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Staff Happy One Year Anniversary!

Discussion in 'Widebeam Messages' started by Raziel, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Raziel


    A massive thank you to everyone who has made this first year such a great success!

    We have had some exceptional events and stories over our first year and we're proud of the community that has gathered here. You've been exceptionally welcoming of new members and constructive in working together to craft our plot lines.

    It's hard not to reach this point without also looking ahead. Already our story has deviated from those told by the authors in the books and show and I think we all know it's only going to become even more exciting as events unfold and you, the members, drive our story forward for the next year.

    Coming up we have:

    • Some member awards, looking back on the first year. (If there are members you think need an honourable mention for anything PM a staff member)
    • Jobs notice board, where Factions can post missions for characters to fulfil
    • The Ganymede event as the tension built up in year one finally explodes
    • The Tycho event, where future alliances are going to be shaped

    So here's to an amazing second year of Expanse Roleplay!

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    Happy birthday!!!
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    I don't even know who'd not deserve a reward

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