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Discussion in 'Roleplay Discussion' started by bobby, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. bobby

    Okay so hi hello!! I just started out around here and one of my characters (Nick Merritt) is what I call a 'high-G endurance racer' in her spare time. It's a sport I think I made up (I'm not super familiar with the wider canon yet so if that's not the case let me know!) but basically it's a super dangerous sport where people push one-man shuttles extremely fast so the gravity they experience inside is like, 20x Earth norms. Like I said on Nick's wiki, it's geared more towards endurance than it is towards racing, in the sense that you're supposed to balance going really really fast with actually being alive to enjoy your victory at the end. Nick is a Star Helix detective on Ceres and she kinda secretly does this high-G racing in her spare time, but I think there's probably some sort of culture built up around it (like with people betting on it as much as people watching and participating) SO here is my point:

    I was wondering if anyone else wanted to get in on this? Like, as fellow racers or fans. Alternately if anyone else has Star Helix characters who just wanna be pals with Nick, that's very cool also! I'd be up for anything, and I figured this would be the best place to sort of advertise high-G racing and see if anyone else wants to join in!
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  2. HSAR

    Racing is definitely a thing in-canon! One also assumes that even in "regular" racing, pilots would be pushing as hard as physiologically possible anyway - if you don't, anyone who does has an advantage on you.

    Love the idea of a Star Helix detective doing this in their spare time :D
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  3. Raziel

    @Lukas Forgrave can put you in touch with the Star Helix crowd!

    I don't think I have anyone who would take part, but definitely have some characters who would do some illegal betting and watching from Ceres!

    Neat idea
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  4. Loske Matson

    Character Biography:
    Hey hey @bobby - Loske fancies speed + is a Star Helix gal.
    We can have girl talks and maybe Bobby can give 'ol blondie a tip or two.
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