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  1. Shay Lockley

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    Hi everyone

    I'd just like to announce that unfortunately I'm gonna need to be absent for a while. Career-related RL commitments is seriously taking up most of my time and I'm finding it unfair to leave people waiting for my tags.

    Those who are involved with the plan of getting Shay out of Ganymede - I'm happy for that to happen and to have him eventually transported back to Earth... I wouldn't put much more detail than that. I'll probably provide an explanation of what he's been up to whilst back on Earth once I've sorted out my life stuff and return to the forum. I expect that to be around mid this year (yes, I know, it's a long time...), but hopefully it'll be sooner.

    My active time on here's been short so far, and I'm sorry for letting some people down with this announcement. At the same time I've had a lot of fun with you lot. I intend to return, but will have to see how things play out IRL. In the meantime I'll probably still be around Discord and will pop in with a few hellos here and there.

    Thanks for understanding!
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  2. Her Manus

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    That´s sad to hear bud, but you gotta take care of your IRL stuff and i think everyone will understand it.
    Will be happy to see ya back mid year then and if not then there is nothing to worry about. Life does what it does.

    Good luck with your career, i am sure you´ll rock it.
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  3. Anicarn

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    Take care of yourself and good luck in your projects. Hoping to see you again soon

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