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    So this thread should be both fun and interesting for a small project of Erich to build his own 'Beach' dome, screens to simulate a larger area but large enough to house a large party for any interested. Artificial currents, but with immersive virtual screens lining the dome it would almost 'feel' as if you were outside on a sunny beach with Martian Moons orbiting in the sky.

    While this is more of a social thread I was wondering about the ideals clashing between generations of Martians feeling content with the Biodomes and seeing Terraforming their home as more and more distant dream and the others that still feel very strongly about turning their planet into a paradise fit for any Martian.

    People strongly against the idea of further perfecting biodomes and sees unnecessary amounts of resources spent on them and people wanting a taste of paradise instantly and sees their planet's bleak desert as a mark of strength that makes them Martian.
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