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SPACE Flashing News: Feedback on yesterday's announcement

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by William Meyer, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. William Meyer

    William Meyer CEO of Global Interest/Oligarch

    Character Biography:
    The camera zooms in on the graceful and beautiful (to the point of not being natural) host of the show. Her perfect smile doesn't move a millimeter all along the opening credits. Then in a soft and clear voice

    - Madam and sir, welcome to this evening show. On tonight's agenda is the analysis of the latest project from the United Nations, no less than a fleet of exploration and research sent in the footsteps of Eros! This major project, which like many projects today is the result of public and private collaboration, has met with some sceptics in recent hours. Our program tonight will therefore include specialists and officials who will answer our questions and shed light on this situation.

    On the screen is then displayed a schedule of the different interviews scheduled during the program. Starting with that of a UNN naval officer followed by the mission scene by a man named William Meyer.

    - Hi, Commodore Nathan Fox, good to have you here.

    The commodore aquists a light smile and places his hands, finger crossed, in front of the table.

    - It's also good to see you and to be present today on this set.

    - Mr. Fox, I apologize for being so direct, but do you agree with this initiative? Do you think this is anything other than political action to collect survey points?

    - Wow, I'd say nothing in your question is true! I think that national security and low-level political coup should never be mixed up, I personally have never understood why some people always accuse operations important to national security of opportunistic political coups, even if it was directly the High Command that had the initiative.

    - So this story of launching a fleet in the Venus and Mercury sector is a priority for national security? Can you confirm that?

    - Yes, I confirm and uphold this statement. We must keep in mind that this mission is not only scientific, she says she is looking for Eros. But we must keep in mind that a small battle group will be detached to investigate it as well, since the area has become over the years a strategic area vital to the security of the Earth. Firstly, we have Eros, which poses an unprecedented danger to the security of our 30 billion citizens, and secondly, I would like to point out that the latest reports indicate that no less than 18 to 35% of pirate attacks have passed through this area in order to attack our convoys. This area is now less well monitored as we would like and I fear that it is now teeming with threats of which we are dangerously unaware.

    - So this mission has a dual role, on the one hand scientific with Eros' research and therefore try to understand the mysterious phenomenon and military since you will patrol a dangerous area and track down possible dangers for our citizens. Do I have the right to say that you must also defend a scientific fleet that may be in danger against an entity as incomprehensible as Eros?

    Officer Fox gives a crystal-clear and well-controlled laugh, the kind of laughter that was repeated several times to look perfect in front of the cameras.

    - Yes, all things considered, we must not forget that the military vessels sent will have to protect the scientific fleet, yes, absolutely.

    The presenter always turns to the camera with her kind smile

    - We will take a break from this meeting for a short pub break and we hope to see you again on our return.

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