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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Information and Lore' started by Solaris, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Solaris McClane

    Character Biography:
    Commonly asked questions along with their answers can be found here. Don’t see a particular one? Feel free to drop a post in this thread and a member of staff will be along shortly to answer.

    • How do I create a character?
      • Please check out this link for how to create a character.
    • How do I join the Expanse Discord?
      • Join our Expanse RP Discord via this link.
    • How do I create a sub-account? How do I switch to my sub-account?
      • Please check out this link for how to create a sub-account and switch between them.
    • What is a public Roleplay and what is a private Roleplay?
      • You can find out the differences between a Private and a Public Roleplay here.
    • How do I tag another member with the @ feature?
      • Please see the following link for instructions on how to tag another member.
    • What is the timeline of The Expanse RP board?
      • Our timeline is here, but for ease of reference, we are starting at the end of Season One with the Eros Incident and it's quarantine. From here, stories will divert from the books and Syfy's TV show as our members create our own universe. Key events will still occur in the future to match, such as when Eros strikes Venus but will be done so as to allow our members to react to them.
    • I can't seem to find a resolution with another writer in a RP. What do I do?
      • We would like that all of our members attempt to find a compromise when it comes to IC events in a roleplay. If you are unable to find a compromising resolution after speaking with the other writer, you may report the post for a staff member to assist and mediate.
    • How do I report a post?
      • Please check out this link for how to report a post. You may report a post or a thread if it breaks the rules of The Expanse RP or if you are unable to a compromising solution.
    • Are we going to follow the story?
      • We will be following the major events as in the book, but they will be more like new stories. We want to encourage new storylines among our members and see how our own storyline evolves from the original novellas and Syfy's the Expanse. Our content will be member-generated and influenced by all of our in character roleplay.
    • Will there be a ring gate?
      • Eventually. For now, we will focus on story and world building.
    • Can I use the Protomolecule?
      • The Protomolecule is currently going to be staff regulated for a natural introduction to the storyline. Board events will determine who may come across the Protomolecule and from there, the decision on what to do with it will be in the hands of those members through in character storylines.
    • Does my character bio need approval?
      • No. There are no character bio approvals. Just create your character sheet in the databank, select an appropriate character name and avatar to represent your character and that is it.
    • How do I make or join a group?
      • Use our ROLEPLAY DISCUSSION forum to post a thread for Looking For Group, Crew, Small groups, or Campaign. You may use the LFG Prefixes to designate what you are looking for.
    • Who are the Expanse RP Staff?
      • Our administrative staff is @Solaris, @Raziel, and @Alric. If you need assistance, please feel free to PM us at any time.
    • Does your board accept affiliates?
      • While we are supportive of other roleplaying communities, we accept affiliate request on a case by case basis. If you are interested in potentially affiliating with our board, you may message an admin with the following information:
        • Admin's Name and contact information: You must be an admin of the board to request affiliations. This is so we are able to confirm that it is authorized and so that we can
        • Board Websites link and Discord Chat (if you have one)
        • Genre of roleplay
        • How long has it been an active community.
        • A brief description on why you would like your board to affiliate with us.
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