to the vessel were guarded by suited men, greeting the hopeful migrants on their permanent journey. One flagged him down.


    “Correct, sir.”

    “Come with me.”

    He followed the guard down to the suiting area.

    “Get dressed, ID should be on the table. Congratulations on earning yourself a place at the CIC.”


    The Filipino went towards the uniform his size and inspected it. It was lighter than the usual UN color, probably to separate the peace officers from navy officers. He was wanting to put it on, but he had to shower first.


    “Please step into the booth.”

    The newly suited crewmember followed the order to get into the photo booth. It then promptly took the official photo of him to be put into the vessel’s record.

    “Thank you, you may exit the booth.”

    As he did. He then rushed to the CIC, among the colonists, to take his post. When he came up to the door, he showed the sensor his ID, and out it opens to reveal a bustling CIC. The captain donned a UN uniform; all others wore the lighter variant.

    A messageperson directed him to his position, a technician’s console. He took his time to explore his new station. It was alien and familiar. Alien in that everything was in its place but familiar in that it was the areas that he knew from the astroscraps. He promptly greeted the people around him, only to be interrupted by the captain’s call.

    “The journey will take us 4 months on 1g. Your orders are to maintain course and to greet calls from vessels pinging to us. We are currently waiting for max cap from two more shuttles, ETA 6 minutes. Prepare to burn.”

    To burn. Molidor primed each of the drives one by one. He was astonished to see their models. Outdated S-250-100s. The latest model that he’d see be fit on this vessel was only half a decade old. These were 50 year old designs. Even the last refining of the S-250 drive was 3 decades younger, and the civilian version burned eons better than these. The drives’ age started to show as well, as they can only be primed to 75% of their full power.

    “Drives primed to 75%, sir.”

    “Why can’t it be a hundred?”

    “With these drives? They gonna burn themselves before we even get to the system.”

    “Damn these things, they only removed the guns and stuck some consumer candy then called it good.”

    He could attest to that. The S-250 series were lemons at the beginning of their operational lifetime. To see the base model being used on a navy design puzzled him. Nonetheless, he tried to workaround it in the meantime.


    “Last bunch of people just went in, we’re good to go, sir.”

    “Good. Let’s commence. Set course for direct to gate. Drives at 1g.”

    “Direct to gate, aye.”

    “Drives at 1g, aye,” Molidor called.

    He then masterfully controlled his console, slowly setting the power up until it forecasted 1g of gravity on the dot. The rear end of the vessel shown an increasing red on the temperature monitors, a normal sign but something he needed to keep an eye on. His journey to Sri had commenced.
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