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FRONTIER Ice Raiders

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Hod Toru, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Hod Toru

    - Auahitūroa; Lakshmi 2; Lakshmi system -

    The small group of motorcycles approaches the crater where ice is lodged, hidden in the shadows. They got off their motorcycles and headed for the ice. Armed with spikes, ropes and some explosives, they began the hard work of ice mining. It's a long, boring, hard-working job. The ice had to be separated into sections with the ropes, then dug ditches with the spikes and inserted the explosives. The ice shouldn't revolt anywhere when they detonate. Once the explosion was perfectly controlled, they collected the pieces and took them to their destination: Port Auahitūroa.
    The port is finally starting to look good. Encouraging progress has been made since its fondation. It is true that it remains a very small port, but it is better than nothing. They drop the ice off at a small station located just outside one of the entrances to the Port, where a group of employees will take over. Exhausted, the group returns inside, through the station's airlock. His exit suit is horribly hot and makes him sweat for nothing. He doesn't know who designed the costume, but he'd like to have a word with him.
    The leader of their working group approaches them.

    "Fuck, To are pretty slow. Mi hope that the ice has not melted in the meantime."

    She seems just as exhausted as they are, to find out what she's done in the meantime. He is part of a work team, it is the name given to the ultra-polyvalent units that do a little bit of everything on behalf of the Port. It is a well-paid job, fed, housed and provided with alcohol. It was better than what he went through all his life.

    "To'll know that ice is more of a pain in the ass to extract than To think.", he said on behalf of his comrades

    She smiles as if the whole situation was just a huge joke and then gives him a pat on the back.

    "Mi'm obviously kidding, To little prick. Come on, Milowda have a lot of things to do."

    When the Port was founded by the Captain, it was just a hole (literally) dug in the ground. Everyone knows the story that the Captain loves to grumble. After the Battle of Ganymede, he courageously embarked as many refugees as possible on his ship, which he had taken command of. He gave work to each of them and quickly found himself at the head of a small flotilla of ships. He was able to keep them alive through the exploitation of floating rocks in a vacuum and the freight transport business. Then when the Gates opened, he rushed to offer and provided a new nest for the belters. But he heard contrary stories about the Captain (Harald of his real name), somes say that he was under the sights of the Sol Coalition, which was challenging some "legitimate salvage" he had committed.
    Since then, he has devoted all his time to the development of Port Auahitūroa.
    They move, thanks to their trolley, through the corridors of the port until what the Captain likes to call "Defense and Direction Center". He takes a look along the way at the newly built corridor. Construction has accelerated considerably in recent times. The port's activities have increased exponentially in recent years. The investments made have offered additional services to the rockhopper and independent adventurer and entrepreneur who are seeking and/or making a fortune in the new belt.
    This generates a higher income stream that allows more investments. All this makes him think, strangely enough, about the development of a mushroom colony.
    A member of the construction staff stop them. They are recognizable by they orange jacket stamped with the port logo and the inscription " Construction Team of Port Auahitūroa ", written in Belter and English. The captain recently stipulated that all inscription and language will now be in English and Belter! In an obvious effort to forge a proper identity.

    "Sorry, new directive of the cap', Toda medium and higher speed personal transport vehicles must Pow use the lanes reserved for them."

    He points to a beginning of corridors dug into the fresh rock that they didn't notice. With the very simple "Vehicle corridors" sign right next door. They then use this corridor to stop immediately. A map at the beginning shows the route it's taking. We can easily recognize the enormous hole that has become the docks to which the emerging city is articulated all around. The latter takes on a very strange 3D shape, typical of belters that digs as much underneath and overneath. For the moment, the installations seem to be articulated in a spiral. The two "rings" dug in the ground initially just in the upper layers of the hole are still there. But tunnels are now emerging from the two "rings" and digging and snaking deep around the docks, taking to new levels. It's completely disorganized, but at the same time totally planified, he loves it.
    As for the "vehicle corridors", it is nothing more or less than a highway without the name. The latter slips between the corridors and tunnel dug to serve each floor, or rather the new floors. For the moment it is just used to go quickly to the primordial level and to the new part of the docks. And that's where they're headed.

    The new part is located in the lowest section of the hole/dock. He leaves their vehicle at the mandatory station and continues the journey well. His boss, who doesn't see the point in having them all hang out, gives everyone a day off except him. The new dock section, also known as the new industrial section, has its own unique arrangement. As already explained, the docks of the port are located in a deep hole dug in the hard rock of this world. When a ship arrives, now it has two choices, stopping in the docks of the upper levels or going down completely to the bottom.
    Its path passes underneath one of the domes that was installed to admire the view. It was precisely at this moment that a belter ship finished its descent to the bottom and landed in one of the landing strips. As cranes and industrial machines approached him, the door of his hold opened to give access to a myriad of mechanical arms that quickly extracted the pieces of asteroid inside. They will be taken to their refineries to extract all the interesting materials, while the crew enjoy the bars. To see brothels soon according to rumours. Then when the stones have spit out all their treasures, the crew can easily recover them in exchange for a small and kind contribution. The latter adjusts to the value of the extracted goods according to market prices. A contribution that does not seem to disturb anyone given the service offered and which fills, for the most part, the coffers of the Port. Everyone is happy, the port is developing and the crew returns to Sol with minerals already extracted and ready to be sold! It is like a new Golden Age of the belt, like the good old days of its beginnings.

    With this service comes another possibility, we have just received equipment to finally start the construction of a modest shipyard. For the moment it's just a simple reparyard. But its profits are already scandalous.

    He continues to move through the docks between the crews who rub their hands with enthusiasm, the dockworkers more focused on their jobs than on the passers-by and the piles of crates that are piling up. His gaze is caught by the light of the torch of a worker who seems tempted to weld a piece of panel to the walls, to the point that he hits a pile of crates. He quickly massages his sore shoulder and then observes what he has hit. The first glance shows him the Provenditia stamp logos. The capitan likes to buy equipment from them, it's not that expensive and the quality is there. Or maybe everyone's right and this freak thinks ,deep inside him, he's Captain Buttersworth a little. Who really knows?

    Without having to look at the indications, he knows he has arrived at his destination. The place is suddenly crawling with armed men officially nicknamed "the cap' mens". In the absence of legal law enforcement in the port, the capitan and leader and founder of the place made Order, Laws and his orders prevail through his men from his crew. All very well armed, as evidenced by the large calibre assault weapons they all hold so (dangerously) smoothly in their hands. He has always said and repeated that he will set up a real police force...he better.

    He continues to follow his boss, gracefully avoids the gaze of each of these killer guards and sinks into the tunnel towards the capitan's lair.

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